PS3 PSNpatch v4.65.11 - With Improved REBUG-COBRA CFW Support and more from KW

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 8, 2014.

By STLcardsWS on Nov 8, 2014 at 7:19 PM
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    A new update for PSNpatch was released today by developer KW, with the release of v4.65.11. With this update KW rolls out some improved Support for REBUG & REBUG/COBRA CFW's. With this improvements is added Cobra Extensions for REBUG REX v4.65.1 (+ COBRA 7.02), plus various other updates and changes seen in the changelogs below. [break]dd[/break]



    PSNpatch v4.65.11

    View additional PSNpatch Information via this link

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 8, 2014.

    1. boxbundy
      I've asked this question many times without a decent answer. What does this do differently from webman and sen enabler? Is it any better and why
    2. kokotonix
      Different things with different functions and objectives.
      You should try to read the release notes of the 3 tools to see in which ways they fulfill your needs or how they can complement each other...

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    3. bitsbubba
      I've alway prefered webMAN/ PSNPatch, I think they work well together
    4. boxbundy
      I have read the release notes. Webman can spoof idps and psid, disable syscalls for peek and poke etc. But how's this any different to psnpatch or sen enabler. What's the advantages or point of using say psnpatch on top of webman. What else are the other ones doing exactly. Everyone says use say psn patch ad well as webman but why.
    5. kokotonix
      Apart of the different objectives of both solutions (in which webman is focused in mounting game backups and psnpatch has many functions related to game patching and unlocking), we find a point of contact in cfw disabling and idps spoofing.
      Disabling cfw in non-cobra should be the same for every tool around. But for cobra systems is different as cobra protect the syscalls tables and don't allow changing it for a correct cfw disabling.
      Psnpatch has a unique feature called stealth extensions which implements changes In cobra core to allow the cfw disabling to be made from within cobra itself - so, more secure.

      About idps spoofing, psnpatch uses a dynamic method to change idps and psid in order to be firmware independent for future versions.
      In fact, the only thing that should not be firmware independent will be cfw disabling for cobra systems (as for non cobra it is already version independent).

      From my understanding, webman uses fixed address to spoof idps (someone corrects me if not true).

      Again, all that is psnpatch related is already pretty much detailed in the release notes...

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    6. boxbundy
      Thanks this is what I'm getting at. I'm a little confused though about your comments on dynamic spoofing. Yes you enter a fixed idps and psid on webman to spoof. I thought that's what happens with psnpatch too?? Does psnpatch do some sort of a spoof when nothing is entered as well eg. All 0000000000s entered?
      If so how does it do that? In the release notes it mentions something about address searching. Can you explain this please.
    7. kokotonix
      0 equals empty field, meaning that nothing will be done at the IDPS / PSID spoofing level.

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    8. kokotonix
      Some information to be shared with the community:

      There have been some users complaining about some black screens after disabling the CFW.
      [MENTION=286521]loverboySimer[/MENTION] at ps3hax, suggested an approach that I have already confirmed working with a friend system.

      NOTE: This has nothing to do with PSNPATCH or any other CFW disabling program ;)

      a) Go into the Recovery Menu;
      b) Select OPTION 3 --> RESTORE FILE SYSTEM
      Note: it is option 3. (three)

      If the problem was not yet solved:
      c) Go back into the Recovery Menu;
      d) Select OPTION 4 --> REBUILD DATABASE
      Note: it is now option 4. (four)

      (WARNING:DON'T USE option 5 or your hdd will be formatted and you will loose everything)

      --- " --- " ---

      Another important note:
      Some new games are installing the game cache connected to the ConsoleID.
      This means that if you run the game unspoofed and after-it you run-it with a spoofed ConsoleID the game MAY FAIL - usually clearing the cache or syncing the trophies (this last one is typically when using a user that is NOT PSN activated).
      My suggestion is to have 1 user for the original ConsoleID and another user for the spoofed ConsoleID. And both users activated in the PSN.
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    9. STLcardsWS
      I have not been experiencing any black screen issues like i have been seeing, but i know some have reported the issues.

      But i have to ask what is the point of switching games when you have disabled the CFW already...
    10. kokotonix
      Switching games ?
      (I don't understand - could you please rephrase that ? :) )

      (If it is in the context of the last recommendations, any switching must be made always before disabling CFW)

      The situation explained for the game caches, aplies when running the game once with one cid, and latter (eventually after a reboot) running with a different cid - this was observed in AW.

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    11. STLcardsWS
      I read it wrong, I was thinking you were talking about switching games. As i know all switching should be done prior. That why i was like what...? but my bad i read that wrong. :)
    12. kokotonix
      Don't worry, it's ok. After reading your question and re-reading my post I've understood as it can have different interpretations ;)

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    13. jaylow
      psn bann

      Hello, sony has banned my console on 10/13/2014.
      Today I tried with the help of psn patch to sign in to psn.
      But it is always the message that I was banned.

      What am I doing wrong?
      I started psnpatch properly and everything worked.
      When I try to login to psn , there comes a message that im banned... what can i do?
    14. kokotonix
      You need to spoof your console ID

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    15. Hakaze
      Thanks for the news :)

      Is out of time but spoof firmware methods are very different too, right?

      Yes, and find a valid private IDPS , it is not so simple.
    16. STLcardsWS
      Just don;t do things that get you banned :D

      Has always worked for me :)

      Then you never have to worry about Console ID 's spoofing and all that..
    17. kokotonix
      A new psnpatch version should be issued today night (europe) to address the new version spoofing needs for cobra 4.46 and 4.65 into 4.66
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    18. Tranced
      Thanks man. Just #tip your release to notify the news writers.
    19. kokotonix

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