PS4 PS4 Reseach by JaiCrab (UART ports on board SAA-001+ Jaibrute v1 Tool)

Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jul 3, 2015.

By STLcardsWS on Jul 3, 2015 at 12:47 AM
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    Console Hacker JaiCrab has recently release some research on the PlayStation 4 specifically models with the SAA-001+ motherboard, the developer documents and does some research on the "UART ports" of that board and also has released a tool for developer called Jaibrute v1. This is a tool for developer to further research the console. You can view all the details of this research and release [break]ss[/break] in the documentation provided below:


    Download: JaiBrute v1 (MD5: f7a7e0f970d5e86ef110d2d4ff0ed1b1)



Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jul 3, 2015.

    1. Mr.Happy
      Brilliant atleast someone is working on the PS4 :)
    2. 1986panzi1986
      If ps4 get hacked. Will buy again........sold two ps4
    3. game8oy
      yeah, right. failcrab... I sitll remember that dude from the ps3 jailbreak dayz. he is full of shizll and everything he says is a lie. not sure why its frontpaged...
    4. eXtreme
      I think he's a trusted scene dev. How can you say that ?
    5. game8oy
      he is 100% fake
    6. Metalomeus
      He developed the USB Nand loader on 3.41 days so i think his capabilities are well known. Please tell us why he is fake... and please hard facts...
    7. game8oy
      back into 2011 he promised a lot of things with his 3.56 cfw, like cobra payload and many other things and after almost a year he basically delivered nothing and his demonhades team just disappeared. all that hype for nothing.
      so yeah, im not saying he is not a dev, but he can't be trusted
    8. Mr.Happy
      Not everything always goes to plan.
    9. pinky
      I know nothing about this particular dev, but the demonhades icontex I transferred over to 4.70 is from their 3.56 jfw. 3.56 cfw is indeed possible as most of the main files, including the coreos, r still signed with 3.55 keys. interesting fact as well: 4.70 keys can be added to 3.55. it's never been done, because people who don't update r unlikely to install that cfw considering they don't update to the latest cfw to begin with.
    10. atreyu187
      He is the dev that made it possible to use LV2diag by skipping the Bluray drive, thus keeping the ability for Bluray playback after a downgrade during the early years. He has done a lot of good things and 3.56 was a legit CFW I installed it myself on a deck. His dreams were big but weren't seen into fruition. His work he has done is solid and big devs like KaKa wrote checks they couldn't fully cash. This is nothing more then for research processes he never said it would lead to a hack but a deeper understanding of how the PS4 works.
    11. game8oy
      not interested in ps4 jailbreak.
      you said "His dreams were big", I say he lied a lot about many features that were never implemented into his cfw. We got stuck on 3.55 and he promised many great things including his own manager (if I remeber correctly). I hope you've enjoyed his "legit" 3.56 cause I never did, really it was good for nothing. Not trying to convince anyone and I was not bashing his work. But I dont trust ppl that make promises and fail to deliver.
    12. eXtreme
      yeah man the whole ps scene is a joke. only the devs are the kings in the scene. everybody knows something even better than others, that fu*k up !

      I'm not much active in the scene because people hate too much !

      Too many fakes and lies.

      Ok I'm not a real developer like cyberskunk or dean... but if I said something to release, I did !

      sorry for my english at the moment, I'am drunk :)
      Last edited: Jul 5, 2015
    13. bitsbubba
      what you're not realizing is most of promises you say "he" made was not exactly made by him, they were made by other members of the Demonhades crew. It was also the first CFW above 3.55 and yes it had it's problems but it was proof that it could be done. His USB loader also provided for the first implementation of CFW on a jailbroken PS3 (dongle days)
    14. pinky
      ur a vodka drinker from what I remember when we were friends. ;-) the ps3 was initially hacked by geohot with the metldr. some really underestimate the amount of reading I've done, but geohot hacked the system in five weeks. that was after Sony removed support for linux. now, both the bootldr and metldr suffered from the same mistake by Sony (i.e. the invariable). the fail0verflow article mentions the fact that they (fail0verflow) new that the bootldr key was as messed up as the metldr one, so the system would've been fully hacked within a week. the reason for the eighteen month hiatus? a different team came to the same conclusion. fail0verflow and graf were afraid of further lawsuits. in fact, u can google an image of graf, definitely the best ps3 hacker of all of them, being arrested in Germany for his research on the hypervisor. that hypervisor research is y I backed Habib's belief about an alteration as such to enable cfw on all systems. a flaw with the hypervisor with the 360 is what led to the jtag/rgh of the 360. u can go the jtag route, but jtag points have been disabled inhouse by Sony, but u can use a glitch chip to override the hypervisor to initialize a flawed one in its place. that is how the rgh works with the 360.
    15. sandungas
      Exactly, jaicrab is not the kind of guy that writes in forums or talks in chats... he always prefers to be in the shadows
      When he published something always was in his blog without hype purposes or drama... actually i know jaicrab and demonhades had good relationships but im not so sure if jaicrab was a "recognized" member of demonhades team

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