PS3 Reboot Function Added to XMB (User Catagory) by haxxxen

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 26, 2015.

By STLcardsWS on Oct 26, 2015 at 12:21 AM
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    Developer haxxxen recently released some of latest finding as he has found the ability to Restart the Console from the XMB without the need of a "loading" plugin. As it makes use of the official function but comes disguised as an official sony plugin "xai_plugin.sprx". The developer provides a Soft Reboot Option or a Hard Reboot Option in the download archive. This is a nice clean way of adding this function without the need of additional plugins. View the release [break]ss[/break] quote below


    Download: (German Strings)



Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 26, 2015.

    1. eXtreme
      good work as always, better than my xmb reboot.

      I would remove the text under Restart (Restart system from XMB) then it would looks like from sony.
    2. haxxxen
      i am not using this mod personally.

      but is this really frontpage worthy? anyways, thanks for it :)
    3. aldostools
      This file contains the xml with english labels and the Restart action is not in a sub-menu as in the german version. I also removed the "info" string as eXtreme suggested.

      I only tweaked a bit the xml. The sprx are from haxxxen. BTW it's very neat to have the restart option in XMB :)

      EDIT: I've updated the file removing some unneeded attributes from the xml.

      Also I just noticed that the Restart icon is not working while in-game. I really don't care much about it, but it doesn't look aesthetic :)
      Last edited: Oct 26, 2015
    4. atreyu187
      Sweet!! Thanks aldos and haxxxen for this. Glad it's also not firmware depenant. I think this would be an awesome to add to any CFW as well. All the neat little mods like this and Bluray/DVD for DEX and dual XMBM+/Rebug pkg manager add some really amazing features. I hope bits will be able to modify XMBM+ to add delete etc functions right from the XMB
      Last edited: Oct 26, 2015
    5. Orion
      [MENTION=89]aldostools[/MENTION] [MENTION=46]haxxxen[/MENTION] [MENTION=2]STLcardsWS[/MENTION]

      This is a simple installer/uninstaller from me
      With this is very verry simple also for a normal user to test this very useful function :)

    6. atreyu187
      Thanks but can anyone post a mirror not from Mega? And [MENTION=17]Orion[/MENTION] is this both German and English as well as soft and hard reset in your pkg?
    7. aldostools
      I see your pkg files have the xml and the sprx duplicated in USRDIR and inside the dev_flash folder.

      Is that correct? I added them duplicated in the rar that I uploded, only to show the folder structure.
    8. Orion
      It has only english files

      Yes i know,it was an error in the compiling if you can rebuild the pkg without the dev_flash folder
    9. barelynotlegal
      kudos. thats a very handy option for me. and the fact that its not a plugin or firmware dependant makes it even better
    10. littlebalup
      Aldo's modded xml, french translated :
      <Pair key="title"><String>Redémarrer le système</String></Pair>

      Download french zip installers and instructions : xmb_reboot_FR
    11. bitsbubba
      I think to make this a permanent modification for CFW we'll need some rco editing (add icon in-game, proper title string, etc.), translations (all languages supported XMB), etc.

      Edit: as is being done with ☆Package Manager
      Last edited: Oct 26, 2015
    12. sandungas
      Try to add this key in the attribute table
      <Pair key="ingame"><String>enable</String></Pair>
    13. aldostools
      Nope... it didn't work either... It's very weird that the icon doesn't work in-game, but shows fine on XMB.

      haxxxen's code shows the restart icon because it is a segment folder, not a module action. But when the user tries to click on it, it asks to close the game and exit to XMB.

      In a side note, I managed to load webMAN directly from XMB replacing xai_plugin with the file of webMAN or VSH Menu (renamed as xai_plugin.sprx) and module_action changed to wwwd_start.
      The problem is that once the plugin is loaded, the XMB stops to respond to commands from the controller (it seems the XMB is waiting for some specific value to be returned). But the console is not frozen.

      I tried using the original name, but it was ignored. I looks like there is a white list of module names that can be loaded from XMB or in-game (maybe in xmb_plugin.sprx and xmb_ingame.sprx?)
    14. sandungas
      Yes, xmb_plugin.sprx and xmb_ingame.sprx contains a list of modules availables for main xmb... or xmb in-game modes
      Are like preloaded and ready to be used, XMBML module-action - PS3 Developer wiki
      I just realized xai_plugin.sprx doesnt appears in the list inside xmb_ingame.sprx so this is why is not working (not even with the forced trick i suggested), hmmm

      For full freedom i guess is needed to modify that lists inside xmb_plugin.sprx and xmb_ingame.sprx (to replace one of the plugins in the list by a custom name), not sure about how complex could be to modify it... and not sure if it will work becase this kind of things are very restricted and usually affected by other hardcoded setings of the firmware

      As example... xai_plugin.sprx... is very related with the web browser, so i think originally was used with functions that belongs to XMB "network" category
      XMB "settings" category is managed by explore_category_sysconf.sprx... and is the responsable of loading the category_network.xml... in all the explore_category_****.sprx there is always parts of .xml code duplicated that overrides settings
      So sometimes happens that you change a setting in the .xml (and also inside the rcoxml files inside .rco's) but the change doesnt works because there is "something" in the .sprx that is overriding your changes
      As far i know this happens in lot of explore_category_****.sprx... but specially in explore_category_sysconf.sprx because is more restricted and uses some useful/annoying magic tricks
    15. sandungas
      IMO the language translations are not worthy in this case, because the names "Soft Reboot" and "Hard Reboot" in plain english sounds like internationall (are firmware functions named this way internally)... i think everybody will understand

      To translate them to all languages supported by XMB is needed to edit around 14 .xml files inside explore_category_sysconf.rco (because the custom icon is added in XMB settings column)... or inside explore_plugin_full.rco (because the contents of this one can be accessed from all XMB columns)
      From these two the best option is to edit explore_plugin_full.rco because is used officially as the "trash bin" of XMB so adding more "trash" inside it follows sony style pretty well

      Modifying the .rco will make things harder to port this idea to future firmwares, cfw devs will have more work to do and the process is very open to mistakes if not done automatically (the only safe way is to make the modifications by using a script or some automated process that is "error free")
      Last edited: Oct 27, 2015
    16. Orion
      Ita installer


    17. haxxxen
      just to let you know, no matter what you put on user category, it won't work ingame (except friends category functions, which i have moved completely there). if you put this into any other installable category, the ingame icon will work fine. even modifying rco does not help here and it seems, this user tab is quite limited and restricted with functions.
    18. aldostools
      The unique issue that I see with using friends category is that it looks weird having "power off" under User column and "Restart" under Friends column... at least it's a good work around :rolleyes:...
    19. haxxxen
      lol, you have misunderstood. i have modified my xmb the way, that friends category functions appear on user tab in an extra folder i have made. and this works fine without problem on user tab no matter ingame or on xmb and it also works fine online.

      friend category has another use for me now and i have put there pkg installer and xmbmanpls.

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