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    LuanTeles has released the latest version of PS3 PRO MOD (v1.6) which is a collection of XMB MODS for PlayStation 3 CFW user's to give a PS3 PRO themed experience (that obviously counters the PS4 Pro moniker) that also incorporates some features as well into the MOD,. Since we last reported several new updates of this project have arisen, which now resides @ version 1.6. All features can be easily seen in the "Previous Releases" tab to get you caught up on this project, then with v1.6 some improvements to resolution of some items as detailed below


    • Today i changed my TV and The PSN Icon looked Pixelated LOL So I resurrected the MOD again XD To Change Some things

      Changelog v.1.6
      • Improved XMB PSN icon quality for Higher Screen Resolutions.
      • Improved and Redesigned Notifications Background.
      • Improved and Redesigned Battery Level Background.
      • Improved and Redesigned Help Text Background.
      • Side Menu about Game Logo changed from Default PS3 Logo to PS3 PRO Logo.
      • Some Changes in PS3 PRO Theme.
      • New Alt. PS4 Style CoolBoot

      Preview Of The New Alt. PS4 Coldboot :


    • v1.5
      - Smoother Transition in XMB Wave changes.
      - Detailed RCO Mods for those who is looking for a specific MOD not the entire mod.
      - Added Two Altenative Gameboot Wave Colors (Separated Folder).
      - Now PS3 4k Pro is a Entire New Folder​

      v1.4 (Small Changes)

      - Changes in the Backrground Wave
      Now it starts with the Defaut one changes to PSP one in xmb
      and then it changes back to default in gameboot (Previously in gameboot the wave disappears) ( smooth transitions)
      and some changes in the Particles (Previously all particles are white, now are some red,blue and green)
      - Add a alt PS3 4K Gameboot (Separated Folder)
      - Add a alt PS3 4K Coldboot (Separated Folder)
      - PS4 Keyboard (Changing some textures the keyboard becames completly white, Dunno how to fix yet), Maybe someday​

      - Fixed Bugs ( Category_Game.xml and Freezes changing Themes/Switching Users)
      - New My Games Icon
      - New XMBM+ 2K17 Icon
      - New Amazing RetroArch, PSP Launcher, PKG Launcher and Multiman Icons
      - Some Little Changes on Notifications (PS3 PRO Theme and Syste_plugin.rco)
      - Some Changes in ColdBoot
      - Alternative Gameboot PS3 4K PRO LOGO
      [ Upcoming Release If I could fix the Keboard Issues]
      - New Keyboard Black like PS4 (Delayed , STILL some glitches)

      - Alphabetical Order in Game Column with All Language Translation in Side Menu
      - *New Trophy Icon ( InGame, Friends Trophies)
      - New Official PS Store Icon introduced on PS4 OFW 4.70
      - New PSN Icon (XMB, InGame, Signing)
      - Sysconf PS3 to PS3 PRO entrys
      - Online Folder New Icon
      - XMBM + 2K17 by Berion Updated Links and Translation to PT-BR as users requested
      - Default What's New Icon and Some Translations for Webman Lauchpad by DeViL303
      - Included Priority Pkgs as some users requested​

      - Resized Pro Logo in GAMEBOOT to fit better
      - Dev_hdd0 custom RetroArch, PSP Launcher, PKG Launcher
      And Multiman ICONS like folders, to fit better the XMB​

      - PS3 PRO Coldboot
      - PS4 Boot Sound
      - PS4 XMB Sounds
      - PS3 strings changed to PS3 PRO
      - Some Custom Icons
      - PS3 PRO Gameboot
      - PS4 Gameboot Sound
      - PSP Wave Background​

    Download: v1.6
    Latest Version / Information can always be @: Link

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 2, 2017.

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      Derf Jagged
      Had a user report (with screenshot) that game names weren't matching up with the pictures.
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      the download link provides instructions.
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      I have 4.81 OFW. I can install this ?
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      not yet but maybe soon ;)

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