PS VITA / PS TV N64 emulation coming to RetroARCH (Vita) Nightly Build

Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by atreyu187, Jan 18, 2017.

By atreyu187 on Jan 18, 2017 at 3:03 AM
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    Seems RetroArch Vita will have a Nintendo 64 (n64) emulator soon and reports suggest it's running Super Mario 64 at full speed with sound already surpassing the PSP emulator in its first incarnation. There are even talks of the Dolphin EMU core right around the corner. Move over PS3 seems the PSTV is kicking your butt.

    N64 emulation has long been a dream for the PS3 but with the Cell architecture porting is not an easy task without significant re-writes to an emulation geared specially for the system (ps3). However the Vita & PlayStation TV things are stacking up differently, while still a challenge it's appearing its a much more reasonable task to achieve as we witness this unfolding. Stay tuned as we will be updating progress of this situation as the emulator official appears in what is expected to come in an upcoming nightly update.


    • N64 is starting to work on Vita! Before you get too excited though, this is Angrylion (software renderer),

    Vita Nightly Downloads:
    (note: n64 coming soon , so keep a watch here and these nightly builds)

    Source: t
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by atreyu187, Jan 18, 2017.

    1. Phil
      This is just brilliant news
    2. Phil
      Is this a standalone core or in with the rest of the cores
    3. STLcardsWS
      @atreyu187 - Added to the front page, I know its very vague for the front page, about to step out so will sexy it up in a bit unless some beats me to it. Just wanted to get word out before i stepped out.

      Edit: Seen the download finish up on the latest nightly and it does not have any n64 cores yet?

      Edit 2: @atreyru187, you have had this running to confirm SM64 is running at full speed or heard from a reliable source? I changed the title to "Coming to" instead of "now on", a few countering statements. i see, nonetheless its amazing progress either way and thanks for the report.

      Note: atreyu187 did not know this was going as news, I put it there. I am sure he would gave more details if he knew i was putting this up. Seen this and thought i would share it , cool stuff. Makes the PS TV such a great little device. (made a few edits and additions to intro).
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    4. VashTS
      def not included in 01/18 and 01/17 builds.
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    5. atreyu187

      Guys I'm sorry due to me not reading right this build is not public just yet. Sleepless nights had me off in the head. Any new developments I will pass along as soon as I can. Sorry for the miscommunication. To @admin and @super mods please check your inbox for some private information about this please. I need your help please, it helps me and will help the site.
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    6. STLcardsWS
      We know its on the way and that is the great news. :) . I rushed it a bit seeing the great news i'll take some fault as well. Apologizes to anyone who saw the original title of this article suggesting it was out all ready.
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    7. atreyu187

      At least we admit to our faults like men and fix them. Most sites wouldn't bother for the clickbait
    8. VashTS
      Not a problem I appreciate this site for real news. 1 early post ain't no big deal. Is there a way to get early access like by building from source??

      guess not i checked their twitter, realized i didn't follow and now follow :)
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    9. ed89
      Yeah awesome was waiting for n64 on vita
    10. OCELOT
      its more than possible and it will be very much so stable in regards the software renderer there are some nice tricks here for optimizing clock speeds
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    11. TOM1211
      Great news but means someone really needs to fix the vita memory card pricing issue.
    12. OCELOT
      also nice cuz you can see reflected nand pinouts for sd mode as well as usb storage for certain homebrews at compile time if you have the right set up
    13. Casavult
      Great news. Can't wait to try Banjo Kazooie on my Vita! Would love to see a PS3 core at some point. *keeps dreaming*
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    14. atreyu187

      Issue with PS3 is we don't have a real dynarec, we have a 64bit dynarec with 32bit pointers with PPC architecture. It would take a team of devs to write a whole new one as nothing like this has ever existed before.
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    15. Death_Dealer
      I highly doubt that the ps3 will ever see an n64 release.. Been waiting years for it. Its just to much work unfortunently:(
    16. STLcardsWS
      Yea, its not that it can;t be done, it just needs a tremendous amount of work.

      Need better PS3 to PSTV integration :) .

      Click the RetroXMB shortcut on the PS3 XMB, fires up the rom on the vita / pstv (remote play type of thing) and yur launching and playing on the PS3 screen but is using the hardware of the Vita device. okay done dreaming :) .. but if i am dreaming might as well just wish for a ps3 port. but very unlikely at this stage. But it just takes that one person to spark the interest for others..
    17. kozarovv
      Sad, but probably true..
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    18. OCELOT
      correct atreyu187 64 bit dynarec os is based on ppc little endian
      but have you considered its using 3 instruction set instead of two for cross compiling?
      you have the right idea but think for a moment why 32 bit pointers this is based on tz as well if you think a bit for accessing the hw directly through syscall pointers
      but real fun comes around when you use full os overlay
      and break through compatability layer.....
      this is a sandbox issue and dynarec can be manipulated quite easily
      by someone who understands the system in and out putting their own twist for full control
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    19. atreyu187

      I was wondering if there could be an app like Moonlight for the Vita. Reverse remote play.

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