PS VITA / PS TV PSVibe [PsTV Edition] v 1.0 by DragonSnake

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By STLcardsWS on Oct 14, 2016 at 9:20 PM
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    This release gives "Let's get Ready to "Rumble"" a whole new meaning. For our PS3 veterans in the community you may recall the PS Vibe an application(s) by jjolano & deroad that was originally designed for the DualShock 3 Controller (jjloano's version), thus making a new "instrument" or simply a new "toy" So, once DS3 controllers where flying off the selves due to PS Vibe :p the natural progression was of course the Move Controller (deroad's version) when it was introduced.. Maybe it was the glowing ball or simply the elongated shape or could've just been a handy trigger button was the main draws. Who knows? maybe one of the 10,000 that downloaded just @ brewology alone .. Now, apparently there is demand for some of the same sensations on the PlayStation TV (PsTV), while you will not be able to pair your Move Controller, PS Vibe enthusiast will be able to use the DS3 along for the first time the DualShock 4 .. So for user's of PS Vibe be sure to practice safe vibing .



    • PS Vibe - PlayStation TV Edition
      PSVibe is a simple controller vibrator, inspired by an old PS3 homebrew that can be used to test your controllers as well as uhh.... other things..

      If ever someone figures out how to pair a controller with a PSVita, I will need to remove the model checks. But for now it will check to make sure you're running this on a PSTV / VitaTV system because otherwise it will only display text on the screen.​

      NOTE: I haven't actually tried this using a DS3, as I only have a DS4 controller. If any issues arise with a DS3, please let me know [​IMG]

      • Did you really think there was a video demonstration ?

    Download: PS Vibe - PlayStation TV [VitaTV] Edition
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 14, 2016.

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      lol :-p:-p
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    3. atreyu187
      OK I had a blast with this tonight chasing my GF around around the house and yard. The range on the DS4 is actually quiet surprising but the adjustable speed is quiet thrilling. Now to hide my PSTV before work and try the DS3 as it still remains untested. I feel horrible using a DS3 on the PSTV. It is just wrong!!!
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    5. pinky
      I have a vibrating massager that lists this as a warning: "do not use on ur genitals, do not use on sleeping persons." I think this needs to have that warning...not to say I haven't used it that way. :-p ...but it didn't have that warning.

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