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PS VITA / PS TV PC Link [Upcoming Release by Arkanite] - New Progress includes intriguing PC Game Library feature

Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 9, 2017.

By STLcardsWS on Oct 9, 2017 at 8:32 PM
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    Developer Arkanite has been working on a huge project called PC Link, in early September we covered some of the initial development and the idea behind the project that aims to allow use and stream your PC to a ps vita / pstv. Since our previous news there has been a few progress reports from the developer As the reports detail a few intriguing features that will be apart of this powerful Vita homebrew. Game Library is a feature many will absolutely find useful as shown in the screenshot is a coverflow style menu for choosing your PC games to stream (via your local network) and play on your Vita or PsTv powered by HENkaku. There is currently not a public build yet, the creator is on patreon.com with more information about the build and updates to the public & supporters by patreon. ​

    (ScreenShot of the "PC Link - Game Library" Feature on the PS Vita / PSTV)

    • PC Link Major Update: I will be pushing out d0.6a this week for DevAccess. This is a major update from d0.5a, with loads of additional features, performance improvements and includes the new PC Link user interface. Connection Profiling now has a vast array of personalization to configure each connection individually. With per connection gamepad mapping, windows touch emulation support, stream quality controls and startup preferences. A new >In Stream< menu has been added to house a range of shortcuts and options such as task manager, cmd, run, disconnect, sleep monitor and file/folder transfers, to name a few.


    • PC Link - Game Library
      Finishing up the initial layout for Game Library connections. When creating/editing a desktop connection, you can choose to set the connection as 'Connect To Game Library". This will display your customized game library instead of the default Windows remote desktop.

      All games added to the Game Library (PC side) will be displayed here. Cover thumbs are pulled from TheCoverProject, or you may set your own customized covers under 'ux0:data/pclink/library/'.


    • PC Link Update:
      Thank you to DevAccess Patreons for the feedback on d0.5a
      • Latest WindowsSDK adjustments have now been added, which as expected has fixed the issue causing video lag in d0.5a. Smooth video stream again on all resolutions (tested <= 1920x1080).
      • Fixed issue on Vita (with SceNetCtl) which was causing problems re initializing a connection.
        • Currently working on additions for d0.6a
        • In-Stream menu.
        • GameMode library.
        • Custom control mapping GUI.
        • New audio lib.
        • Additions to Connection Profiling.

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 9, 2017.

    1. No0bZiLLa
      i think this is going to be an amazing piece of software in the end. i would tend to think this could also eventually allow using the xbox app on pc for playing your xbox games, and maybe also ps4 remote play and ps now and steam games ect... this could be a huge app man. i wonder how far the developer will go with it? could you imagine, all your games on one platform? xD
    2. No0bZiLLa
      another thing that i thought about is, if you win+r and type "shell:games" it will open the games folder. does this app scan this directory? would i be able to play any games that were located in this directory?

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