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    As most PS3 CFW user's know launching PS2 ISO (w/ Cobra) after firmware 4.46 caused many problems for nonBC consoles. Developer HABIB has been mowing down these obstacles, first he found a solution for the wireless sync issues on a single controllers, Then later on he fixed this for all controllers connected . Then also the developer has fixed the memory card bug.[break]s[/break]

    Now developer HABIB has released a new version of PS2 ISO Launcher (v1.03) for HABIB COBRA 4.70 V1.02 CFW. This release comes with empty memory card and same klicensee. Also this version comes equipped with a PS2 Classic Converted Game (Homebrew Game), that you should start first before mounting a PS2 ISO, this ensure controller syncing and is a very important step. View all the details from HABIB below:


    Download: MEGA
    Mirror: mediafire (thanks SNK)

    Primary Source:
    Secondary Sources: /
    Checkout our PS2onPS3 Compatibility List and also our PS2onPS3 Forum


Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, May 12, 2015.

    1. No0bZiLLa
      good work habib, adding in the memory cards will be of great use for noobs :)
    2. SNK
      Confirm proper functioning of Rebug 4.70 Cobra.
    3. atreyu187
      Any chance of a link outside of Mega? My ISP hates it and I can't get anything from it. Don't really need it but I just love to archive as much as I can. Anyhow good work its nice to see these obstacles being tackled.
    4. SNK
      Yes ;) ISO_LAUNCHER_1.03_AIO
    5. STLcardsWS
      Looks like post above you took care of that, but will add to brewology later on as well as the download section here.

      Nice work [MENTION=20]habib[/MENTION] thanks for using a homebrew game :)
    6. atreyu187
      Yea makes everything nice and legit. Well as legit as it can be anyhow. Now I hope mysis finishes that PSP EMU debugger and it gets put to good use. How amazing would it be to see the PS3 with a more then semi functional emulator? Gosh that would just be freaking amazing.
    7. bitsbubba
      my new ICON0.PNG

    8. 1986panzi1986
      thanks habib i proved working 100% on habib cibra 4.70 v 1.02. i hv been waiting for this. thnks a lots
    9. 1986panzi1986
      thanks [MENTION=6]bitsbubba[/MENTION] for this icon
    10. zhoick
      Hi Bitsubba,

      I want to try install this PS2 Launcher 1.03. But I don't want to replace mine;the original, since it is already works fine with memory card as well. And considering it has the same name PS2 CLASSIC PLACEHOLDERS in param. sfo. What should I do then in order to install it without paste/replace the previous one? Is it possible by renaming the param.sfo and replace the icono.png with yours. Thanks
    11. Dino05
      If your Placeholder already work, then you do not need this... The only difference is that this PS2 ISO Launcher 1.03 already has a .BIN.ENC and .VME files which allows you to skip the part to do with multiMAN for first use.
      PS2 ISO Launcher 1.03 It is useful to users who have never used before Placeholder because it simplifies the procedure to do for the first use (there are less steps).
    12. GroverCleveland
      I tried this last night because I can't seem to get memory card's working with the Rebug launcher. I found that although when I launched into Tetris I had no problem with the sync but once I launched an actual ISO the sync was broken again and I was too tired to even check the memory cards. I'll have to toy around with this a bit later but in the mean time does anyone have any advice on what I may have done wrong?
    13. Dino05
      From where you started the PS2 ISO? ...From disk icon?
      After mounting a PS2 ISO it must not start from disk icon but from Launcher
    14. zhoick
      Hmmm, so I don't really need to install this? But, I still think that it would be better to have the name PS2 Classic Launcher instead of PS2 Classic Placeholders in order to differentiate with the original. Habib?:)
    15. TOM1211
      Works great thanks [emoji106]
    16. GroverCleveland
      I followed the steps outlined to install and activate the launcher. I then launched into Tetris which worked and kept me synced, next I mounted Dave Mirra BMX 2 via MultiMan and launched it using the new launcher here and when I turned the controller on after the game launched it failed to sync.

      Additionally I did delete the PS2 save data from the Rebug launcher before installing the newest launcher in case you're wondering.

      Looks like I'l be using the Rebug launcher for now without a working memory card until I can figure out what is failing.

      Edit: So I uninstalled the new 1.03 launcher and opted to reinstall the Rebug launcher. I tried to launch a game with the Rebug one and was greeted with an 80010006 error so I followed the steps for the 1.03 launcher again and it worked. I did however this time unlock demos/PS2 with PSNPatch which I doubt did anything but that was the only different step I took this time around and now it's working flawlessly and the memory card is working as well. Thanks everyone for your help and thanks [MENTION=20]habib[/MENTION] for all your amazing work!
      Last edited: May 13, 2015
    17. STLcardsWS
      If he has the original one by CaptainCPS-X then it would just be classics. where as this one handles ISO and Classics.

      I been telling [MENTION=20]habib[/MENTION] this as i believe it adds some confusion. but he thinks by keeping it the same it will be less confusion for the the activation of the placeholder. but apps like PSNpatch can already activate the placeholder easily from the app. it a minor thing overall but i think the name should be changed but not my call :) ..
    18. Dino05
      80010006 error is when in /PS2U10000/USRDIR not is present a ISO.BIN.ENC file and if you have installed Launcher Rebug edition this edition is not present.
      ISO Launcher v1.03 by Habib has ISO.BIN.ENC :)
      Yes, I am using PS2_Classics_Placeholder_R3 by CaptainCPS-X to manage PS2 ISO and Classics
      I extracted pkg files to replace ICON0 and PIC0 images (I have also added PIC0_05 for the Italian language) and then I rebuilt the pkg
      It is equivalent to Launcher Rebug edition :)



      PIC0_05.PNG for the Italian language :)
      Last edited: May 13, 2015
    19. STLcardsWS
      I did this for HABIB as well but he did not want to use them..

      [strike]You cant use CaptainCPS-X version for PS2 ISO. it was well before that time. (just for PS2 Classics)[/strike]

      I stand corrected as a few post ahead explain the redirection :)

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