PS4 PS4 Save Editor "CYBER" to be released in March '17

Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by SockNastez, Feb 13, 2017.

By SockNastez on Feb 13, 2017 at 10:53 PM
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    As seen in this thread here a save editor was destined to be released for PS4 without the need for kexploit. Now while that thread's tweet and this tool aren't related I can't be sure of, I am guessing not. Just stating so that the creator of that thread doesn't yell at me. A Japanese company known as "Cyber Gadget" has shown off on their website a release for a tool called the CYBER save edit. This is a PC program that allows you to edit save files for the PS4. They claim this tool works on the PS4 Phat/Slim and the PS4 Pro. They did not however state if there was a firmware limit. As for buying this tool a single user license is 7,800 yen (68 USD), I am not sure why, but if you want to buy a three user license it will cost a whopping 14,800 yen (130 USD).


    • For those wondering what game cheats we can do we did not get any pictures of in-game cheats however we did get some pictures for the tool. We were also told (not told, but it was shown in pictures) some games we can cheat on and what cheats we can have. Here is a list of some games we will see cheats on as well as a photo of the application...
      • Dark Souls lll
      • Persona 5
      • Final Fantasy XV
      • Battlefield 1
      • Bloodborne
      • Fallout 4
      • AC Unity
      • DEAD OR ALIVE XTREME 3 Fortune
      • Diablo lll: Reaper Of Souls - Ultimate Edition
      • Dragon Quest Heroes ll


    • When it comes to cheating this can be used for stuff like unlimited gold etc in some games as it seems. Also stat hacking. If many did not know Nintendo is now banning people for cheating saves on 3DS I can see Sony doing the same. For those now wondering about cheats themselves here are some available game cheats as well as a photo of the application in it's seemed cheat managing mode.

      Final Fantasy XV
      • 99,999,999 GIL
      • 99,999 AP
      • MAX Stock EXP
      Persona 5
      • Protagonist: 9,999,999 Total EXP
      • Protagonist: MAX Total EXP for Acquired Personas
      • Protagonist: MAX Social Stats
      • All Other Characters: MAX Total EXP
      Dragon Quest Heroes II
      • 9,999,999 Gold
      • 999 Small Medals
      • Lazarel: 99,999,999 EXP for All Vocations
      • Lazarel: 9,999 Skill Points for All Vocations
      • Teresa: 99,999,999 EXP for All Vocations
      • Teresa: 9,999 Skill Points for All Vocations
      • All Other Characters: Max EXP
      • All Other Characters: 9,999 Skill Points


    For those wanting to visit the CYBER save editor product page go here.
    SOURCE 1 and SOURCE 2.​
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by SockNastez, Feb 13, 2017.

    1. Zoilus
      wow that looks almost IDENTICAL to game genie for ps3! just a different color lol
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    2. playerkp420
      Let me guess, they are taking pre orders? Looks kinda shady to me.
    3. SockNastez
      I don't think they are.
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    4. GregoryRasputin
      I thought that would be the kind of shady you enjoy...
    5. playerkp420
      I don't think anyone likes Internet scammers.

      Hopefully it is for real.

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    6. Joonie
      Cybergadget was known for their PS3 cheat editor too, a few of my friends actually own them although they became quite obsolete after many different free solutions became available So it will definitely be for real

      The fact that save files need to be decrypted with hackable PS4, majority of end users would need to find a way to decrypt the save files first with hackable PS4, then modify, and re-encrypt them to apply.

      From what I heard, these folks from cybergadget will offer server-side decryption/encryption so their customers won't need to have hackable PS4
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    7. krHACKen
      To the old school bastards like me, CYBER Gadget was known to have eaten Karat (Datel Direct in Japan).
      ...memories:redface new:...
      Now it's about PS4, product license and shit:blue:, I'm getting old...
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    8. ed89
      Account banns wave on ps4 incoming after release... dont use online or at own risk
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    9. TOM1211
      Why does everyone think this will result in account ban? The ps3 save editor didn't get account bans?
    10. Joonie
      Many people have been abusing the "Cross-save" feature between PS3 and PS4 for certain games for years, and yet never heard any single ban from it.
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    11. ed89
      yes I know it working even on GTA V online...ps3 to ps4 transfer (till 5 march R* got angry about cheats in GTA VOnline on ps4 so no more transfers allowed;)

      maybe §ony just dont want use any more resources for ps3

      if some games have crosssave any dev and $ony should be aware of the risks they now about it.
      im sure its just about sale a game twice like with FinalFantasy X for example (cost-benefit factor) if they want they can still bann you...if you use it online
      They perhaps leave it only for this reason...

      but on ps4 "only" games they have to do anything against cheats dont they? It would be illogical if it would not be so?!
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    12. Joonie
      Games like Bloodborne, Diablo 3 and Dark souls 3 share the save data between offline and online

      I'm sure this will allow users to ruin the fair game opportunities online which will encourage people to report them for possible banning.
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    13. Skiller
      Cyber also had the Ps3 one they will probably attempt to follow the same rules the Ps3 version had , thats the full PVP/Online games will tend to be left alone and offline games being hacked. the issue comes with the Offline/Online Shared saves if servers dont put checks in to make sure there was no changes. Example SSX Ps3 did this,

      Note that probably just like the Ps3 version there JPN version will only work on JPN versions of the games.. But we all know if we see a JPN version there is a English version around the corner, just dont go getting fooled by that "Fire Groups" called Xploder :P that is not the English version of Save Editor.
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