PS3 ManaGunZ v1.30 - Plugin Manager, PS2 Config Managment, Remote Control in new update

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By STLcardsWS on Nov 10, 2017 at 9:27 PM
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    Developer @Zar is back with a new update to ManaGunZ, so that means there must be alot of new additions and features with this update, and the developer did not disappoint while it might be some time between updates. Each update continues to pack a huge punch and v1.30 is no exception. As with any update there is some maintenance & bug fixes to be cleaned up, but alot of neat things have been added with this update PS2 CONFIG File Management system has been added, PS2 Configs have been huge in improving PS2 Compatibility on the Software Emulator. Check out this psx-place discussion ( with community developer's and scene veterans as they figure out the PS2 Configs for various games and engines..), PS2 BIN/CUE format is now supported s well, Added Remote Control Feature, A welcomed feature in the form a Plugin Manager also appears in this update. Plus a vareity of additional features outlined in the extensive changelog for this recommended homebrew for your PS3 by developer @Zar

    • ManaGunZ v1.30

      I updated to v1.30 :

      It include the multi-language feature, so, if someone want to translate it to his own language, he have to translate this file : and to send it to me here :p​

      ManaGunZ v1.30

      • Add : Re-sign option change the fw version in param.sfo too.
      • Add : PS2 bin/cue image.
      • Fix : Paths containing a point.
      • Add : Remote control.
      • Add : Without peek&poke.
      • Add : Filemanager standalone. To compile it, type 'FILEMANAGER=1 make pkg'.
      • Fix : Increased read&write file speed.
      • Add : New loading screen for the file manager.
      • Fix : Movements in UI are more smooth/fuild.
      • Add : Flow 3D. See note (2).
      • Add : Plugin Manager can create the boot file.
      • Add : Plugin Manager can create '/dev_hdd0/plugins'.
      • Add : Plugin Manager can move the enabled plugins (from the boot file) to '/dev_hdd0/plugins'.
      • Add : Languages.
      • Add : Help.
      • Add : New CONFIG file management. See note (1).
        • Note :
          (1) If the CONFIG file exist in MGZ folder, MGZ force the use of it and 'PS2 CONFIG creator' is not available.
          I removed the option 'CONFIG to use' it became useless. I removed the distinction between OFFICIAL and CUSTOM.
          I added the file DBCONFIG.txt to manage the CONFIG file used by several GAME, so I don't have to dulicate the same file.
          (2) The full covers must in the folder 'USRDIR/covers/3D/[gameID].jpg'. For PS1, it will use the front cover from 'USRDIR/covers/[gameID].jpg' and the back from 'USRDIR/covers/3D/[gameID].jpg'.

    Download (Latest Version):

    Source / Support Thread
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 10, 2017.

    1. bguerville
      Another great update of a great backup manager.
      Thanks @Zar... As usual, you never disappoint...
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    2. sandungas
      Coool, this update has lot of new features, my favourites:
      -File management
      -UI changes and Flow 3D
      -Plugin manager
      -PS2 config management
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    3. STLcardsWS
      If anyone wants to make some screenshots that would be apperciated, I would post them up for Zar. Video's would be great as well for anyone interested.
    4. sandungas
      Rebug firmwares contains a patch that allows to take screenshots in all apps by pressing "PS" button, in the XMB-ingame menu it makes appear an additional icon located in "Photo" column

      I suggested zar to enable this feature from managunz itself (for all firmwares without that patch), it was discussed somewhere but is not so easy, is a bit tricky
      So well, for people in that firmwares is easy to take screenshots of managunz :)
      A video of it could be pretty cool though
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    5. STLcardsWS
      LoL. Come on now, you know i know this :) (but is good for others who may not know )

      just have some other things to do at the moment is reason i asked :)

      Thanks,That is a typo it should be "now" (fixed)
      Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
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    6. bguerville
      Code for taking screenshots in any fw is extremely simple, it only requires one single call to a vsh export irrc...
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    7. sandungas
      I needed to search about that talks, for the record... the patch to enable screenshots for all apps/games is applyed to vsh.self (so is not part of cobra), rebug uses it but other cobra based firmwares maybe does not

      And the problem to enable it specifically for managunz (at the time managunz boots) independent of the firmware used is related with psl1ght because doesnt allows to use the function cellScreenShotEnable()
    8. sandungas
      I know :), i mentioned it just incase someone wants to make a "screenshot review" of it by posting screenshots of menues, or custom themes or custom settings with colors, etc... also because i wanted to point fingers at the problem :)
      Is one of the things i been wondering about yeas ago, since the original iris but for one reason or another it was never posible to enable screenshots "in the official way" by using the system functions like an official app
      Last time i was brainstorming about this joonie explained me that in rebug is made with the vsh.self patch and zar explained me the psl1ght problem about the missing function
      When i wrote this i did not remember though, is the kind of thing easy to forget like... "it doesnt works in other firmwares"... "why?"... "dunno all i remember is something tricky"
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    9. bigbossu
      Man, awesome work, loved the 3d/flow
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    10. kozarovv
      Nice! @Zar
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    11. Zar
      I like it too, I learned a lot when I was doing it, I almost gave up, i'm glad i didn't :p
    12. bguerville
      Cobra makes vsh segments all writable so patching vsh should not be an issue as long as Cobra is loaded.
      Especially that vsh offsets are static.
      From there, if an export can do the job, it should be easy peasy...
      Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
    13. chicco33
      Thank you for this great backup manager. I found 2 functions which would be very very useful:
      - auto mount when you click on an PS3, PS2, PS1 or PSP iso in file manager.
      - the managunz doesnt handle the splitted PS2's ISOs. I dont see them in the game list. Why?
      Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
    14. Zar
      Mount from filemanager is planned for the next update.
      I forgot about splitted PS2 iso because it's works only in internal, so, it's not rly necessary. But it must be supported to copy/paste splitted iso from fat32. So, i'll try to do it for the next update too.

    15. chicco33
      Thanks. If you can add these two feature to Managunz I can change from Multiman/Webman to Managunz finally :) I have tons of splitted PS2 games on my FAT32 external USB and it would be very useful these two functions:
      - a new option in file manager to copy/paste the splitted Ps2 files to internal HDD.
      - added the splitted PS2 files into PS2 game lists with the copy/paste option.
      Is there a planned date when you will release the next update?
      Btw thanks for your hard work and your effort.
    16. chicco33
      @Zar Please find a link to hungarian translation for ManaGunZ:
      Could you add this language option to the next release?
      Also I have a wish list about what would be awesome if you could add to the next release:
      - support to copy / paste splitted iso from fat32 USB
      - mount from file manager
      - game list supports / shows installed PKG games (PS3, PS2, PS1, PSP)
      - fan control

      With above mentioned functions the ManaGunZ will be the best backup manager!
      Do you have a plan when you will release the next ManaGunZ? :)

      Thanks for your efforts.
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    17. Zar
      Thank you !

      Don't you think it's better to use a plugin to control the fan speed ? it's the reason I don't plan to include fan control, just like the FTP. I use the plugin manager to use them ;)

      The other feature will be included in next update :p

      I was planning to release the version 1.31 after I receive at least 5 languages, but I receive only 2 language (Italian and Hungarian) :'( .

      So, i'll release it after i'm done with the CONFIG files :p
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    18. chicco33
      Thank you so much.
      Which one is the best fan control plugin?
    19. thefakesound
      I could make ENG to RUS translate
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