PS3 Littlebalup's VSH Menu v0.4-U (Unofficial Update by Aldostools)

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 4, 2015.

By STLcardsWS on Oct 4, 2015 at 11:06 AM
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    Developer Aldostools has made an UNOFFICIAL update to Littlebalup's VSH Menu with the release of version 0.4U that contains some changes and new features presented by Aldostools. Now the plugin is capable of displaying the Cobra and Mamba version of your firmware, A delay was was added to prevent some interference with webMAN MOD button combos. Then also additional pad are supported instead of working on just port 0. see the full log of changes. [break]dss[/break]


    Littlebalup's VSH Menu v0.4U (Unofficial update by Aldostools)
    Download (plugin & src):littlebalup_vsh_menu_v0.4u.rar
    Mirror: Link


Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 4, 2015.

    1. Sdw100
      Thanks aldo i think i prefer the look of unofficial compared to dev's release no offence to [MENTION=48]littlebalup[/MENTION]
      I like how these vsh menus are relly taking a storm through the scene so many great ideas are arising,
    2. STLcardsWS
      I like seeing all the devs work together.
      This started out as 3141card's work and since we have seen MANY developer add something to it. Which is giving the VSH menu(s) alot of functionality..

      Every update and every VSH menu has added positive things.
      (Thanks to all and anyone i may of overlooked)

      All have utilized these menus and it keeps getting more impressive as we go along.

      However i think there is something missing with the VSH Menu's. A Plugin Manager MENU... A simple way from a VSH menu to toggle on and off plugins for the next boot. I would like to see something like that personally.
    3. Sdw100
      A plugin manager would be awsome, i agree, i do like the rebug menu as this saves the time of opening rebug toolbox for certain things,
      It would great to see something like syscall manager to enable certain syscalls without having to reboot system
      Last edited: Oct 4, 2015
    4. Orion
      I done a similiar things in rebug vsh menu v0.4 but i'must work a lot on it
      for now i can only let you know that this function is in development
    5. Zar
      This isn't what you described but you can remove or add an sprx with the FileManager of ManaGunZ : Select a *.sprx then in option you can see "Remove from boot_plugin.txt" or "Add to boot_pluging.txt". it detect mamba list and prx loader list too. I think that what u describe can be added to a vsh_menu but it will be necessary to use a unique path like /dev_hdd0/plugins where every sprx plugin will be stored... :hmmm:
    6. littlebalup
      That is also a thing I'm thinking about... a plugin manager. But it is a bit complicated as said Zar. Many ways to boot them and so many places where plugins are stored.
      It would be great if everybody agree to store them the same way. This is a wishful wishes... Same thing with combos.

      Anyway [MENTION=89]aldostools[/MENTION], great mod! :)
    7. aldostools
      Ironically "simple" is usually difficult to achieve. A simple Plugin Manager could be hard to implement in the VSH Menu due all the possible paths currently used by the different plugins and loaders.

      This is a test/POC that I have done using ps3mapi GUI

      Binary: (cobra mapi)

      There are some limitations, but IMO it could be used as a "simple" way to manage the plugins using *ANY* device (PS3, PC, tablet, etc.)
    8. Tranced
      Most of the best plugin developers are here, so why not discuss this among yourselves to start using a standard?

      Great job littlebalup & Aldostools btw.
    9. littlebalup
      Will need tables of the law and a Moses for that ( not me :p )
    10. aldostools
      There is almost a consensus about using /dev_hdd0/plugins (all lower case). And most of my tools already are supporting that path.

      However some devs still prefer to use the root of /dev_hdd0, /dev_usb000, /dev_hdd0/Plugins, subfolders inside /dev_hdd0/plugins and so on.

      To all these paths, we have to add the different methods/tools to load the plugins:
      - Cobra and IRISMAN use /dev_hdd0/boot_plugins.txt
      - PRX Loader uses /dev_hdd0/game/PRXLOADER/USRDIR/plugins.txt
      - Mamba/PRX Loader uses /dev_hdd0/mamba_plugins.txt and /dev_hdd0/prx_plugins.txt
      - etc.

      Each tool tries to use its own files to avoid conflict with other tools. TBH I don't see a practical way to define a standard. So I believe it is a chaos that we'll have to live with.
    11. francesco.lanzillotta
      Why not make an application that already includes within it all the plugins, and save the file directly boot_plugins (if Cobra) or mamba_plugins (if non_Cobra), and with the keys ON / OFF

      The concept should be:
      If ON moves the designated plugin directory dev_hdd0 /
      If OFF remove that plugin from the directory de_hdd0 /

      Obviously the file boot_plugins.txt (or mamba_plugins.txt) contain within it the loading of any plugins.

      An example:

      /dev_hdd0/webftp_server.sprx (WebMan Vanilla)
      /dev_hdd0/webftp_serverMod.sprx (WebMan Mod)

      (if I remember correctly should be to maximum 6)
    12. Tranced
      Yeah, I understand that each wants to use their files. So why not...


      etc. That would be a little easier to handle programming wise.
    13. aldostools
      IMO That would make things worse, if we also are going to support the current environments.
    14. ghostreader
      The problem here is that devs need to focus on an enviroment. IMO:

      COBRA the perfect enviroment, a must have in all CFWs.
      MAMBA is a nice app for non Cobra CFW, it has almost all the features (COBRA LITE)
      PRXLOADER was a nice app when there was not any Cobra CFW (With other alternative, right now is useless).
      IRISMAN is just a backup manager (the main purpose), why bother to load a plugin with it.

      COBRA and MAMBA need to use the path /dev_hdd0/plugins/ and boot_plugins.txt because is the correct way to give both the support.

      COBRA is the standard here, others are based on it and have to be on track with that. This reminds me when all Managers where using the GAMEZ folder and then multiMAN comes out with GAMES :crazy:
    15. sandungas
      My favourite:

      /dev_hdd0/PLUGINS/resources/webman/<any files for webman here>
      /dev_hdd0/PLUGINS/resources/anyother/<every plugin has his own folder for resources>

      *I used PLUGINS in capitals because both deank and estwald used capitals for the directory names generated by his backup managers to identify the non-official directory names in an easy way, is intuitive when browsing directory trees in file managers
      Last edited: Oct 6, 2015
    16. aldostools
      Back to the subject:

      I've updated the source code and binary to fix an issue that prevented the unloading of the plugin through webMAN MOD's ps3mapi.

      There are other changes like:
      - Reduced the number of menu options to 4 (use LEFT/RIGHT for alternative options)
      - Increased the delays per frame even more (to reduce CPU usage).
    17. Dino05
      I tried it on CECHG04 and I have issues with Eject/Insert Disc, it seems that only Eject works.
      Also screenshots XMB/XMB + Menu, it always makes screenshots XMB without menu.
      Soft/Hard Reboot works fine.
      Last edited: Oct 8, 2015
    18. aldostools
      Thank you for your feedback. You're right, the flags were wrong.
      I made a quick update, but I haven't tested it yet. Here is the updated link:
    19. Dino05
      OK Aldo....Eject/Insert Disk and screenshots XMB/XMB + Menu now everything works :)

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