PS3 Ps3Xploit 3.0 (Preview)- New Features for SuperSlim & all non-cfw comp. Ps3 Models

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    UPDATE: RELEASED See the News Coverage >>>>> HERE <<<<<
    What a journey it has been in hacking the PlayStation 3 despite all the progress the community has made over the years, there has been those NoN-CFW Compatible PS3's (SuperSlim and some later Slim Models) unable to join the party on system hacks/homebrew to make most of their PS3 Hardware While CFW is not a likely option to ever happen on those models, the hole in 4.81/2 provided by PS3Xploit has brought some hope to hacks on those models as it provides a window for hackers/developers to explore. As the PS3Xploit team continues their exploration on the PS3 they have stumbled on some good news and also some bad news. The bad news is that the team still has not solved the Homebrew hurdle for those models :( and is proving to be a tall task that may not be achieved, but let me follow that up with some really
    exciting news, as the team has made yet another great discovery and this time around it's for SuperSlims (& late Slims) while no native Homebrew Support has been achieved as mentioned, there is some other interesting hacks that make those models more desirable with some great new features!!!!


    This exploit is only relying on userland exploitation, while not a kernel exploit there are some clever features coming to the table as the PS1 / PS2 / PSP Emulators (within the ps3 firmware) have been unlocked for digital backups and also the ability of backing up your PS3 Games and turning them into digital media playable straight from the XMB, User's familiar with the Injections methods in 4.70 OFW will be a step ahead with those same preparations (using TABR) and the quirks like requiring a "game update" in order to backup your game are required. Cinavia protection removed for HDD Content is also a feature that should be appearing in this release as well, we should be seeing this released sometime in March, but there is no concrete date as of yet. Additional details will be emerging as we get closer to the release and additional detailslike a short interview with one of the devs of the team can be seen below that provides some additional bits of information about this hack.

    • Official teaser video demo provided by @Joonie / @DeViL303
      What will this future exploit provide?
      • "Install PKG Files" unlocked on XMB (Retail / Debug PKGs,) *No PS3 Homebrew Support
      • PS1 Emulator Support
      • PS2 Emulator Support
      • PSP Emulator Support
      • PS3 Backup Support (Convert your PS3 Game to Digital PKG - npdrm* (requires game update for disc game backups to work))
      • New Resigning Tools
      What you need to know about the legacy PlayStation emulators?
      • PS1 emulation is very good on the PS3, most games will play fine
      • Ps2 emulation is hit and miss on the PS3 (slightly more then half PS2 titles will work fine)
      • PsP emulation is roughly about a 40% success rate for the PS3
      • PS3 Backups - Require a Game Update

      • Coming Soon -- Team Ps3Xploit will soon give additional details about the release date, but its looking tentatively like a March release.. Still a few things that need to be polished and finalize,

    • Here was a short interview with one of the devs of PS3Xploit Team ( @bguerville )

      What type of exploit is this project based on?
      • The project is relying on userland exploitation only.

      What's the word on Homebrew (HEN) for NoN-CFW Compatible Models?

      • Given the results of our research so far, we do not think that we can solve the PS3 homebrew hurdle from userland (unless we find some unexpected vulnerability, chances of that are ultra slim though!). It's clear that s#ny"s implementation makes running homebrew difficult without defeating lv2 whereas they have been careless with various other aspects such as npdrm handling....

      Do you see any more possibilities in Userland exploitation?

      • There is actually so much more that could be done from userland in my opinion. More potential features could be potentially added...

      Future Plans on this exploit?

      • I don't think we will be the ones developing the technique further & adding features. It will be up to the community devs to do it... This project will actually be provided as a base for the community, it gives users some basic features that have been denied to them on non-cfw compatibles thus far but more importantly imho it provides devs with methods they can replicate to offer new features for those consoles. We are hoping devs will update their existing tools to support ofw & maybe improve the project we are to release soon.
      • We will not be offering technical support on this project (except for interested Devs). We hope the community will take care of it.
      • The new ROP framework functions I wrote these past weeks basically take care of all the javascript implementation of the rop chains, no complicated unescape strings & juggling with long hex chains anymore, all that stuff is now generated automatically in the background. It makes using ROP extremely easy in practice BUT... devs will still need to use IDA & reverse vsh or modules in order to find patches & implement new features. ppc seems daunting but like I said before any decent C/C++ dev could learn enough to get their first patches done if they just spent a couple of weeks working with IDA, ProDG & the pett tutorial.. We would make ourselves available to help as well.

      Will user's be able to create their own Custom packages if tools are supported?
      • Yes, users should be able to make emu pkgs. Some Ps2 homebrew will also be supported that way. Ps1 & ps2 are currently fully supported. PSP support still need a little work but we believe this will be supported as well once the release is ready.

    • UPDATE: @habib has shared the source code & new details about his Resigning Tool:
      Visit this link >>>>


    Stay tuned to as details mature on this exploit and its pending release!!
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 3, 2018.

    1. DeViL303
      Ok, well this thread was made before Xploit3.0 was released.

      Xploit 3.0 = HAN, they are the same thing. So no multiman or homebrew unfortunately.
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    2. D3AD3DiTZz_ClONE
    3. D3AD3DiTZz_ClONE
      Hey @DeViL303 can you make game recorder for han ?
    4. DeViL303
      I don't make anything like that sorry. You should be asking Team PS3Xploit members these kind of questions. But I doubt that is possible, When its not even working really on CFW :)
    5. Killer Bunny
      Killer Bunny
      Guys my message is for the developers. It might seem stupid but cant this exploit be used to edit the files of superslim Ps3 to downgrade it to of 3.55? It might take a lot of time but is it possible? I am a complete noob and know too little about a Ps3.
    6. PattrickH
      Fact: no one super slim has minver 3.55

      Fact 2: Metldr2
    7. Killer Bunny
      Killer Bunny
      I meant replacing the files of a Ps3 on ofw 3.55 with files of a Ps3 superslim
    8. Killer Bunny
      Killer Bunny
      Btw thanks for this exploit. I like it a lot. Thanks again. You guys are so lucky that you know so much about Ps3
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    9. hess47
      Can we hack trophy with this in ultra slim???? When it comes out

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    10. PattrickH
      modifying trophies can ban your console
    11. hess47
      People do all the time without getting banned

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    12. PattrickH
      Yeah so lets do that and you got bad lucky that s0ny banned your ID, and you are crying to the devs for the exploit

      That will happen
    13. dxbkevink
      I have PS3 super sim it's cezh 4004a can how can I use ps3xpliot for games please help

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    14. Killer Bunny
      Killer Bunny
      On which OFW is it?
    15. dxbkevink
      Yes ofw
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    16. dxbkevink
      I mean it's on 4.8
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    17. Killer Bunny
      Killer Bunny
      Han works on OFW 4.81 OFW as well as 4.82 OFW. It should work for you. And one more thing, please read the OP CAREFULLY before asking questions. It is clearly mentioned in the OP that this exploit is FOR ALL THE NON CFW COMPATIBLE PS3s
      Last edited: May 16, 2018
    18. dxbkevink
      Thanks men sorry and will surely keep in mind
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