PS VITA / PS TV Labyrinth-3D v1.3 (by Rinnegatamante) - Improved Visual & Gameplay in this large update

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By STLcardsWS on Mar 4, 2017 at 11:30 AM
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    As crazy at it sounds its has been a bit since we have seen developer Rinnegatamante with something new for the PsV / PsTV . As his past activities have spoiled us since Homebrew Capabilities on the VITA (PS TV) as there has been alot of amazing projects spanning from a large variety, some of these projects include: Lua Player Plus. vitaQuake, 4Rows,EasyRPG Vita, vitaWolfen. RayCast3D Engine. VitaSudoku, VitaPad, AntiBlacklist, vitaWanted, vitaHexen II, Minicraft, luaIRC & rinCheat SE. Now the developer has a "major update" for one of my personal favorite releases from this dev of Labyrinth 3D v1.3.


    • Labyrinth-3D v1.3
      lvita3-768x435.jpg lvita2-768x435.jpg
      • Fixed fadeout animation for Lua Player Plus logo. Now works as intended.
      • Added possibility to skip engines logos with START button.
      • Completely re-worked game menus with a better and more intuitive categorization.
      • Added shading support as Graphic effect.
      • Replaced old 64x64 wall textures with new 1024x1024 textures.
      • Added possibility to save and load games.
      • Added possibility to change Audio and Graphics settings during a game.
      • Updated both Lua Player Plus and RayCast3D to their respectively latest nightly builds.
      • Fixed several bugs causing random GPU crashes.
      • Now audio and graphics settings will be saved and loaded back at application startup.

    • Labyrinth 3D is my first 3D homebrew which uses RayCast3D Engine It can be considered as a showcase for how powerful and simple to use RayCast3D engine is .Labyrinth 3D is, as the title says, a game where you have to find the exit from the labyrinth you're in. It supports different map sizes and you'll have some scrolls according to map size. These scrolls can be used to "mark" a wall of the labyrinth so you can see where you already went (after marking a wall, it will became golden). Labyrinths are generated through Primm's Algorithm so you'll have infinite random mazes to solve. Any generated maze will provide a seed so you can share these labyrinths with others and play them through the voice "Start game with Seed".

    • Controls:
      • DPad / Analogs = Move Player/Camera
      • X = Mark a block with a scroll
      • START = Pause Game
      • SQUARE = Delete a savegame (when in save/load screen)

    • Cheats and Easter Eggs
      • When starting the homebrew, holding L+R will result in engine logos skip
      • When on logo screen (Press Start screen) use these buttons sequence to enable cheats/easter eggs:
        • UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT - Allows you to move inside the mini Labyrinth on background
        • X UP X DOWN O LEFT O RIGHT - Gives you 99 scrolls for any game difficulty
        • UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT O X - Enables no clip mode (walking through walls)

    Download: Labyrinth 3D (v1.3)

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 4, 2017.

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