PS Vita / Ps TV Plugins Manager (BETA) for Ensō

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    • Plugin Manager:
      A plugins manager for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV running Enso.

      Usage: Create a plugins folder in (ur0/ux0):tai and place there your plugins Changes are not saved automatically, you must open the menu and select Save config.txt once done.​


      • Left / Right - switch section
      • Up / Down - select plugin/section
      • Triangle - show menu
      • Circle - cancel / exit application
      • Cross - accept
      Supported paths
      • ur0:tai/plugins (preferred)
      • ux0:tai/plugins
      • ur0:adrenaline (preferred)
      • ux0:adrenaline
      • default henkaku.suprx path
      Plugins Manager special sections
      • Enabled: An overview of your config file, ie all your enabled plugins
      • Disabled: All the plugins that are not enabled anywhere, ie in no app.
      • All Plugins: A complete list of your plugins (see supported paths)
      Other options
      • You can disable an entire section to disable its plugins
      • You can reload your config.txt within Plugins Manager if you want to undo your current changes
      • You can delete your plugins within Plugins Manager (Disabled section only)

    • How to enable a plugin
      1) Switch to Disabled or All Plugins
      2) Select the plugin you want to enable
      3) Press triangle to open the menu
      4) Select Enable plugin
      5) Select an App​

      How to disable a plugin

      1) Swith to Enabled or *PluginSectionHere
      2) Select the plugin you want to disable
      3) Press triangle to open the menu
      4) Select Disable plugin​

      How to delete a plugin from your memory card

      1) Disable the plugin in all the sections
      2) Switch to Disabled section
      3) Press triangle to open the menu
      4) Select Delete plugin (This is not reversible)​

    • Credits
      • xerpi: vita2d
      • Team Molecule and its contributors: vitaSDK
      • TheFlow: vitaShell code

    Download (& Check) latest Releases via: (Official Release Page)
    Direct DL (Beta): plgmn.vpk

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