PS3 PS3 PRO MOD - Give your XMB a new look with these mods by LuanTeles

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by LuanTeles, Jun 20, 2017.

By LuanTeles on Jun 20, 2017 at 3:47 PM
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    Here is a cool mod for 4.81 PS3 Custom Firmware user's as psx-place memeber LuanTeles has put together and released a suite of XMB modifications that he has dubbed the PS3 PRO MOD. This collections contains he PS3 PRO coldboot & gameboot, new boot & xmb sounds, New Custom Icons & new xmb wave , Checkout the video preview and see the included release post for additional details​


    • Hey Guys, I made a little mod for PS3 to PS3 PRO as long now we have PS4 PRO, and our PS3 (w/ CFW) just does everything better than a regular PS3 so i created this PS3 PRO MOD

      The Mod Contains
      • PS3 PRO Coldboot
      • PS4 Boot Sound
      • PS4 XMB Sounds
      • PS3 strings changed to PS3 PRO
      • Some Custom Icons
      • PS3 PRO Gameboot
      • PS4 Gameboot Sound
      • PSP Wave Background

      UPDATE 6/22/17:
      • Resized Pro Logo in GAMEBOOT to fit better
      • Dev_hdd0 custom RetroArch, PSP Launcher, PKG Launcher And Multiman ICONS like folders, to fit better the XMB

      Next Release: PS4 Browser Enter and Exiting Sounds

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by LuanTeles, Jun 20, 2017.

    1. sandungas
      That method with p3textractor doesnt works well, generates errors in the extracted files, i was aware of it and used it several times.... until flatz released the cxml tool

      Basically, the reason why the method you mentioned works is because P3T, RAF, and QRC... all them are variants of CXML fileformat
      With flatz cxml tool you can extract all them perfect... but with the method you mentioned not, it generates errors
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    2. pinky
      except u don't need to create that file to create a working coldboot. u just need the hex addresses.

      one of the main reasons the file u mentioned is important is that I believe it determines the camera placement of the coldboot. without it, the system can't determine x,y, and z which r different depending on the xml. I've seen the coding for this with a different version of @TizzyT 's tools. I'm assuming this was different since the full-screen coldboot's hex address was at C30 or at CC0 - one was at one while the other was at the other - I can't remember which was which. lol
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    3. sandungas
      Are different methods, what i was explaining is one of the previous steps to extract the files correctly from official .raf files... to later rebuild it with raf tools... in the same way it was build officially by sony... actually after the whole process of extracting everything and rebuilding it.... the resulting coldboot.raf has exactly the same MD5 than the official, heheh

      The other method you are using is more like an "injection"... you keep the original structure and replace some files (or settings) inside it
      Is more restrictive because you cant "inject" bigger or smaller files (smaller files will create a "gap" or zeroes... and bigger files will displace other files so the structure will be broken), but if you replace a file by another file of the same size then is correct and should work, is ok

      Returning to the problem you was mentioning about images ignoring colors... by comparing the xml file you can see where is stored the setting that is causing you problems, look at here
      This is the xml generated by flatz cxml tool from the official coldboot.raf
      The value you should change is effect="sce01"

      because you are using an "injection" instead of fully rebuilding... what you shoud try is to locate where is stored that value when looking at the raf file in a hexeditor... and see if there is room to replace it by the other options, you can replace it by one of this:
      - pure_texture : No lighting. Display the texture as is.
      - pure_texture_alpha_0_depth_1 : Remove alpha from pure_texture
      - pure_texture_alpha_1_depth_0 : Remove depth from pure_texture
      - pure_texture_alpha_0_depth_0 : Remove alpha and depth from pure_texture
      - basic_lighting : Basic lighting
      - basic_lighting_alpha_0 : Remove alpha from basic_lighting
      - basic_lighting_edge_lit : Throw light on object's edges in addition to basic_lighting
      - basic_lighting_edge_lit_alpha_0 : Remove alpha from basic_lighting_edge_lit
      - basic_lighting_alpha_add : Derive blending of basic_lighting by addition calculation
      - sce01 : internal/reserved ? (used in coldboot.raf compiled with raf tools v1.00)

      As you can see most of them are "standard" efects.... but the last one (sce01) is something specific for sony they invented... probably is just a combination of the others
      I dont know what is is to be honest, never tryed to change it (it was one the next things i was going to experiment with it, but never did)

      But if i had to bet... i would bet this is what is causing your problem with colors

      The fact that name sce01 has a "tail" with a number (the 01) means that they probably considered adding more effects following that name convention at some point (sce02, sce03, sce04, etc....)
      I never tested this... so im not sure if sce02, sce03, sce04... exists, is just speculation
      Also, is posible that number (the 01) represents some "flags" that could enable or disable effects... so sce01, sce02, sce03, sce04... etc... maybe exists and represents small variations of the basic sce** effect

      Just for curiosity sake... i guess there is going to be some people interested in having an overal idea of how this works
      To build a raf... you need to prepare a xml that is like a descriptor of the raf contents, and also works as a descriptor of the "scene" (understanding "scene" as a theathre, or a 3D animated clip), i like to call this file the scene.xml

      In the scene.xml there are lot of variables that initializes settings... as example... all positions, colors, and things like that are specifyed in the scene.xml (light/s and camera positions and colors too)

      But in the javascript you can change that values... in some way the scene.xml is initializing that values... but you can change them with java code
      As example... one of the things i did and i mentioned before was to change the colors of the lights along time... and randomnly for every boot using a math function that takes the internal PS3 timer and results in random values... and that values applyed to the colors of the light
      Technically... what i was doing is to override with java the initial value specifyed in the scene.xml <light color="1.0,1.0,1.0" as you can see is pure white officially btw

      This functions are java but are not standard java... are additional functions that interacts with the playstation, so are specific for the playstation.... this is why the code of the script is named "playstation javascript"
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    4. pinky
      I haven't looked much into the xml file, but u certainly have. :) I remember the camera position being in like the millionths decimal-wise, so it's very precise. I was aware of the javascript "script" (.jsx to .js decoding). I wonder if u could change the fade-in/out coldboot's color. I've tried to, but it didn't turn out well.
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    5. sandungas
      Well, the fade effects are made by modifying the alpha of an image along time (is a function linked to the console timer and using a countdown), this is an example from coldboot.js:
      System.timer[1] = new OneShotTimer(blur_start_time, function()                                                              // delay 2.55 seconds
      	blur.setColor (<br, br, br, 1>, blur_duration, INTERPOLATION_BEZIER, <0.1, 0.0, 0.1, 1.0>);                         // change blur color alpha=1 over 0.5 seconds (blur fade-in animation)
      With "system" you use the console inputs and with "timer" to link the function with the machine clock
      The "OneShotTimer" means this is a single event (the coldboot raf only plays one time... instead of an infinite loop used in the rafs for themes)
      "blur_start_time" is the delay before the function runs
      "blur" is the image itself (in gtf format iirc) and with "setColor" you change the initial values given in the scene.xml... we are overriding the initial default color on real time
      "br" is just a variable used to change a bit the brightness for either SD or HD tvs... imo is a bit pointless because both values are close to 1... just think in it as 100% illumination... so the color starts with (invisible... initialized before with this value) and in the function is changing to (fully visible)
      "blur_duration" is the lenght of this animation (the time it takes to make the image fully visible)
      And "INTERPOLATION_BEZIER" defines the animation curve... you know... instead of making the whole animation at the same speed (by using INTERPOLATION_LINEAR iirc) ... here is doing an small aceleration an beginning or at end so the speed is variable... this is made with an interpolation curve
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    6. LuanTeles
      Updated v1.4 (Small Changes)

      Changelog v1.4
      - Changes in the Backrground Wave
      Now it starts with the Defaut one changes to PSP one in xmb
      and then it changes back to default in gameboot (Previously in gameboot the wave disappears) ( smooth transitions)
      and some changes in the Particles (Previously all particles are white, now are some red,blue and green)
      - Add a alt PS3 4K Gameboot (Separated Folder)
      - Add a alt PS3 4K Coldboot (Separated Folder)

      ~ Bugs
      - None :)

      - You telll me, maybe its the last release.

      - PS4 Keyboard (Changing some textures the keyboard becames completly white, Dunno how to fix yet), Maybe someday

      - Tested only on Rebug 4.81.2
      - New PS3 4K is way cooler
      - PS3 PRO Theme is needed for Trophy Icon on XMB


      Thx for 6k downloads
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    7. LuanTeles
      How can i update the Thread? or only @STLcardsWS can?
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    8. sandungas
      Im thiking in something you could do at this point, because the release contains lot of files... and some modifyed files are dependant of other modifyed files

      But there is people that is interested in using only some of them... you know... not much messages ago in this thread you have been talking about this, so seems to be a common scenario

      So what im thinking is you could separate the files in different folders... based in the dependencies

      As example... the wave goes alone (user can choose if installing it or not indiividually) but other things like the gameboot has dependencies of other files and should be together (the user should decide if installing all the files on that folder.... or none)

      Not sure how much difficult could be to do this with your modifyed files, you know better than me, but take a look, maybe there is some good way to do this im talking about
      Or incase you dont want to create folders.... write the classic README.TXT with the groups and add it to the .zip
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    9. Yugonibblit
      Hello, I have successfully installed this mod by using files of my choice only the files located in the ps3 PRO folder of the three folder choices. That were given. Overwriting the files and replacing was unsuccessful. This resulted in GLOD. Easily fixed with reinstalling firmware. But deleting files manually and replacing worked correctly the result was very impressive to me I like it very much.going to keep playing around with it . Very nice @LuanTeles !
    10. pinky
      the files may have been truncated where pieces of the files were cut off due to lack of space. the system was probably copying over the file, then deleting the original file, but there wasn't enough space in the flash for two of the same file to be present at any given time. that would be my guess as to y that happened.
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    11. Yugonibblit
      Makes sense. Btw it was v1.4 still very cool!
    12. pinky
      I've personally had this happen to me before with various mods I've done. from what I remember, there's no warning about space in filezilla if that's what u were using.
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    13. Yugonibblit
      Used mm file manager when GLOD happened thought I was going to have to get the hardware flasher out lol! But was able to boot into safe mode to reinstall firmware.
    14. pinky
      mods r pretty safe. afaik, only touching the core os can result in a hard brick. there's a file in there called emer_init.self . that's the recovery menu, so it's tucked away in the core os.
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    15. Yugonibblit
      Using nand console so thought it was going to be bad but all ok.had to replace 1 nand already do to unfixable blocks. In the past I think it was to do with blue ray drive taking a sh.t.
    16. pinky
      I've heard from @atreyu187 that some bricks that would be soft on a NOR console turn out to be hard bricks on a NAND console. I don't know y that is. u need to be extra careful if u have a NAND console. I always test flash files before uploading them, and I know @LuanTeles is the same way though. truncating in the flash may result in a hard brick on a NAND console, but I really don't know about that.
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    17. Drag
      Hello guys, tested the mod ps3 pro on rebug in my console and every time I try to delete any pkg installed, the console freezes.
      The MOD PS3 PRO 1.4 I have not tested
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    18. pinky
      delete pkgs is in the category_game.xml, so perhaps something is wrong in there? I'd suggest updating to see if that fixes the problem.
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    19. LuanTeles
      Last edited: Jul 20, 2017
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    20. bguerville
      You should update the mod & report if you still have issues...
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