PS3 New COBRA Feature [stage2.bin] by deank: Play Games/Media from Burned Optical Media

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By STLcardsWS on Jan 29, 2017 at 2:40 AM
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    UPDATE: FERROX COBRA (w/ 7.50 Cobra is also supported)
    Developer @deank has followed up the very much improved NTFS External HDD Support in webMAN, which another great release, this time around a new feature for the Cobra Payload Currently this release of (stage2.bin) only supports Habib's 4.81 STARBUCKS (v1.02 ) w/ COBRA 7.50 CFW & 4.81 FERROX (v1.02) COBRA 7.50 but we should see other CFW such as REBUG supporting this new changes that now give you the ability to play your Games / Media from Burned Optical Media, checkout all the media types deanks has tested and confirmed working.

    Want a sneak peak of a Test feature in webMAN? If so checkout deank utilizing a recent source code release (from mysis) that helps webMAN check that unrelated development (from this article) here


    • I tested it thoroughly to make sure nothing is broken and nothing was :)

      Original discs:

      • PS3 Game Disc - OK
      • PS2 Game Disc - OK
      • PS1 Game Disc - OK
      • Blu-ray Disc - OK
      • DVD Video - OK

      Burned discs:
      • PS3 Game (DVD-R SL/DL)
      • PS2 Game (DVD-R)
      • PS2 Game (CD-R)
      • PS1 Game (CD-R)
      • AVCHD Disc (DVD-R SL/DL)
      • DVD-Video (DVD-R)
      • Data Disc (DVD-R)
      • Data Disc (CD-R)

      @Joonie @habib This is a firmware feature and can't be added to applications, so it will be nice if it is included in the next Cobra revision.

      The only changes are in storage_ext.c (which is firmware independent) in functions related to disc authentication/identification.

      PS3 games can be burned to regular CD-R, DVD-R SL/DL, BD-R SL/DL, BD-RE :)

      There is no need for game manager (multiMAN/IRIS/etc) or for webMAN/MOD when launching PS3 games from burned discs. The only requirement is that the disc is properly created (unencrypted, from proper ISO or from game folder using genps3iso) - the only check is that at sector 16 (0x10) offset 0x28 there must be a "PS3VOLUME" string.

      If anyone wants to test it only on @habib's cex cfw 4.81 v1.02 cobra 7.5 (replace stage2.bin in /dev_blind/sys):

      BD-R/RE discs are now much cheaper than 7 years ago, so this feature could be really useful for people who want to backup their collection on optical media and play it at any time without fiddling with usb drives, network streams or ftp. :) Also it achieves 100% compatibility of all games released to date.


    • via Alexander


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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 29, 2017.

    1. lex3a
      Does it work with Rebug 4.81.2 which is also Cobra 7.5?
    2. jonaaa
      Nope, just Habib 4.81 v1.02
    3. aldostools
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    4. Verzantgray
      Can we expect this function to be the default for future CFW updates?
    5. zeromant
      As long as the next firmware has cobra 7.50 with deank's patch, then yes.
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    6. izuna
      With me it does not work I'm using Habib 4.81 Cobra 7.50 .. I put the file stage2.bin: dev_blind/vsh/sys/ and rebooted the system .. with PS2 DVD GAME inserted in the PS3 and locked the console.
      If I did wrong post a tutorial please
    7. Oxinar
      You have to put it here, dev_blind/sys
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    8. zeromant
      • PS3 Game (DVD-R SL/DL)
      • PS2 Game (DVD-R)
      • PS2 Game (CD-R)
      • PS1 Game (CD-R)
      • AVCHD Disc (DVD-R SL/DL)
      • DVD-Video (DVD-R)
      • Data Disc (DVD-R)
      • Data Disc (CD-R)
      edit: If your console is backwards compatible, then yes, your PS2 games should work. It doesn't work for me (my console is a CECH-2501A) Only works mounting the game as ISO.
      Last edited: Jan 31, 2017
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    9. atreyu187
      Not entirely sure @Joonie or the Rebug Team are going to make this a permanent features
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    10. bguerville
      You are copying it in the wrong folder!
      There is already a stage2.bin file in /dev_blind/sys, it must be replaced with this new one.
      Either rename the old stage2.bin to stage2.bin.73 so you can restore it eventually or remove it permanently.
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    11. mertal
      Where is dev_blind ???, I Use Multiman Reboot manager its show dev_flash, dev_flash1, dev_flash2, dev_hdd0, dev_usb, and ım in dev_flash found sys folder and stage2.bin but not deleted and change ... multiman freezing
    12. bguerville
      At the bottom of the multiman settings column, you can enable /dev_blind. It will be listed in ftp client besides /dev_flash.
      /dev_flash cannot be written to, it's mounted as readonly. When changes must be made to /dev_flash, the backup manager must mount it as writable temporarily... That is /dev_blind.

      Note that making changes to /dev_flash files can lead to bricking if not done properly. Be especially careful if you use a nand based fat console (cecha to cechg).
      Remember also that stage2.bin files are not interchangeable at will, each cfw requires its specific build. Make sure the CFW version you are using is compatible with the stage2.bin you intend to install, Habib 4.81 Cobra 1.02 or Ferrox 4.81 Cobra 1.02.
      Last edited: Jan 31, 2017
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    13. mertal
      Thanks i did it... I'm using Habib 4.81 Cobra 7.50 .. I put the file stage2.bin(Habib/deank) dev_blind/sys and rebooted the system But PS2 DVD GAME inserted in the PS3 and locked the console. Black Screen...
    14. bguerville
      Are you using a BC console (old FAT systems) or are you using ps2emu?
    15. mertal
      Yes, Old Fat 40 GB...
    16. bguerville
      A cechg?
      It does not support ps2 backwards compatibility!
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    17. deank
      The ps3-user-base is obviously not what it was 4-5 years ago :(

      Anyway - the stage2.bin change ONLY AFFECTS PS3 BURNED DISCS. It doesn't improve or add anything else, but allows users to burn PS3 games to DVD/BD discs and play them. Nothing more!

      The list with tested types/discs was to show that no previous feature was broken when adding PS3 on DVD/BD support - it does not mean anything else but this.
    18. mertal
    19. bguerville
      Same answer as before for cechg & cechh
    20. Strahota
      First of all, huge thank you to all developers working in PS3 comunity. Without them, and their work none of this would be possible.
      I'm new in modding, and i just recently jailbroke my PS3 bought in 2010.
      This particular feature is HUGE for me just because of PS2 emulation. Netemu works, but compatibility is still not nearly big enough to match PS1 ( PSX ).
      I believe that when this last step is completed ( cobra ps2_netemu LV2 ), we will have a perfect CFW which does everything, and you will have 3 playstations in one :)
      Just think about it ... whatever you feed into your PS3, it'll just play / work ... i'm giggling right now on the verry thought of it. That will be the day ...
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