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PS3 PS3 HAN OFW 4.82 - Tales of Xillia 2 Undub

Discussion in 'PS3Xploit HAN ( PS3 3k / 4k Models)' started by Phantasmshot, Aug 13, 2018 at 3:10 AM.

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    So recently, I had Trails of Cold Steel II (with Undub files) work as a backup pkg by editing PARAM.sfo game title id from NPUB31836 to BLUS31597 which in turn uses the BLUS update and allows it to work in CFW2OFW since NPUB31836 is an invalid id for CFW2OFW. But originally, its id was NPUB31836 and it was mind boggling for me since this is the first time I did this, to think that casually changing the game id caused it to work. Though I do have my doubts on 'what if it was a different region'.

    Now I have some questions, my Blu-ray disc for Tales of Xillia 2 is BLAS50730, English. And I want to play the game with JP dub (I've finished the game three times already but I don't like missing out on Milla's and especially Elle's JP dub)

    Say for example: I downloaded an undub version of the game that uses a US game id, the Japanese id actually has an update contrary to the rest which doesn't so I would edit the PARAM.sfo of the US game to Japanese which causes it to work for CFW2OFW whilst getting the Japanese patch.

    If I then again edit their PARAM.SFO after CFW2OFW conversion to BLAS50730 which uses my game disc and an already installed game data before converting them to a pkg, would it work? I do have a physical copy and I can try inserting it if it asks for it during launch, I really just want to play it with Japanese dub.

    On a side note, I also have an Asian copy for Tales of Xillia and also its game data installed of course, but it doesn't have an update on any versions. There's an undub version uploaded, is it possible to make it work for HAN enabled OFW via PARAM.sfo editing? (Despite knowing that no updates mean no dice, I don't mind using my game disc since I really just want to play Tales games in JP dub).

    I'd be experimenting on this right now if the network wasn't so slow and I'm currently downloading some files. I might just end up wasting time so I'm willing to ask whoever had a similar sort of experience.

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