PS3 IRISMAN - v 3.50.10 (Re-Release): Small fix added by Aldostools

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By STLcardsWS on Sep 14, 2016 at 8:34 PM
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    There is a small update for IRISMAN provided by @aldostools, a user in our forums was having an issue with launching games on a ntfs drive from usb0001, after some troubleshooting and test developer Aldostools discovered the error in the code and re-released version 3.50.10. Details about this update can be seen in the information provided and source link from our forums.

    We hope user's use can take something from this and see that feedback is very important to developer's and while us non coders may not be able to code an application like some of these great developers in our scene, we can still contribute and make a difference just as Assassins has done with his feedback. Never be scared to report an issue here at psx-place, no matter how dumb you may think it may be. We encourage, because sometimes it may just be using a feature incorrectly or in this case a small regression.

    Irisman v3.50.10.jpg

    • Issue Reported by PSX-Place user: @Assassins

      The Discovery & Solution via @aldostools

    • What is IRISMAN?

      IRISMAN is a PS3 Homebrew Application, more specifically a backup manager that comes loaded with many additional features. Way to many features to list here, but obviously it's an application to manage your backups, Contains a very functional file Manager, FTP Support are justa few of the many features IRISMAN possesses .

      IRISMAN.jpg File Manager_1.png

      IRISMAN (by aldostools) is a fork of the original Iris Manager (by Estwald / D_Skywalk). Iris Manager in itself is a very functional manager with plenty of features, but developer aldostools adds a whole new layer of features similar to the way the dev. also does with deank's webMAN (with his webMAN MOD). Check it out, this homebrew is regarded to many as one of the best managers for the PS

      IRIsMAN_.JPG IRISMAN-v2.93-9-mod.jpg

    Download via: brewology

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 14, 2016.

    1. Drag
      I was using the IRISMAN STHEALTH , uninstalled and installed this IRISMAN FULL and used the file manager to delete an empty folder that I created in the external hd, leave the file manager and the irisman froze, restarted the console, I entered the irisman, chose a game and when I walked in, trophy error 80010505, I loaded another manager as multiman, trophy, all games started gives error of trophy and on all users and to a new one that I just to create. I found solution to rebuild databases in the recovery menu. I don't know if this happened because I was installed the IRISMAN STEALTH and then installed this IRISMAN FULL and gave conflict, I use IRISMAN to manage the hard drive NTFS, use the webmanto load games , I just did the test and that's what happened, if nobody understand, can I record a video. Rebug 4.80 cobra cex
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    2. aldostools
      Before use a different manager (even if it's a new version of the same manager), It's a good idea to restart the console to clean from memory the patches applied by the previous manager and avoid conflicts or overlapping of patches (e.g. if they apply different patches).
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    3. Drag
      tested and approved, thank you so much for the guidance master Aldo and thanks for this update
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    4. bguerville
      I just noticed a tiny bug in the Irisman 3.50.10 file manager.
      If there is a colon ':' character or inverted comas '"' in a folder name, an error is thrown when initiating a folder operation like Copy/Move.
      For example, a backup of Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes would have a colon character in the dumped folder name. i.e. METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES
      Any attempt to copy or move this folder leads to
      Copy error: 0x80010002
      Invalid argument 
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    5. Joonie
      I think this is the same one on my git. Could you please try this one?

      Although I haven't applied aldo's latest fix, because never noticed there was such a bug like that.
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    6. bguerville
    7. Joonie
      Thanks for the report, yeah that's what I thought :)
    8. aldostools
      I already made a fix, but I haven't had time to test it...

      Some characters that are valid in Un*x file names, are not valid for FAT32 or NTFS : < | > " ? *

      There are also some file names that are not valid, like NUL, CON, COM1, COM2, LPT1, LPT2, etc. but I don't plan to validate these.

      Also Windows doesn't allow to create files starting or ending with spaces or dot (although they can be listed if they are created outside Windows)

      The issue is also present in webMAN and maybe in others backup managers too.
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    9. aldostools
      Can you test if this build solves your issue?
      Link: IRISMAN (test build)
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    10. aldostools
      This is a *test* release of IRISMAN 4.80.0 Lite Edition with support for @Rancid-o 's Mamba 3.x

      Mamba 3.x supports everything in Cobra (PS3ISO, PSPISO, PS2ISO*, PSXISO, NETISO, NTFS, plugins, etc.).
      *PS2 requires the emus patched for Cobra (e.g. the ones found on Rebug or PRX Mamba Loader)

      Some of the changes are:
      - Install Mamba 3.x (thanks to PS3ITA)
      - Implemented PRX Mamba Loader into IRISMAN
      - Added load Mamba through PRX Loader payload.
      - Added support to load Mamba uncompressed.
      - Added display of payload version in Global menu
      - webMAN now is auto-loaded with IRISMAN (the path of the plugin is set in settings.ini)
      - Added display of CPU/RSX temperatures in File Manager
      - Fixed various issues listing games.
      - Removed prxloader.self (not needed)
      - Changed version to match latest supported CFW version (like in multiMAN)

      Related talk:

      Thanks to Rancid-O, Zar, NzV, Joonie, Estwald, Habib, deank, Team Cobra, etc.

      If there are not major issues in this release I'll be publishing this and the 'full' package on Brewology and the source on Github
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    11. bguerville
      Very good news, Mamba v3 is finally available & working! Thanks Aldo for the Irisman update.
      I followed the Managunz thread, I couldn't believe that all this time the problem was due to the optimisation setting flag in the makefile! [emoji3]
    12. aldostools
      In my case the optimization was not the issue. I had a black screen in IRISMAN with all the builds of Mamba 3.x.

      The conversation of Zar & Rancid-O fired my interest to re-take the issue again.

      My solution was to implement the code from NzV's PRX Mamba Loader into the manager.
    13. bguerville
      So you reused the payloads you already had then?
    14. aldostools
      Yes. The problem was the method used by IRISMAN to install mamba, which was solved implementing the method used by Mamba Prx Loader: installing first Prx Loader payload, then calling a syscall in the payload to load mamba.

      EDIT: The source code is now available on github:

      EDIT2: MAMBA PRX Loader/AutoLoader by @NzV with Mamba 3.x by @Rancid-o is also available on my repository:

      This repository includes the recent commits from Rancid-o and modifications to mappath.c:
      - Increased sys_map entries from 16 to 24 entries
      - Algorithm for table search in open_path_hook is faster
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    15. PLAYER 1
      PLAYER 1
      Thanks Aldo, but we have 4.81OFW now, waitting for that version soon.
    16. bitsbubba
      He's already released test builds for 4.81 but there is not yet a CFW to test them on :)
    17. bguerville
      Most active devs & cfw makers are already working on updates.
      Patience.. [emoji5]️
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    18. PLAYER 1
      PLAYER 1
      I suspect 4.81 cfw will run all the 4.80 managers too.
    19. bguerville
      Not exactly.
      Some backup manager may still run on 4.81 but they won't be able to function properly because the old managers won't have the necessary information (the new memory offsets) to mount games & control the system in general. Some may still work with JB games but isos will be a problem.
      Backup managers functions are firmware dependent in general.
      However by the time Rebug & Ferrox cfw are released, webMAN-MOD & Irisman will have been updated. Multiman, gamesonic & Managunz will follow shortly as always.
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