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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by habib, Feb 6, 2018.

By habib on Feb 6, 2018 at 7:36 PM
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    UPDATE MARCH 3 - 2018 via habib >>> LINK
    The PS3Xploit Team (@bguerville / @esc0rtd3w / @habib / "W") have been putting in alot of time further developing the exploit since the discoveries found initially on 4.81 OFW by bguerville, Which first spawn tools like IDPS & Flash Dumper's followed then by Flash Writer Tool which allowed all pre-25XXv (fat/Slim) Consoles to install CFW from 4.82 OFW with no Hardware Modifications. Since those releases we have seen PS3Xploit updated to v2.0 also seen alot of documentation and action with various POC Examples provided by esc0rtd3w (& team) in the "WebKit ROP Chain Tutorials [Creation/Editiing/Debugging]" thread, The one thing that has been missing has been a useable exploit for those "unhackable models" and the team has had a desire with their exploit as an ideal window, the task takes alot of time and developing but progress is being made. There is still much work to be done but an interesting announcement comes to us from one of the PS3xploit developer's habib as he states "STAY ON 4.81 IF YOU CAN!(2k5/3k/4k)" , now its unclear what has been achieved and its not certain that it can not be ported to 4.82, but currently in the early stages habib gives us great news but also maybe some bad news (maybe), but again these details and the development is extremely early. More details coming soon stay tuned as things are looking to progress but please exercise patients!!!​



    • Guys just an announcement.
      It's better if you guys stay at 4.81 ofw if you hope to take full advantage of future developments.
      i can't say why i want you guys to stay on this firmware but its for something good ;)

      if you have 4.82 it doesn't mean the stuff cant be applied to you but it means not 100% of stuff will be capable for you

      This applies to all late 25XX / 3XXX / and 4XXX 4.82 will work with limitations for upcoming developments .

      ok ppl, do not freak out about having 4.82....everything will be fine lol there may be some issues getting the current method 100% working with 4.82. that does not mean that nothing will ever work or that it wont work at some level and we didnt even say what its for yet lol


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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by habib, Feb 6, 2018.

    1. bguerville
      IF we achieve a full jailbreak hack.. There are no guarantees & no promises made.

      And we cannot tell you the requirements of a "possible future" release when the project is still in early stages of development. It would largely depend on the means used to achieve jailbreak in the first place.
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    2. volerai
      Could be interesting the Install Other OS option without hypervisor.
      @habib u found anything new or something?

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    4. sebastian flores
      sebastian flores
      how is this going? for 4.82?
    5. Chronos64
      I on 4.81 Superslim, i want to help
    6. c.link86
      so why is 4.81 the best and 4.82 might have slightly less compatability (has a super slim on 4.82)
    7. HAK007
      Hello friends, are there news? I have the super slim 4.81 since I saw many tutorials I decided never to update xD
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    8. FartCompany
      i rather not ask that question, you can make him mad wich is not good.
    9. lord3490
      Because the question has been asked way too many times and the answer is still (and will always be) the same: it's done when (and if) it's done.
      You'll see it on these forums when (and if) it's done.
    10. habib
      It’s near. Just hold on
    11. GregoryOff
      "Never give up because when you think it's all over is the moment where it all begins" Jim Morrison
      I just have to thank all of you from the community, regardless of what is being done or how long it will take. The phrase speaks for itself!
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    12. hibernate
      Hi guys, is there a way to downgrade a console with minver 3.60 from 4.82 OFW to 4.81 OFW?
    13. Blackbeast
      Does that include something for 4.82 as well or just 4.81 because I'm on 4.82 and still hoping when the time comes for something good take your time and keep up the great work you guys are legends
    14. c.link86
      no and i doubt what they're working on it'll be possible
    15. FartCompany
      @c.link86 doubting is for the sure pepole
      i hope that they make it becuase im not sure
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    16. c.link86
      right now my ps3 ss is under my bed just waiting
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    17. c.link86
      then again he said 4.82 would be limited (homebrew perhaps) my biggest hope like all on 4.82 is a way to downgrade to 4..81 then use the 4.81 exploit but i'm not holding my breath only time will tell and more info is given tbh I'd be happy with just homebrew even if 4.81 gets a backup loader still curious on what changed between 4.81/4.82 though I thought only BR DRM was updated nothing else unless THAT was the attack point
    18. DeViL303
      See post around #24/25 in this thread.
    19. habib
      Just a question...
      What homebrew is it that you like? Clearly ps3 had lacked on the homebrew front with the exception backup managers and movian
      So technically you like homebrew because of backups loading?(psp/psx/ps2/ps3)
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    20. FartCompany
      how diffrent is the ps3 to BSD
      does ps3 use the same package type in BSD for installing software

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