PS4 1.76 [PS4 - FW 1.76] Fully Functional dlclose Exploit (w/ Linux Loader) by kR105

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    The PlayStation 4 Hacking Scene is evolving each and every day and the latest advancement will excite many as developer kR105 is filling in the missing pieces for everyoner to boot Linux on the PS4. As the developer unleashes a dlclose exploit that is fully functional, while we have seen in recent days news about a dlclose exploit it was not fully operational and was not complete, but now with this release the holes have been filled and the missing pieces provided along with a Linux Loader that comes compiled to make things much easier.

    You may recall some of the progress on the BadIRET exploit but the dlclose exploit as Cturt first mentioned is a cleaner exploit overall and seems to be now the path developers are taking. As the exploit appears to be gaining the most momentum at this time. These hacks are still restricted to firmware 1.76, but for those who have been holding on to one these consoles this is the start for you, while things will evolve as we go along and more and more user friendly options come to surface this is certainly the news the PS4 scene has been waiting for since we first heard and seen Linux running on the PS4, the community needed a fully functional exploit and now they have one.. There is no doubt some progression that is going to evolve over the next days, weeks and months so stay tuned as things are sure to get exciting over that span.​


    • PS4-dlclose
      Fully implemented dlclose exploit for PS4 fw 1.76. Compile it with CTurt's PS4 SDK. This is the bare working exploit, you must add your own payload code to make it do anything useful. Enjoy![/QUOTE]

      Kr105 adds some new things to the PS4 Playground such as the Linux Loader


      A collection of PS4 tools and experiments using the WebKit exploit. This is for firmware 1.76 only at the moment.

      A live demo can be tried here. You should clone the repo and upload it your own server if you wish to make changes:
      git clone git:// You can also download a zip of the latest source here.

      Although this is this primarily a framework to help write and execute ROP chains, PS4-playground comes with several experiments for you to try.
      After executing a test, you should either refresh the page, or close and reopen the browser entirely; running multiple experiments sequentially is not reliable. If you are using a web browser view in an app which isn't the Internet Browser, you can use the Refresh button under Misc to refresh the page.

      Code Execution
      Click "Go", and wait for the text "Stage: Waiting for payload..." to appear. Send the desired binary over TCP to your PS4 on port 9023; you can use any standard networking tool to do this, or my custom Windows tool, WiFi-Loader If you're on Linux, the easiest way is probably to use netcat:
      nc -w 3 9023 < *.bin
      After you have sent the binary, it will be executed automatically.

      Linux loader
      You need a FAT32 formatted USB drive plugged in on any PS4's USB port with the following files on the root directory:

      • bzImage : Kernel image that will be loaded. Recommended to use this sources to compile it.
      • initramfs.cpio.gz : The initial file system that gets loaded into memory during the Linux startup process. This one is recommended.
      The file names must match with the above and you can have more files on the same USB drive. From there you can setup the environment to run from an NFS share or from an external drive via USB (recommended) and boot a complete distro!


      • Get PID - Get process ID
      • Get Login - Get login name and leak a kernel pointer


      • Get Loaded Modules - Get a list of currently loaded modules, index and ID
      • Dump Loaded Module - Dump a currently loaded module (use Get Loaded Modules to see all available)
      • Load Module - Load an additional module from this list
      • Once you have loaded a module, refresh the page, and you will be able to dump it.


      • Browse - File Browser
      • Get PSN username - Read your PSN username from account.dat
      • Get Sandbox Directory - Get the name of the current sandbox directory (10 random characters which change each reboot)


      • Get Stack Protection - Get stack base, size, and protection
      • Get Stack Name - Get stack base, size, and name


      • Send Message - Send a TCP message to the specified IP and port

      Receiving data
      • File and memory dumps will be sent over TCP to the IP and port you specified. You can use a simple tool like TCP-Dump to write the data to a file.


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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Apr 2, 2016.

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