PS3 PKG Linker 2.0 - Serve Packages to your PS3 (HAN/CFW)

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    The new PKG Linker is here, we both put a lot of time and effort into this project, so we hope you get many hours of happy use out of it. Within a few days of the release @DeViL303 and I (pink1) started working on an update for PKG Linker v1. After seeing all of the server problems in v1 we built v2 around a Modular copy of Uniform Server. The project has been completely rebuilt, with new features including:


    • D7F57Ju.png
      New Features
      • Complete GUI overhaul
      • Better error handling for corrupt pkgs
      • Saveable settings
      • Server control and better server error handling
      • Better IP/adaptor detection
      • Better port control, now settings controls app and server
      • Minimise to tray
      • Tray notifications for important actions
      • Tray controls while app is minimized
      • PS3 side server controls via new server setup item on the XMB.
      • Now detects package signing type and lists it in the app and on the XMB
      • Ping Tool for checking PS3 is reachable in direct connection situations
      • PS3Xploit Resigner Tool - all packages in unsigned folder can be signed with one click
      • Warnings when packages in folder have changed but pkg list not updated.
      • Warning when port has been changed but server not restarted.
      • Auto list generation when its required, like after saving new settings.
      • Theme settings, colors, Light/Dark.
      • Help section with trouble shooting for connection problems

    • What is PKG Linker?
      PKG Linker is a PC application that is used to serve packages to CFW/HAN enabled PS3s, it utilizes a webserver to fool the PS3 into thinking it is downloading the package from Sony servers.

      Using this method to install a package, gets around the 4GB maximum filesize limitations of fat32, normally faced when using external storage devices.

      With PKG Linker there is no limit. With a wired network its quick too, I have transferred a 15GB package in under 20 minutes. It should work over wifi, but that same 15GB package could take 10 hours or more.

    • Trouble shooting

      If you have a multiple network adaptors enabled at the same time this app could pick up the wrong IP. This can happen with VPNs or virtual adaptors too.

      Please check that the app is showing your PCs correct IP address. If its not showing your IP address then type it in or select it from the dropdown menu, rescan or save settings, then reinstall the Package_List.pkg via USB. To find out your current IP address open a Command prompt window and type "ipconfig", if multiple IPs are listed try them all one by one if you are not sure which IP is correct.

      Note: Every time the port or IP address is changed in this app you must install a freshly made Package_List.pkg via USB and then reboot the PS3. This is important, if you dont do this the PS3 is still looking to the old IP address or port for both the Package_List.pkg, and all the other packages.

      If you are having problems, after any network changes you can try the Ping tool in PKG Linker settings to see if the PS3 is reachable, just enter your PS3s IP which can be got from: PS3 Network settings > Settings and Connection Staus List > IP Address .

      Related PS3 Errors

      Any errors not on this list are most likely not related to this app and are a problem with your pkgs.

      • 404 Error means a server is running on correct IP but the file can not be found, bad link. File moved
      • 400 Error means server is running, can be a port issue, port conflict maybe. Try change port.
      • 80029567 Signing check failed, HAN Enabler not ran or debug installer ran by mistake or pkg not resigned.
      • 80029564 Signing check failed, On CFW trying to install a pkg signed for HAN.
      • 80023324 Wifi connection issues, or just bad connection, use a cable, see bottom.
      • 8071053D Blocked, check port settings, check firewalls etc.
      • 80710092 Host not reachable is a common error and can be anything so its a hard error to trace.

      Possible reason for 80710092

      • IPs configured wrong.
      • Windows firewall.
      • Other firewall or AntiVirus.
      • Cable problem.
      • Port blocked on server.
      • Port conflict on server.
      • Missing dll on system.
      • Package_List.pkg not installed by usb since server settings changed.
      • PS3 not rebooted since new Package_List.pkg installed.

      Things to try:

      • Disable firewalls, inc windows firewall, defender, avast shield etc.
      • Make sure the pkg linker app says your PCs current IP, it may have picked up wrong IP.
      • See if you can access server via ps3 web browser.
      • Install fresh package list via usb everytime you change settings.
      • Always reboot ps3 to see changes on XMB after loading a new list.
      • Try changing ports.
      • Try run other servers, see below for xampp instructions.
      • Read the entire pkg linker 2.0 thread and try other peoples solutions.
      • Google how to set up a web server and try learn about it.

      Instruction for using another server like xampp

      • Make sure no other webservers are running first.
      • Install XAMPP, run it, click the top start button for apache.
      • Put packages and the PKG Linker exe into the c:\xampp\htdocs folder.
      • Run PKG Linker, dont start the built in server.
      • Go to PS3 and run HAN Enabler and then try refresh list.
      • If it downloads the new Package_List.pkg then Reboot.
      • Run HAN Enabler again and try install a pkg.
      • While testing its best if you do this with pkgs that you 100% know work via USB.

      Connection speed issues and error 80023324

      You are better off running a wired connection for the best transfer speeds. The PS3's Wifi is very slow and is known for dropouts during large transfers. With a wired setup you can get almost 1GB per minute transfer speeds. You can connect via a router or directly with one cable going from PS3 to PC.

      Note that if connecting directly without a router you will have no DHCP for giving out IP addresses.

      So you will need to do this to achieve a connection:
      • Enter manual IP addresses on both devices, see below for an example if you don't know how.
      • Set the PC to
      • Set the PS3 to
      • Set the gateway on both PC and PS3 to
      • Set the subnet mask the same for both to
      • Set the DNS on both to be
      • Do not bother testing the connection on PS3, it will fail, skip the test.
      • Then make sure this app says for the IP.(or whatever your PCs IP is set to)
      • Rescan with this app and then Install Package_List.pkg again manually via USB, then reboot.
      • Then run the webserver and you should have no 80023324 errors and fast speeds

    • Thanks to

      The PS3Xploit Team: W, @esc0rtd3w , @bguerville & @habib for HAN, PS3xploit-resigner an extra thanks to habib for the help with the signing type.

      @Berion for the icons.

      @Rudi Rastelli for PS3 PKG Ripper.

      All of the other developers and members from over the years who have helped in any way.

    Download @:
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Discussion in 'CFW Tools' started by pink1, Apr 1, 2018.

    1. yesansa
    2. DeViL303
      Actually, that edit to category_game.xml will not work for PKG Linker 2.0 on any CFW. That only includes usb paths, where as PKG Linker 2.0 installed the xml to hdd. so basically you actually need to add this to the top of your category_game.xml if you want all of HAN Toolbox to show up.


      if you just want to add PKG linker 2.0 entry then add this to the package manager section instead:
      <Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="pkg_folder_old" attr="pkg_folder_old" src="xmb://localhost/dev_hdd0/game/PKGLINKER/USRDIR/package_link.xml#package_link_game"/>
    3. xXxPiKaChArUxXx

      Im on 4.83 ferrox. And i edited the category xml just like your post. And there arent any problem.

      In fact edited one from rebug 4.82 among other files like custom coldboot gameboot and sound etc. And when i need to downgrade/update i just ftp em

      But like i said the category game was one from rebug 4.82.2 , and i can connect just fine with pkg 2.0.

      EDIT: isee what you mean, way better
      Last edited: Nov 30, 2018
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    4. Emilio Norrmann
      Emilio Norrmann
      I'm trying to install package_list on OFW 4.82 HAN, but I'm getting 80029564
      I'm confused.. do I need to resign package_list before installing on OFW 4.82 ?
      HAN is ENABLED by the way
    5. DarkPowerX
      Can i use PKG Linker on Rebug cfw without HAN?
      Because on every tutorial and video i watch about pkg linker everyone is using HAN.
    6. pink1
    7. xXxPiKaChArUxXx
      suddenly the error 80029567 came up, i dont know why....

      this works on ferrox 4.83 right? cuz i was on rebug 4.82.2 and everything was fine i didnt use toolbox i modified the category_game.xml like devil303 pointed some post above.

      EDIT: tried to install latest HAN toolbox on -ferrox 4.83 and it wont install. sends error 80029564

      seems like im going back to Rebug 4.82.2 :D
      Last edited: Jan 3, 2019
    8. Corvo
      Does PKG Linker work with 32bit pc?

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    9. ShaolinAssassin
      Yes, it does as far as I remember.
    10. Corvo
      Windows Defender is not letting me download it so does it mean it has virus?

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    11. ShaolinAssassin
      False positive I guess.

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