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Discussion in 'HENkaku' started by atreyu187, Jan 12, 2017.

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    So I recently updated to 3.63 on one of my systems but before that I installed ARK-2 to have PSP homebrew and ISO support. Now the neat thing about this is if you use SMOKE's memcardswap tool you can make your id.dat read only.

    Then start a download on the 3.63 system then insert into your HENkaku system to resume the download to get your PS+ games on your system if you don't have a PS3 handy and no need for a PC either. Upon reinserting in your HENkaku system the download will resume and install.

    PSTV's are cheap enough and you can use a 3.63 PSTV to get games on your 3.60 PSTV or Vita as long as you only copy the games. CMA backups don't work from a PSTV to a Vita but they do work from Vita to PSTV but Vita's are still pricey compared to a PSTV.

    So if you want PS Store access and no PS3 this works great and you can still retain the whitelist hack and even the ARK-2 ePSP CEF (Custom Emulator Firmware) to have the best of both worlds by still playing online with the 3.63 system, the robust PSP homebrew and access to the PS Store for your HENkaku enabled systems.
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