multiMAN 04.76.00 - A small update & fix by deank

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 12, 2015.

By STLcardsWS on Sep 12, 2015 at 1:08 PM
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    Developer deank is back with a new update to multiMAN with his release of version 04.76.00 of this very popular Ps3 Homebrew Application. This update provides a fix to BD-Mirror for 4.75 DEX users and also adds full support to 4.76 CEX CFW. Just recently multiMAN celebrated it's 5th year of development on the multi-functional homebrew and we continue to see it supported to even this day by developer deank, which is great to see. [break]ss[/break] If you recently or are planning to use a 4.76 CFW then this release may be for you as the homebrew can perform many useful task. Download and details can be found below:


    Download (with mirrors): multiMAN 04.76.00 BASE (20150912)

    Source: deank via Official Update Feature within multiMAN


Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 12, 2015.

    1. wicko
    2. ARCH
      thanks [MENTION=5187]Deank[/MENTION]
    3. xiaoyang
    4. Zbutsum
      THE killer app for CFW! Thanks so much
    5. WTF-IGO

      PS3: CECH-2504, JTP-001 or JSD-001
      CFW: REBUG REX 4.75.3 COBRA
      System-Mode: Rebug, Cobra-Mode: enabled, Webman-1.43.03: enabled
      Today: Target-Type: CEX, LV2-Kernel CEX

      I thing, there is a bug in this version.
      mmCM starts without probs.The switching to mm-non-CM doesn't make any probs too*. But when I want to switch one more time to mmCM, it is not possible.
      *: after this is Cobra partially disabled --> recognizable in: PSN-Patch_V-2015.7-A and Webman-1.43.03.
      It happens to me in all three Target-Type & LV2-Kernel Combos: CEX/CEX, DEX/CEX & DEX/DEX.

      Any ideas?

      Thx for your hard work Deank :)
      Last edited: Feb 6, 2017
    6. Zwei

      Ultra Street Fighter IV
      ISO does not work on the mmCM

      Only webMAN works
    7. Joonie
      I think that depends on what tool you used to make the iso file. On my side it works fine on both mmCM and webman...

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    8. Zwei


      What tool did you use?
    9. Joonie
      I think I used 3k3y's isotool with ird file, but I think you can also try genps3iso 2.5 as well

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    10. Zwei

      Nothing doing
      Ultra Street Fighter IV
      Only works in Webman and Irisman
      multiman black screen

      Programs tested
      PS3-ISO-Rebuilder with IRD
      PS3 ISO TOOLS V2.1
      Genps3iso 2.5v
    11. Joonie
      PS3-ISO-Rebuilder with IRD / Genps3iso 2.5v <- They are all the same..

      Try "3K3Y's ISOTOOL like I told you earlier

      EurAsia - Downloads
    12. Zwei

      I am very grateful for the help
      but unfortunately it did not work

      Ultra Street Fighter IV
      It works in Webman and Irisman
      Multiman mmCM Black Screen
    13. WTF-IGO
      Does nobody has the same issue, I've posted in post: #6 ?

      Last edited: Feb 6, 2017
    14. topantita
      great update!

      im using Rebug 4.76 Lite in Standard Mode, and using Multiman 4.76 in Multiman Mode of course...
      but sometime after select the game, when im go to XMB, Multiman change it self to mmCm mode that i think for Cobra compability...
      there is no BD icon, and i get an error warning if i lunch the game from app_home menu (it should be Playstation(R) if in Multiman Mode, not app_home CMIIW)
      so i must restart Multiman and recheck the mode again if i want to play a game... its simple but little annoying... :(

      please help... did i miss something?
    15. Breather
      mmCM won't toggle on

      Yes same problem here, mmCM won't toggle on.
      I re-installed rebug 4.76.1 LITE and multiMAN 4.76 Base, which fixed it for a day, but it's happening again.
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    16. WTF-IGO
      Hi Deank.

      Is there a possibility to fix this issue (post: 6, 14, 16)?

    17. kozarovv
      What do you mean? Switching multiman mode to mmCM is swiching cobra to disabled for you? And how you can recognize this in psnpatch or webman MOD?
    18. ka69
      yes,bug on 4.75.3 rebug,fix parcial bug:

      1-rebug toolbox disabled cobra and restart

      2-rebug toolbox enabled cobra and restart

      3-launch multiMAN and mode mmCM again
      Last edited: Oct 28, 2015
    19. Joonie
      I don't understand where all the issues are coming from,

      toggling multiMAN/mmCM is meant for COBRA mode, not for non-COBRA state, if you force toggling then you will end up getting a lot of weird issues.

      Besides wonder why you guys insist using multiMAN mode while on COBRA mode? Any advantages?

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