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By SilicaAndPina on May 15, 2017 at 11:28 AM
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    SilcaAndPina has been on a roll of late releasing various utilities and tools for HENkaku exploited PS Vita's (& pstv), Today the dev stops by the forums to drop off the latest release details of the frontend (GUI) for Team molecule's psvimgtools. In psvimgtools-frontend v0.4 MacOS support debuts, but note this an early beta version, so be sure to leave some feedback if you are using that build. Version 0.4 has brought a variety of changes to the tool that is used for decrptying & extracting ,psvimg files, which are your PS Vita (or pstv) backup files. For additional details about this update and this release checkout all details provided.



    • I just released an update to psvimgtools-frontend! :3

      this update adds a few things..
      • On windows, the icon in the title bar is no longer the default "tk" icon
      • On windows .cmbackup should now be set to open with psvimgtools-frontend by default (however this may only work if the app is run as administrator..)
      • The application now automatically checks for updates and asks if you want to install them. (can be disabled with launch argument "noUpdateCheck")
      • SonyCMA/OpenCMA (Windows Ver) is now partially supported.
      • DevkitCMA is now partially supported
      • When the program cannot find your account it will automatically prompt you to add an account via the default Add Account menu
      • When the program cannot find the CMADir you will be prompted to enter one via the default CMA Dir folder
      • Skype App Easyinstaller will now ask: "SKYPE DOESNT WORK ON 3.65+ would you like to continue the installation?" when you try to install it
      • Launch argument "s" will skip the Startup Check and will instantly launch the application, NOTE: This does NOT mean the application is 100% Guaranteed to work in this mode.
      • Added a MacOS Version (Note this version is still in beta)

    • psvimgtools-frontend
      This is a GUI Interface For Team Molecule / Yifanlu's PSVIMGTools Which is a tool that can be used to decrypt & extract PSVita Backup Files (.psvimg) Providing you knew the AID of the account that created the backup, this works on every firmware to this date, including 3.63. and probably all future firmwares the only problem with yifan's inital release, was it was a command-line only tool and also could be a pain in the ass even to some inexperienced users, so this i decided to make this GUI Frontend which will give you all the functions of psvimgtools + more with a GUI. My frontend is written in Python2.7 and supports win32, win64 and linux64 for linux you require libgcrypt11-dev to be installed (sudo apt-get install libgcrypt11-dev) also for everyone, qcma is required for this app to even run.
      To design the GUI's i used a tool called PAGE.

      Here's a list of features i currently have:
      1. QCMA Intergration. i have tried my best to make this intergrate well with QCMA. For example when you start the app for the first time it will automatically find your QCMA Backups Folder, and will Automatically find your accounts AID, and download CMA Key You can also trigger both of these process'es to occur manually.
      2. Quick Resign, Quickly Change the owner of a backup (Note: Only DRMFree Content will run on incorrect accounts!)
      3. Extract and Create Backup Files
      4. EasyInstallers, Enables you to easily install, Hidden Applications, ARK-2, VHBL Whitelist Hack, URICaller
      5. Account Mannager, save multiple accounts's AID, and KEY's
      6. Reading Param.SFO File To display backup NAME instead of TITLEID
      7. CMBACKUP Files (These are kinda like what .pkgs was with package installer 2.0 only done right and not in a way that will confuse everyone!)
      I also have a few features planned such as:
      1. Some sort of progress bar/indicator (This will be hard to do. as extracting / repacking is handled by PSVIMGTOOLS CLI)
      2. A Server Where You Can Upload/Download DRMFree Backup Files.
      3. Supporting Other CMA's (DevkitCMA, OpenCMA, and OfficalCMA)
      Features i want, but aren't possible yet:
      1. Creating Backup Files From .pkg Files
      2. Option To Decrypt PFS.
      1. EasyInstaller for PSM Runtime Skype, and Remove The Featured App.
      2. Updated ARK-2 Easyinstaller.
      Common Problems:
      1. It doesn't open
      This could be for a whole lot of reasons. but the two most common reasons ive seen is the following: you dont have QCMA installed. if you do have QCMA installed, the SECOUND most common reason: is that you have never connected your PSVita with QCMA before just plug in the USB Cable and wait for it to detect it, (you can also connect via WIFI)
      it should also be noted that it might cause a problem if it is your first time running the program however you do not have internet access (or access to this might cause a problem like this as well.

      If your problem is something other than these, please open an issue on this github.
      For noobs: No this doesnt enable piracy, (except for epsp..) And No this isnt going to lead to a 3.63 spoof for games or PSN. you cannot run vita homebrew with this (only psp) hidden applications and uricaller dont acturally execute any applications.
      1. The titles of games are not displayed correctly
      Known bug allready only seems to effect some computers and i cant seem to replicate the bug. it doesnt acturally effect functionality though. it will still work..

      • Just a quick update to make it ask if you would like to pack savedata into .cmbackup files. and if there is allready savedata in the .cmbackup it will ask if you would like to use it. as sometimes savedata has sensitive info..
        for example the savedata for netflix would contain your login info. im guessing you DONT want to share that, so in 0.3.2 it will ask if you would like to store savedata. in .cmbackup files

      • Updated the message displayed on ARK-2 Easyinstaller to "ARK DOES NOT WORK ON 3.65+" (apparently some ppl didnt get the message!)
      • Updated VHBL EasyInstaller so that VHBL wont throw an error on startup (Thanks GamersRebirthDL For making me aware of this!)
      • Added exporting backups as .cmbackup
      • Added Installing .cmbackup files easyinstaller (can also be done from "Sign And Pack")
        .cmbackup is a Unsigned Backup File. Share it around! anyone with this file can install it regardless of who owns it! (But remember for DRM Content you still need a valid license and act.dat to run it!) DRMFREE will work fine tho. you can even open .cmbackup with psvimgtools :D but its not a registered file association by default.

      • Added Skype App Easyinstaller
      • Added PSM Runtime EasyInstaller
      • Added RemoveFeatured Easyinstaller (How can it be an installer if it removes something? ITS FOR CONSISTENCY DONT QUESTION IT K?)
      • Updated ARK Easyinstaller To now support ONEMENU! (and also now displays a message saying its patched on 3.65. so people dont start posting issues on my github that has nothing to do with ark saying it doesn't work.)
      • MacOS users can now run the program from src with 'python' (make sure you have the MAC Psvimgtools inside the folder. also requires bplistlib.) only reason theres no compiled version is because i dont have a device running MacOS to compile it with.
      • Dependency's: Qcma, libgcrypt11-dev (Only on linux)

      See additional history of releases here

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by SilicaAndPina, May 15, 2017.

    1. atreyu187
      Great job as usual and proud to have you as dev here.


      Something missing which I find useful and maybe you can extend in a way? You have remove featured for PSTV users. Could you offer a way do XML edits to have shortcuts to like opening molecularshell install, Vitashell etc from the shortcuts?
      Last edited: May 16, 2017
    2. SilicaAndPina
      This is possible I guess. But I don't see why you would want this.
    3. atreyu187

      It's nice to have a quick launch. Simply press the PS button to pull up the site to enable HENkaku, or YouTube without the need of opening the browser. Quiet a few here have shown interest in this when I posted how to do it and quiet a few even made a few mods for this feature. I made one kinda like XMBM+ for the PS3. Instead of Sony links to games in the Featured area it had short cuts for uri calls like PKG manager (the modified one from Mr. gas that works on CEX units not the DEX PKG installer) or a quick link to HENkaku installer or Vitashell etc. Here is a link to what I mean in case I wasn't clear.
    4. pinky
      I have a problem with this. I've done this mod on both the vita and the pstv. however, after some time, the what's new xml seemed to have been replaced removing my mod. it's happened on both systems, so I don't know what the problem is.
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    5. atreyu187

      You have to make sure the refresh live area isn't enabled in the settings. Once refreshed it reverts back to the Sony links or if you press the refresh button it does the same. Disable that feature and make the files read only and it will stay that way. You can also block this from happening using Charles Proxy blocking the system from being able to "call home" to refresh.
    6. pinky
      I've seen that option in vita shell. should I not activate that one? I do it when vita shell doesn't want me to exit, and I have to hard reset like using folders and files in sections that unsafe homebrews might have access to. is that option in the official settings as well?
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    7. SilicaAndPina
      it could be done via app.db..i guess.
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    8. atreyu187

      Was just an idea for an added feature. Wether you do it or not is fine by me as I have done mine manually as I usually prefer to do. Just more features making an app more robust and easier for the majority of end users usually attracts more users.

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