PS3 ManaGunZ v1.31 - Now Compatible w/ 4.82 CFW + New Features & Fixes from Zar

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by sandungas, Dec 23, 2017.

By sandungas on Dec 23, 2017 at 10:41 PM
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    Developer @Zar is back with a new update to the very popular and functional homebrew, ManaGunZ is a excellent feature rich Backup Manager, the best for PS2 Backups w/ PS2 Config Editor built-in that has improved in this release. Also this update now supports 4.82 CFW (CEX), also the addition of a Plugin Monitor has been implemented this will allow you to load and unload plugins from the ps3 homebrew. New translation have been added (Italian, Hungarian and Spanish), plus additional fixes have been applied, all and more can be seen in the release notes provided below along with some important details about the new & Improved PS2 CONFIG Editor.


    ManaGunZ v1.31_1.png ManaGunZ contains several UI's pictured above is the "FLOW" Option.

    • bullet_by_aerik_khalid-d3ioh6q.png
      ManaGunZ v1.31
      Changelog v1.31
      • Fix : Read&write file.
      • Fix : Support big files (+4GB).
      • Add : Italian, Hungarian and Spanish language.
      • Add : Support fw 4.82 CEX.
      • Fix : Some pnach wasn't applied correctly.
      • Fix : Issue with reading files from bin/cue disk image.
      • Add : Mount Game from file manager.
      • Fix : Removed the refresh window everytime you use an option, sometimes it's useless.
      • Add : CONFIG files extracted from softemu and gxemu.
      • Add : Improved PS2 CONFIG editor. See note (1).
      • Fix : Removed the DBCONFIG.txt system.
      • Add : Plugin Monitor, it allow you to load or unload a plugin.

      Note (1)
      [LOAD] - The PS2 CONFIG editor is able to load CONFIG files and to display the result on the screen.

      You'll be able to load :
      • "NET" config files from '[ManaGunZ Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/NET'. These are the CONFIG found in official ps2 classic pkg.
      • "GX" config files from '[ManaGunZ Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/GX'. These are the CONFIG extrated from gxemu.
      • "SOFT" config files from '[ManaGunZ Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/SOFT'. These are the CONFIG extrated from softemu.
      • "CURRENT" config files from '[You PS2 Backup Path].CONFIG'. This config is currently used.
      • "CUSTOM" config files from '[ManaGunZ Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/CUSTOM'. These are unofficial CONFIG.
      • Morever, PS2 CONFIG editor check if the original data from the commandID : 0x9 & 0xA & 0xB matches with the data of your PS2 backup.
      • If it's not a match the commandID on your screen will be displayed in red.
      • Once it's loaded, you'll be able to ADD or REMOVE a command ID. For now, you can only ADD the commands without parameter, the 'simple' ones.
      • You can add in CONFIG the patches from pnach files. So, the widescreen patches can be added.
      • You can add the patches '480' 'YFIX' and 'FMV skip' to the config too.
      • Finally, with the button START, it save your configuration to '[You PS2 Backup Path].CONFIG'. Also, if you edited the CONFIG then a backup of your config is stored in '[ManaGunZ Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/CUSTOM' folder.

    • PS3 Game Settings Menu
      PS2 Game Setting Menu
      Global Settings Menu
      File Manager
      Plugin Monitor Screen
      ManaGunZ v1.31_2.png
      PS2 Config Options
      ManaGunZ v1.31_3.png
      GRID UI
      ManaGunZ v1.31_4.png

    Download (latest version) @:

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by sandungas, Dec 23, 2017.

    1. CYB3R18
      Nice! and spanish language...Cool I test this leater. Thanks
    2. chicco33
      @Zar I mentioned you that the ManaGunZ freeze on CFW 4.81. Well I tested it today and I found the issue is not related to CFW. Its a bug. When I open the file manager in ManaGunZ and click on PS2ISO folder on my FAT32 USB, close it and after I choose any PS2 game in game list and try to go in the Game Menu I got freeze. Always.
      Here you can see a pic:
      Could you fix this issue?
      If you can, and add the earlier mentioned two extra functions (integrated fan control plugin and support, copy/merge splitted PS2 games from FAT32 and show them in game list) the ManaGunZ will be the best backup manager out there.
      There are two types of splitted PS2 game extension:
      - game.iso0, game.iso1
      - game.iso66600, game.iso66601, game.iso66602
      Could you add the support for both type?
      Anyway the mounting from file manager is works great. It would be useful if you add the "mount when I click on PS3,PS2,PS1,PSP iso and exit to XMB automatically" function like in Multiman.

      You are getting closer to ManaGunZ will be the best backup manager :) I cant wait to see the next release. Thanks for your effort Zar.

      @Edit: I found an another bug: If I add a custom config to Baldurs Gate (on external USB HDD) and click on Start (create config) the Managunz icon is moving but nothing happen. Interest because its create a config on external usb (I checked it).
      Besides could you somehow fasten the accesibility of external USB? Its very very slow when I go to PS2ISO dir (with 200+games) in file manager. Somehow it can fix because its very fast in Multiman :)
      Last edited: Dec 28, 2017
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    3. sandungas
      Lets try to catch the problem without need for him to downgrade to 4.81
      It happens when entering in other folders ?... or only PS2ISO ?
      If you enter in PS2ISO but when returning back to the list games... can you boot a PS2 game (without opening game settings) ?
      If you enter in PS2ISO but when returning back to the list games... can you boot a PS3 game (without opening game settings) ?
      It happens in the two diferent modes of "game settings" ?, there is an opcion in global settings to choose if you want to see that "game settings" menu in the sidemenu or at full screen, change it and try in both
      Do you have other FAT32 devices to try... like a USB flash stick... it happens with it too ?

      I dont know what more combinations to ask you, but you should try other combinations and see if you can surround the problem to give him more info
    4. Zar
      Yes, ofc i'll try to fix it. Bug like this one is a priority.

      About the fan control : told you in another topic, I won't include it in ManaGunZ because I think it's better to manage the fan control with a sprx. I'll do a standalone plugin probably a MOD of sm.sprx from iris manager. I'll probably add in plugin manager the possibility to download sMAN, webMAN, webMAN MOD, openftp and the fan control plugin.

      About the splitted file, i know I just didn't have time to do it

      yeah, good idea.

      hmm, hard to tell what's wrong here, i'll investigate.

      I already fixed the read/write speed. MultiMan is faster because it doesn't read the files to detect the platform (just the file name). ManaGunZ read the files in each iso to detect the platform. but you are absolutly right, it's really annoying, I'll remove it.

      thank you for your feedbacks
    5. Zoilus

      One issue i found is that when you are in the file manager, if you enter a directory that has lots of entries, the scroll bar will only go down until it gets to the end of the opened window. it won't keep scrolling so you cant see the files down at the have to stretch the window really big to see them, or hit the NAME tab so it re-arranges the names and the ones from the bottom will now be on top.

      also thanks for separating the file manager... its brilliant
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    6. chicco33
      It happens when entering in other folders ?... or only PS2ISO ? It happens when I enter ANY folders.
      If you enter in PS2ISO but when returning back to the list games... can you boot a PS2 game (without opening game settings) ? Yes, I can boot a PS2 game after returning the game list and mount it.
      If you enter in PS2ISO but when returning back to the list games... can you boot a PS3 game (without opening game settings) ? Yes, I can boot a PS3 game after returning the game list and mount it.
      It happens in the two diferent modes of "game settings" ?, there is an opcion in global settings to choose if you want to see that "game settings" menu in the sidemenu or at full screen, change it and try in both. Yes, I tried and the result is the same in both view mode.
      Do you have other FAT32 devices to try... like a USB flash stick... it happens with it too ? Yes, I tried and the issue is the same.

      Summary: I think the ManaGunZ does not handle the FAT32 USB properly. Thats what cause the issue and freeze when I try to go in game settings in case of any type of games. (PS2 and PS3 too)
      Also the other issue: I tried to give it an another shot to create config file for PS2 games on Fat32 USB, and it is still the same error: the ManaGunZ create a config file with the right commands but it freeze (the loading icon moving but doesnt happen anything) when I hit the Start button to create config. I think this issue related to FAT32 USB too.
      I hope Zar can fix these issues because I think these are major ones because most of us storage thousands of PS2 and PS3 games on our external USB. (the copy/merge games to internal function is important too)
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    7. STLcardsWS
      When i was playing with ManaGunZ for a bit i was getting a bit of freezing when going to game settings and also the file manager. I did not mess with it for long, so did not want to report my issue until i dove into it more, but reading above did sound like some of the issues i was having.

      i had a FAT32 (games split iso type -cobra) external HDD but i can;t say currently if the game settings i was accessing where from my internal or external storage. Also the file manager freeze was not consistent for me. did it on launch and sometimes within a menu. .
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    8. limbonic
      I also have to report a problem with the md5 verification.
      One game is SMT 3 - Nocturne, managunz always shows the wrong md5 but i triple checked
      via ftp transfer, it´s the correct md5.

      The second game Splashdown 2 shows this:
      MD5 from xxx

      c3577e69f2e2e8146d0208479e7b5894 Splashdown 2 - Rides Gone Wild (Europe) (En,Fr,De)

      real MD5

      C3577E69F2E2E8146D0208479E7B5894 Splashdown 2.iso



    9. Zar
      Thank you for the feedbacks.

      md5 issue is fixed for next update but I didn't have time to investigate the issue of FAT32.
    10. Spawn
      Grabbed the new version of managunz today. Installed it, loaded config (gx is the only one available) for GH3 and pressed mount game. Got kicked back to xmb, tried to launch the game but got black screen after Activision logo.


      Disabling FMV's seems to work.
      Played the first song without issues. :)
      Will try other GH games as well and report back.
      Seems they're missing on the compatibility lists. ;)


      Working config for this game is:
      Load default GX config and then select Disable FMV.

      Just to set things straight. ;)
      Last edited: Jan 3, 2018
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    11. Zar
      I think u just found a fix yourself :p

      That's good to know, perhaps there is a command to skip FMV. This game may help us to discovers the use of 1 more command :p
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    12. Spawn
      Yes, and I still have plenty of PS2 games to test.
      Since I'm a huge GH fan, these are the first ones, but rest assured, I'll keep on adding compatibility forgames as long as I still have untested ones. :)
    13. sandungas
      If there is a command to disable FMV i guess is going to be one that accepts only two values: ON/OFF
      So... is one that appears in the actual config editor... as optional

      I have the feeling that problem is not specifically related with FAT32 but something generic for the whole filemanager, because is happening to me too, and i dont have any USB device connected

      But as STLcards said (im going to use his exact words, heheh) the managunz freezes "was not consistent for me", what i can say is:

      -If i enter managunz, and i enter directly inside the filemanager... i can spend minutes in it trying all the functions specific for fileformats (such view sregistry.sys) opening and closing windows, resizing them, copying files, etc... all works fine

      -If i enter managunz, then click triangle over a game (to see the game settings), then close it (without changing any game settings)... and then i enter file manager... it crashes eventually... not inmediatly but i know is going to crash at some point, as far i remember i had freezes when opening/closing windows, and when "view xREG", and when clicking in circle (to see options of anything)

      -Also if i enter managunz, and i enter directly inside the filemanager... then exit filemanager and click in triangle (to see game settings) the PS3 freezes

      And another weird thing... this screenshot with the red bar at right is related with the problem !
      I had that red rectangle too, exactly like in the screencapture, but appeared in the "game selection" screen
      And i think that color is red because is the default color you assigned to "color 4" (for errors)
      I was thinking in modifying my "color 4" to other color to try to reproduce the bug and see if the rectangle at right uses the new color... but i did not... was just an idea that crossed my mind
      Maybe this helps you because whatever that rectangle is.... is filled with red and by looking at the code you can get an idea of which stuff is colored in red
    14. Zar
      Oh, the way u describe it, point to only one issue. AFAIK, the red side bar appear when there is a memory issue.

      ok, I think it's time to write everything properly with malloc and free functions ;)
    15. sandungas
      Just for the record.... im reminding what happened to me with that red rectangle
      Im not sure when appeared (maybe i was inside the game config screen, either full screen or sidemenu, not sure)
      And because at that point i was aware of the freezes... what i did was to try to exit managunz (with PS button--->xmbingame--->quit game)
      And at that point the PS3 freezed, when trying to exit
    16. sandungas
      What i think is the bug only appears under two conditions:
      enter file manager + enter game settings

      If you start managunz and enter filemanager... all works fine
      If you start managunz and enter game settings... all works fine

      Is the combination of both what creates the problems

      Also, when the red rectangle appears... managunz keeps working... you can close of enter other menues
      Probably at this point is very unestable and can freeze at any point... but managunz keeps working (temporally)
      And when you try to exit it freezes
    17. sandungas
      Not sure if is the same problem but it looks like
      Turn on PS3, start managunz, enter filemanager, exit filemanager... (so we are again in the game selection screen)
      At this point if you try to enter any other menu managunz stops working... it shows the bullet animation but is stucked
      The PS3 is not freezed because you can press "PS" button ---> quit... and managunz exists normally

      I repeated this test 3 times and happened the same all the times

      As said before... if you enter managunz and enter filemanager... all works fine inside it
      Same if you enter managunz and enter in any other menu (except filemanager)... all works fine

      The problem only happens when you enter in both: filemanager + other menu

      Also, if you do the same test but in the opposite order (first enter in any menu... then filemanager)
      The filemanager functions works partially... most of the functions works normally (it seems to be because uses low memory amounts), such open several windows, dragging them, check for "properties" of files, and things like that
      But if you use something more advances such "read xREG" (to see the contents of xregistry.sys) the PS3 freezes
      And this is a real freeze, the "PS" button doesnt reacts, is needed to reset the PS3 by pressing the ON/OFF button with the finger
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    18. sexybaby
      The PKG File what [Make PKG] creates ends as a Corrupt File when i install it :/
    19. marek256
      Hey Zar,
      I really like your Managunz as well as the built in file manager. I just would like to ask if there is a chance that you would make it two panels as fefault setting? I believe that lots of people would appreciate that. Thanks in advance :)

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