PS3 ManaGunZ v 1.26 - PS1 PSP & PS2 Games now Supported & more in this huge update from Zar

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By STLcardsWS on Dec 9, 2016 at 6:43 PM
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    Developer @Zar is back with an update to the ManaGunZ backup manager, this AIO type homebrew for CFW on PS3 is a manager that is an Iris Manager fork using the sky payload, The manager comes with a few different unique User Interfaces (UI), boost some very unique features not found in other managers, Some of the functions, were previously only done with various PC tools, but things like making a pkg as an example can be done straight from your PS3 with this handy homebrew. In this update marked as version 1.26 the dev add tons more functionality with support for PS1, PS2 & PSP retro games, View all the changes in this 4.81 CFW Supported manager and more in the details provided by @Zar.


    • ManaGunZ v1.26

      New Features
      • Add : JPG and PNG can be used for all images used by MGZ.
      • Add : Retro games (PS1, PSP and PS2) with mamba v3 and cobra.
      • Add : It read the files inside iso. So, extern param.sfo and icon0 aren't used anymore.
      • Add : New icons used by MGZ in "/USRDIR/GUI/COMMON".
      • Add : Hold button to scroll evertywhere.
      • Add : Scroll speed is managed with R2 button pressure, push it to increase speed. Also, the default speed is faster.
      • Add : Navigate with the left joystick.
      • Add : 'Pseudo-support' of Dynamic theme *.p3t.


      • Fix Game Menu : Make pkg.
      • Fix Game Menu : Extract ISO from NTFS.
      • Fix Settings : Issue when the theme of UI LIST was disabled.

      New Settings
      • Add Settings : IRD check result is displayed in the TXTviewer.
      • Add Settings : Show the background picture PIC1.PNG. XMB&FLOW UI display the background if you enabled it in settings. For all UI, hold R1 to display it.
      • Add Settings : UI FLOW can display covers instead of ICON0.

      File Manager Changes

      • Add FileManager : NTFS support.
      • Add FileManager : Make APNG.
      • Add FileManager : PS1&PS2 dumps md5 check with md5 from
      • Add FileManager : Set Permission to 0777.
      • Add FileManager : CXML extract (P3T, RAF, QRC). It convert vag2wav, jsx2js, gtf2png and gim2png.
      • Add FileManager : Convert JSX to JS ; VAG to WAV ; GTF to DDS ; DDS to PNG ; GIM to PNG.
      • Add FileManager : Extract MultiMan theme *.thm.
      • Add FileManager : PictureViewer : support APNG (animated PNG).
      • Add FileManager : TXTviewer : can open few more file type.
      • Add FileManager : TXTviewer : hold up&down to scroll.
      • Fix FileManager: the parent dir ".." always stay a the top

    • Here is a video demo of the first version of ManaGunZ many things have progressed since this video of version 1.00

    Download: ManaGunZ_v1.26.pkg

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Dec 9, 2016.

    1. aldostools
      I didn't find a log file, but I see it writes new messages in orange:

      The manager stays loading forever at that point....
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    2. Zar
      Last edited: Dec 11, 2016
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    3. aldostools
      Yes the problem was reading one of my PSXISO isos...

      I didn't get the infinite loop after I removed the PSXISO folders.
      However, the scanning takes very long (near 4 minutes) to list approximately 177 games on 2 USB drives + hdd0
      Last edited: Dec 11, 2016
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    4. Zar
      Thank you, i think i found the issue.

      About the scan time, indeed 4 min it's very long. it's because ManaGunZ is loading in mem all the ICON0 & covers. Perhaps, it will be better to load them in a background task...
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    5. bguerville
      Background scan would be a lot better as long as it can never clash with something else started by the user before the scan is over...
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    6. psykosis
      You all know a lot more about this than myself, but what about the possibility of it scanning in background to create a new file, then swap the old with the new and "refresh" when the scan completes. If possible even an element that had "Scan progress" with a colored dot that is green when finished and yellow/red when working or whatever would be sufficient to notify the end user of the progress of a longer scan. Just a thought. :)
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    7. aldostools
      To reduce the loading time you can consider to use the same method used by IRISMAN:
      - The icons are loaded only for the games displayed on screen.
      - Once the list of games is loaded, it is stored in a cache file, so the next time the program starts it reads the cache file instead of perform the scan again.
      - The cache file can be generated at any time when the user refresh the list.

      multiMAN also uses a similar method, except that it also caches the icons & background pictures.

      The cache file is very useful because the game list is normally semi-static (new games are added or deleted ocassionally).
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    8. dew

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