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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 1, 2018.

By STLcardsWS on Mar 1, 2018 at 10:28 PM
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    The Ps4 Scene is moving up the ladder as now 4.55 has seen the latest breakthrough, while still not a current firmware exploited it is newer then 1.76 and also the recent v4.05 fully functional exploits. It recent days it started with Ps4 developer qwertyoruiopz who released code for the 4.55 kernel exploit but it did not contain a entry point. However developer SpecterDev who brought the functional 4.05 exploit had an entry point that could be used and it was not long until we seen SpecterDev release 4.55 Exploit, but this exploit was missing some of the "juice" and m0rph3us came with the "Holy Grail" payload and that provided plenty of "juice" for the exploit. While things are certainly progressing the PS4 scene, i believe it still needs a current firmware exploited to get over the hump but these steps certainly does help many aspects in the community and will grow the scene as well. For sure some amazing things being done by the developers involved.

    What are your thoughts on the Ps4 current developments. Do you think we will start to see some regular homebrew produced for the system like other devices?​


    (Sorry I was a few days late on this HUGE PS4 News as it was developing (personal matters kept me away), if you are interested in helping keep psx-place news page flowing, please contact us, we are in need of some additional contributors (its lonely;) .)​
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 1, 2018.

    1. lcmj7416
      just a quick it true that each time I turn on the PS4 I have to redo the exploit?
    2. pinky
      I believe so. I've heard that rest mode is buggy as hell with the exploit.
    3. Rogero
      Run the original Exploit , then send the Xvortex Dumper v1.7 payload (dumper.bin) file from PC, once xVortex Dumper v1.7 loads on PS4 it will shows you on screen notifications about the process status, remember to let your game run for at least 30 minutes for the first time so it will have enough time to finish installing files on the PS4, also there is a config file you can out on your USB device with chosen parameters to control the Dumper notifications time intervals etc..
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    4. pinky
      @Rogero , thanks man. I wasn't aware that there were notifications, so I feared that a flash drive with no indicator would involve guessing when it was done or if it was doing anything. I think I read that the dumper shuts off the ps4 once it's done, is that correct? also, are you supposed to let the game run on its own? I think I also read something about pressing the ps button for it to dump the game.
    5. pinky
      does anyone know when post 4.55 games started being released? I think I read that it was January 2017, but I'm not entirely sure. that may have been for 4.05 though. that date sticks in my memory for some reason. ;)
    6. boloksbongas
      Just to confirm. Is there presently any working Kernel exploit for the PS4 FW 5.01?
      im aware there is a working Web exploit though.
    7. pinky
      people claim that there's an exploit, but it's private.

      I've been ripping my games (discs and psn). I haven't dumped every game (have around 10) yet, so I don't know what it's like to install a game - I'm ripping all games first and backing them up to an hdd. the payloads can make the ps4 a little unstable, from what I've seen. the ps4 can only handle so much before it goes into a panic. this can be a little frustrating when deploying the hen payload followed by the app dumper one. speaking of the app dumper, it dumps games in npdrm format (like vita games), but I think you need to turn them into a pkg, then install. I'm not entirely sure if you could just drop the games into the game/app/,whatever the ps4's folder is called, folder, then rebuilding the database. it does say "decrypting selfs," so I don't know if pfs has been bypassed or not. I should check one of the games.
    8. hibernate
      Today i bought CUH-71xx console that comes with 4.7X firmware. Is there a exploit for this fmw version?
    9. pinky
      no, 4.55 is the latest exploitable firmware.

      yesterday, I finally dumped my last few games. as it turns out, I have 13 games. FFX HD Remastered and Bloodborne took the longest and are the largest with FFX being nearly 50GBs. it took a while to decrypt the selfs of that game. I wonder if the dumper bypasses pfs and if it's possible just to dump the game's contents into the app folder or whatever it's called on the ps3, then rebuild the database (without pkg installation)? like a mai dump on the vita, the pfs folder is gone from the game at least.

      also, I didn't have room to backup the hdd to a single hdd, so I split the games and put most on one hdd and like two on the other. I haven't made a pkg of any game...YET. I'm making a disk image first, just in case I download one of the two apps from a shady site. :eek:
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    10. pinky
      I was just looking at the hdd files via ftp on the ps4 (I now have that setup in filezilla). I wanted to back up the pertinent files, but there's a payload that does this automatically. I used that. it backed up the app.db (game information), appcont.db (dlc information) , saves, and trophies (saves and trophies are still in the home directory; the app.db and appcont.db are in the mms directory just like the indexer on the ps3. :-p
    11. inuzukaoz
      Use games through this exploit can cause ban?
    12. pinky
      unlikely. the payloads have to be redeployed at every boot, so they don't stick (hen). plus, you can't access online. however, there's a rif app associated with the ps4 fake pkg generator, but sony can't seem to see fake rifs with neither the ps3 nor the vita.
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