PS3 Littlebalup's VSH Menu v0.4 - New Functions Added !!!

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By STLcardsWS on Oct 3, 2015 at 6:39 PM
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    Developer Littlebalup is back with a new and might i say impressive update "Littlebalup VSH Menu" with the release of version 0.4. Since the intial Proof of Concept created by fellow Ps3 homebrew developer 3141card, we have seen various developer help expand and evolve the original concept. This version of Littlebalup's VSH Menu adds some new functions such as the ability to Eject and Insert physical disc. Improvements made to displaying of free space and also offering memory card support for those early model PS3 Consoles. Plus new temperature indication, view the breakdown of these features and more in the details provided by the developer:​


    • Littlebalup's VSH Menu v0.4 Released:

      Version 0.4 Changes:
      • Added "Eject Disc" and "Insert Disc" options (for physical disc, not disc images)
      • Scrolling menu with arrows.
      • Changed code of the the storage devices size info:
        • - Now displays size of the storage device in add of the available free space
        • - Now displays size in MB if less than 1GB (size and/or free space)
        • - Added free space and size detection for connected flashcards (/dev_sd, /dev_ms and /dev_cf)
        • - Added free space and size detection for /dev_blind (if mounted)
        • - Added icons for each device type (hdd, usb, flashcard, internal flash)
      • Added thermometer icon for temperatures:
        • - Icon is color blue if CPU and RSX below 50°C
        • - Icon is color green if hotter of CPU and RSX between 50°C and 65°C
        • - Icon is color orange if hotter of CPU and RSX between 65°C and 75°C
        • - Icon is color red if CPU or RSX over 75°C
      • Some font size slightly reduced.
      • Layout modifications (again...).

    Download: littlebalup_vsh_menu_v0.4

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 3, 2015.

    1. Sdw100
      Great work [MENTION=48]littlebalup[/MENTION] nice to see new things introduced
      Keep it up
    2. atreyu187
      Nice!! But man that is a huge difference in temps between the CPU/GPU.
    3. littlebalup
      I know. I have to replace the thermal paste under the CPU IHS of this console.
    4. chris
      My PS3 is the same way haha
      But removing the heat spreader is a ***** sometimes
    5. bitsbubba
      looks great [MENTION=48]littlebalup[/MENTION] :)
    6. bitsbubba
      looks great [MENTION=48]littlebalup[/MENTION] :)
    7. 3141card

      nice work again :)

      During menu, RSX is paused and do not render graphics, it do only sound. This is another reason why its cooler.
    8. barelynotlegal
      very nice. thank you. assuming this is disabled once syscalls are right?

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