PS VITA / PS TV RetroArch (PSTV / Vita) Port in development!!!!

Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 3, 2015.

By STLcardsWS on Sep 3, 2015 at 7:56 PM
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    As the Rejuvenate exploit continues to evolve on the PS Vita and also the PlayStation TV (aka VitaTV), it has been attracting development in various areas and the latest project to be announced is a Vita/PSTV port of RetroArch. The other day I was searching on the libretro forums and came across this thread, where someone was asking about a Vita port, sadly the devs could not develop a port without a PS Vita that they did not posses . So the staff here at did the next best thing and donated a PlayStationTV[break]ss[/break] so development could begin on the PSTV and Vita as they have very similar hardware.

    Recently as that development has began there has been some progress made public by libretro developer hunterk as he details some of the movements made by Squarepusher (aka TwinAphex) and xerpi on these ports. An interesting detail that was shared is that the port does have dynarec support, something it's PS3 counterpart has been lacking.. So great news for Retro Fans who want to play those classics on your current hardware in the future. Keep in mind this is still early and could take some polishing as you are talking about many cores (emulators) but nonetheless this is very exciting news for the Vita Homebrew Community.

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 3, 2015.

    1. ed89
      Thanks [MENTION=11190]psx[/MENTION] that you donated a PS TV to the retroarch team...

      "One good turn deserves another"
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    2. sbp
      What ever happened to the ps3 release? Still waiting for that although this will be sweet as well.
    3. nCadeRegal
      This is awesome news. When I first heard of rejuvinate was about the time retroarch had an update some months back and I thought of how grest it be for a one stop shop for all our emulation needs. Sick job guys many many thanks to those working on this port. And also to psx plave for donating the pstv for the grester good. Mad props
    4. atreyu187
      It's nice to see this as the PSP port isn't very versatile. And something to also note the CPU only runs max 333mhz which is the max a PSP can output. The CPU is unlocked by Sony so until a kernel exploit comes around 333mhz is max for Vita/PSTV. So the CPU speeds are no more then a CFW PSP is capable of. Luckily there is more RAM and uses a multicore PPC processor. The other 111mhz comes from the GPU but as stated it is an ARM9 quad-core CPU over the PSP's single. What sucks is the CPU is actually capable of 2ghz so until they find a kernel exploit or away at least around the PSM sandbox environment we are severely hampered with an amazingly unpowered/underclocked CPU. As the article states the dynarec works and is a 64-bit PPC architecture instead of the PS3's cell CPU so it is documented very well over the PS3's current 32bit CPC so even N64 could be possible in the right hands. Just not sure how fast it could run games till the CPU underclock is bypassed.
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    5. zfreeman
    6. atreyu187
      Until ARK-3 comes out I'm not willing to lose TN-X. Luckily Acid_Snake and coldbird sorted out the ePS1 emulator for full sound. To bad XS Moto is the only one that works leaving out JP region with no exploit.

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