PS VITA / PS TV RayCast3D - 3D Game Engine (for Lua Player Plus), Create 3D Worlds from 2D Maps

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    Rinnegatamante is back again with a new release to HENkaku for PS Vita and also of course the PlayStation TV (PSTV) or in other regions known as simply the Vita TV. This new release hopefully spawns many future releases, as RayCast3D is a 3D Game Engine for the PS Vita (pstv) that runs under the Lua Player Plus which was recently ported to HENkaku. The intriguing aspect about this Engine that is will generate a 3d world from a 2d map. So without any knowledge of 3d rendering you can use your 2d know-how to create a 3d environment. There is a sample app and outlined of features and other information provided by a very busy developer which various release such as EasyRPG Maker, VitaWOLFEN VitaQuake & Lua Plus Player are just some the releases from this developer since the HENkaku exploit was released


    • RayCast3D is a 3D Game Engine for Nintendo 3DS / PSVITA which runs under Lua Player Plus.
      It uses Ray-Casting algorithm ( to generate a 3D world starting from a 2D map allowing to create basic 3D games without any knowledge of how 3D rendering works.
      On PSVITA it runs good with accuracy values >= 3.

      In the download package you'll find also a little sample app.​

    • At the moment these are the Features RayCast3D offers:
      • Different tile size maps
      • Automated camera and player position management
      • Support for huge maps (pratically there aren't limitations)
      • Support for sky rendering and floor rendering
      • Automated minimap renderer with player position
      • Textured walls support
      • Wall Collisions check
      • Shading support
      • Bullet system (Ray casting with returning values)
      What this engine needs to be finished is listed in this TODO List:
      • Player collisions with walls
      • Sprites support for animations
      • Bullets physic
      • Editable FOV
      • Support to textures for walls, sky, floors

    • Credits:

    • Repository:

    • Download:
      • Here you can download the first alpha version (v.0.1) with a sample tech demo and a short documentation for the available functions:

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Aug 6, 2016.

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