PS4 PSP Emulation on PS4: Early Stages of Injecting Games / Homebrew on discovered PSP Emulator

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By STLcardsWS on May 9, 2018 at 10:46 PM
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    First it was PS2 Emulation that came to exploited PlayStation 4's but now the developer's have appeared to made progress towards unlocking PSP Emulation as well on the PS4. As sometimes the case with re-release of games from older generations they contain not only the game but an emulator to play the original files. KiiWii (from GBAtemp) had noticed that Parappa the Rappa (PS4) files matched the PS2 Classic structure, from there a bit more digging was done and it was then concluded that Parappa the Rappa for the PS4 was running on a PSP Emulator. This is great news for the PS4 Homebrew Community and means some new adventures for PSP Emulation on the PS4 are on the horizon. Don't forget on PS4 Linux Side of things as well, PSP emulation is also possible, a recent Linux Distro by the PSXITA Team (psxitarch linux) bundles various emulators like RetroArch/PPSSPP so be sure to give that new distro release a look as well.


    While the discovery is still in its early stages, the community is sure to progress this find into what hopes to be a fully working PSP emulator like what is now possible with the PS2 Classic emulator. So far there is positives and also some obstacles to overcome, the positives we have seen demonstrated the Cube Test Homebrew running on the Emu (via screenshot by ZiL0G80 )

    Cube Test (PSP) working on PS4's PSPEMU

    Overall there has not been much reported of being tested with PSP Homebrew and likely will take some figuring out how the emulator works for most to work.. Something that could take some time as we look at the PS3 community still learning and making discoveries to Sony's internal Ps2 Emulator and PsP Emulator. This could be quick work by developer's (would not surprise me) or also it could take some time for devs to document how this emulator works as there is no instructions manuals included for this emulator..

    Darkelement has gave a bit of a sneak peak to PSP PKG creation with this tweet and pastie file. What we know from various test in KiiWii original thread we do have a few working games and also alot of games not working. This can be expected early in the process, the question however remains is this a simple fix to get these games (many) not working or its a more serious setback. The coming days and weeks should shed plenty of light on the situation and hopefully plenty of PSP goodies on our PS4..

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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, May 9, 2018.

    1. Naked_Snake1995
      PS2 Classics, now PSP Emu...this keeps getting better and better :D

      I dont hope there its a PS1 Emu code hidden, but all its possible, but very unlikely ;)

      I always knew that Sony didnt used the Original PS1 Parrapa The Rapper, it just seems too polished from the PS1 counterpart, not to mention, port it to PS4 would be a major headache, since the PS1 doesnt support floating-point sub-pixel precision, only introduced with the PS2 MIPS, a counterpart on the PSP CPU :D

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