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PS VITA / PS TV Henkaku / Enso 3.65 for 3.60 user's Released by TheFlow!

Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by kozarovv, Mar 11, 2018.

By kozarovv on Mar 11, 2018 at 6:02 PM
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    Following the preview that @Roxanne (psx-place's newest addition to the writing team) informed us a few days ago, now comes the official release from developer TheFlow as he drops 3.65 HENkaku Ensō Updater, this will not jailbreak 3.65 firmware, what it will do is allow EXISTING exploited (HENkaku) 3.60 user's to update to 3.65, no longer keeping you in the 3.60 sandbox and allowing your to play additional games since the HENkaku release. Be sure to checkout all the details and information provided by TheFlow, as the dev has also updated the Adrenaline, DownloadEnabler, NoNpDrm and SD2VITA utilities to support 3.65 links also provided below.​


    Vita_HENKAKU_3.65 Hack..jpg

    • 3.65 HENkaku Ensō Updater
      DYCht5nX0AAvImi.jpg DYChvEmW0AAowDB.jpg
      This does not allow you to hack your console that is on a firmware past 3.60. You need to be on firmare 3.60 in order to use this software.

      Custom Firmware 3.65 HENkaku Ensō is a port of henkaku to the latest possible firmware that does still have the bootloader vulnerability.​

      • You will be able to access the PSN store, activate your device and download your purchased games again (only as long as Sony doesn't decide to release a new update that prevents you from doing that).
      • You will be able to play all games that were released for firmwares 3.61-3.65.
      • You will not be able to downgrade back to 3.60 if you find that this custom firmware doesn't suit you.
      • You can lose the ability to run homebrews, if you modify the OS and end up in a semi-brick where you are forced to reinstall the firmware. This should however not happen to a regular user, but I'd rather not install applications that modify read-only partitions like os0: or vs0:.
      • Some applications may not work on the new firmware and need to be ported.

      • Are Adrenaline, DownloadEnabler, NoNpDrm and SD2VITA compatible on 3.65?
        • Yes they have all been updated and are available under my repositories. (Links Below)
      • Is it risky to perform this update?
        • All my betatesters have successfully updated and have no issues so far. The updater has been designed carefully, so you dont need to worry.
      • Will I lose the hack if I format my Memory Card or restore the systems settings?
        • No, you can nearly do everything with your device and you will not lose HENkaku. You must just NOT reinstall the 3.65 PUP.
      • I have installed a bad plugin and now my device doesn't boot anymore
        • Try to enter the Safe Mode and choose 2. Rebuild Database. This will allow you to boot the device with plugins disabled and fresh config.txt files.
      • Will I be able to hack my device that is on 3.65/3.67?
        • Not with this software. I will release my exploit chain by the end of this year or next, so you have to be patient.

    • Instructions
      1. Download updater.vpk and PSP2UPDAT.PUP.
      2. If you are on a firmware below 3.60, update to 3.60 and install henkaku. Then you can skip to 4.
      3. If you are already using 3.60 HENkaku (Enso), uninstall all plugins and uninstall the enso patch. It is recommended to first unlink the Memory Card in HENkaku Settings before you uninstall, so that your Memory Card won't be restricted afterwards due to the spoofed version at ux0:id.dat. Uninstalling all plugins and the enso patch is extremely important, as they can interfere with the update process if enabled (the updater will notice you in case you have not uninstalled them correctly).
      4. Install updater.vpk using VitaShell and put the PSP2UPDAT.PUP file at ux0:app/UPDATE365/PSP2UPDAT.PUP.
      5. Reboot your device, start HENkaku and directly launch the updater, without launching anything else before like VitaShell or Adrenaline (since they start kernel modules). Also make sure that your battery is at least at 50% Vita user's
      6. Follow the instructions on screen and enjoy the update process.
      7. When the updater finishes flashing the new firmware, custom modules will be written to vs0:tai and the bootloader hack injected to the eMMC. You should now be on 3.65 HENkaku Ensō.

    • Donation
      • If you like my work and want to support future projects, you can make a small donation. Thank you!


    Note: There is no way to back to 3.60, or to reinstall hacked 3.65 firmware after using this hack!!
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by kozarovv, Mar 11, 2018.

    1. TOM1211
      Went for it worked like a charm no problem
    2. DeViL303
      I honestly don't think people understand the downsides of this. If you ever have a FW issue you will only have the option and that is to install OFW. I would definitely not bet on staying error free forever.

      I don't think its simply a matter of correcting it, we only had an entry point on 3.60, once you've upgraded you've lost that.
      Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
      kozarovv likes this.
    3. Lordjontan
      I never have a single error on 3.60, why would have any error on 3.65?
    4. TOM1211
      It's true you could say there are downsides but never had a problem with a fw issue I imagine it's only people installing shady stuff will have a issue. Could say the same with Ps4 or ps3 that there's no downgrade method only just for ps3 without flashers.
    5. DeViL303
      No, its completely different, with PS3 on OFW 4.82, I can use an exploit to completely delete all of my dev_flash, and then just reinstall 4.82 and exploit again, if you have any issue with your FW, and have to reinstall, then you have no way to ever exploit again.

      Installing this is like taking a 3.55 CFW PS3 , and converting it into a 3k non compatible model with no way back even with a flasher.

      And its not just shady stuff, a corrupt plugin, or just bad usage like installing something like a driver made for 3.60 enso could mess it up. an xml out of place can cause you to need a fw reinstall.
      Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
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    6. DeViL303
      Before this release, every piece of homebrew plugins drivers etc were made for 3.60, now you will have multiple versions, people make mistakes installing stuff all the time. Plus I bet there were plenty of people who did have error on 3.60 due to user error, so you might know what you are at, but it does not mean everyone is so careful.

      Safe mode would not need to exist if you didn't get errors. even just with official stuff it can happen.
      Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
    7. TOM1211
      OFW 4.82 Hack is recently new in terms of being able to do that. I get your point about the 3K Model ps3, I suppose you take the risk or wait till the next hack on the vita Which should solve these issues.
    8. pinky
      alright, the thing with vs0 is the bootplugins.txt (think that's the name). it's a part of ur0's tai folder but not a part of ux0's. a member of gbatemp is making a fork that can read it from ux0 in case the user messes it up somehow. however, I think that might be only for those who've soft-bricked due to messing with the file to begin with. I'd still suggest making a backup of molecular shell and/or vita shell with qcma. molecular shell won't be reinstalled from henkaku's website since you're on an incompatible firmware. the dev responsible for the fork is the same one who made the pkg installer fork that could install pkg files from ux0, so his stuff is pretty solid. :)
    9. TOM1211
      Adrenaline working perfectly even kept my games and psp homebrew
    10. Fuzion9
      I've only installed on one of my vitas. My pstv & other vita that I have setup just the way I ike it is still on 3.60 until the flow releases his exploit down the line. At the moment 3.60 is still the clear winner for me.
    11. DeViL303
      Ok cool, thought you had just updated 3 vitas when I saw previous post, and I was thinking, "that's not the best idea man" :)
    12. TOM1211
      Got my sd2vita up and running all good so far have made backups of everything just in case.
    13. morimori
      Still wish, the ability to go back to 3.60 was still an option cause if anything unexpected happens then you're toast and you're stuck with 3.65, let's face it, shit happens even for the most careful/safe users, yeah i know, don't do anything stupid on your Vita, but still, you never know
    14. pinky
      supposedly, you can play mai dumps on 3.60, but they're decrypted and possibly incomplete. plus, you do need a console on 3.65 to dump the game, so I guess that means nothing. :-/
    15. morimori
      Yeah i keep hearing about MAI playing 3.61+ on 3.60, still, i'd prefer NPS for a proper dump, it's a dilemma actually (like myself) for those who prefer NPS rather than MAI but still on the fence with 3.65 ENSO
    16. pinky
      I don't like mai dump tool. I was forced to use nps browser because of it. it actually destroyed the dlc I had purchased by removing the work.bin. as a result, I couldn't make a fake license with nonpdrm.

      there's no way I'm signing in to psn after having been banned on the ps3. however, once I rid myself of my banned account, I'll need to at least activate my new account which I think creates the act.dat instead of actually buying something. originally, you could activate your account using a plugin to gain temporary access to psn. if you turned off the plugin while signed in, the system would start glitching out asking you to update constantly. I think I just shut the system off at that point. lol
    17. pinky
      btw, if you want to convert a decrypted save into an encrypted one, use save manager while on 3.60. iirc, you just need to rename the save files, export, then import. the saves will be in the data folder. I did this with tales of hearts r with a decrypted save and mai dump tool, then an encrypted one and nonpdrm. it was the only save I had. :-p this is for those who may update in the future, but have mai dump saves from 3.61+ games. saves go in the data folder via a fake patch in the patch folder on the root of ux0. delete the patch as well. my memory is a bit hazy if all this is needed though, but it works. :)

      edit: now that I think about it, this may only work (just deleting the patch folder) if you have the encrypted save still on the memory card like I did, but I can't remember really. I thought more was needed than that which is why I provided details. ;)
    18. Alzy1982
      I'm having a strqnge issue updating to this. I followed the instructions and created the UPDATE365/PSP2UPDAT.PUP but when I open the updater, it says it cannot find the file. When I go to look to make sure the PSP2UPDAT.PUP fle is there, it's changed to an eboot and other files etc.

      Anyone know why it would be doing this?
    19. pinky
      not sure. an eboot may be correct when the pup is decrypted. iirc, a psp update is an eboot.pbp (I think it's a container file), so maybe that's the vita equivalent. it sounds like it found the update though. you might post on TheFlow 's github about the problem. I haven't updated yet due to it being a one-way street and the fact that reinstalling the firmware means losing ensou. it's too risky imo.
    20. Alzy1982
      Thanks Pinky I'll post on his github in a while. I'll start the process again tonight and see if I can sort it. The only reason I'm updating is so I can install the patch for Minecraft and go online with my friends. And also hoping for Secret of Mana remastered to be playable.

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