PS3 RetroArch v1.2.2 (UNOFFICIAL) Beta v1.6 -- New Cores Included !!!!

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 12, 2015.

By STLcardsWS on Nov 12, 2015 at 10:15 PM
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    Ezio_PS is back with a new Unofficial-Beta update to RetroArch (PS3) v1.2.2, this beta release comes with some new cores (emulators), A new Atari Lynx core has been added (Mednafen Lynx), Atari 7800 joins the party with a new Prosystem libretro core, Then Vectrex is now available on RetroArch. Plus Stella (Atari 2600) has been re-added. Also a few other changes in Beta v1.6 (Unofficial) that can be seen [break]ss[/break] in the official - "unofficial release" quote found below:


    RetroArch v1.2.2 (Unofficial) Beta 1.6



Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 12, 2015.

    1. atreyu187
      Nice!! Can this co-exist with the last RetroXMB changing the TitleID, pram.SFO etc? I'm afraid of losing all my RetroXMB titles as my kid simply loves that.
    2. STLcardsWS
      They will work, I tried an earlier version and menus were messed up but he corrected that in the previous unofficial build..

      Did you use RetroXMB Creator (Aldo's version) to create your packages?

      Assuming you have.. What is your core path? (did you use the default way in RetroXMB Creator or my RetroXMB Edition addon).
      If unsure checked the retroarch.cfg file (in one of your roms) and view the libretro core path. See if it goes to the default path or the RetroXMB core path..(retroxmb will be in the name, cant recall exact path off hand (but cores/RetroXMB/ or something like if my way was used.).

      I had the RetroXMB addon just to be sure of future compatibility. As previous updates caused issues, but @Aldotools default way in RetroXMB Creator works fine with these beta updates.. in regards to the autoloading.. (NOW I HAVE NOT TESTED ALL CORES, so beware of that).... At times cores can act differently but i dont expect any issues with these as i tried many..

      So to update your cores . (Depending on method)

      ---Just install the new version of retroarch ..
      --Add the cores in the RetroXMB folder (location in RetroArch.cfg file). I should make a new package for anyone who used my method. Maybe this weekend i will do that
    3. pinky
      should, yes. should even be able to overwrite the last retroarch. as long as specific files r not overwritten, they'll still be intact. the only thing to be leery about is if reading saves has changed which would most likely be mentioned anyway. it looks like retroarch is trying to offer as many options as mednafen. mednafen had virtually no overlooked option since last I could remember. can't recall if I tried it on ps3 or the 360 (think ps3 though). I actually use a hybrid system, actual cartridges, and the real controllers to be as authentic as I can while also saving space.
    4. atreyu187
      I actually have all my systems hooked up but using one deck is much easier then pulling out memory cards, controllers etc. Mednafen last I checked was the only way to emulate my FM Towns and PCFX games. Why I still keep them around I don't know as I haven't even turned them on in literally years. My 360 hasn't seen an update since the first dash that supported the RGH.
    5. pinky
      that is y I bought a hybrid system, but I have a network of cables anyway. to me, it's just not the same using a different controller/system than the original. though, I do have some retro games, like mario 64, on the wii-u.

      lol...that poor 360 left untouched for months. I rarely play my 360, but I still keep it up-to-date.
    6. atreyu187
      I have had so many try to buy it off me. I just can't as I won it and would feel wrong to profit off of that.
    7. pinky
      u'll be sorry once that thing comes to life in the middle of the night. it'll take out its frustrations on ur sony products.
    8. atreyu187
      I would shoot the SOB in a second. I love my PlayStation's. I was team MS every since the DC died till MS blamed me for having two RROD systems at once. This was before they admitted to any guilt. Sold them both to get my 60gb BC PS3 I miss so much. Sony when repairing it sent it back with 3.56 so I had to sell it to get my current PS3 which I lucked up on as well getting a 2500 model on 3.55
    9. pinky
      it could even be a movie with the tagline: "Play in their world, die in ours!" the thing would be like chucky - a small piece of the motherboard and chasis would remain with the rol dangling by one tiny, black screw. it'd repeat the phrase - "Play with me, play with me atreyu..." - as it got closer and closer.
    10. atreyu187
      And as I punted that POS like a football. I have never hated a system ever but MS rubbed me wrong. It is a descent system as I love SHMUPS but hate FPS. That would be funny though my screaming running away from that little black box. But I think of it this way. If I don't turn it on it can't break LOL though it isn't a crappy Xenon like my first two, its the first slim model.
    11. pinky
      [MENTION=7]atreyu187[/MENTION] , that's the sort of mentality that potentially destroyed the xbox brand. I, for one, am one of the people who won't buy an xbox 1 due to my experiences with the 360. I've had a xenon rrod. but, I've also had a ps1 and a ps2 fail on me (disc read error) 'til I bought the slim versions of each. the only company that has never failed me is Nintendo which is y I'm more loyal to them than the other two.
    12. atreyu187

      While I have had issues with my Sony brands from PS1 to PS4 they have always fixed them promptly without any fuss. Now I can't say the same for Nintendo with the GC or the Wii. Both had failing optical drives very early on. But I have respect for Nintendo as they didn't try to put the blame off on me.
    13. atreyu187
      Sorry for the double post but missed a comment and want the mention to work. [Mention]stlcardws[/mention] all my Roms are contained within the PKG file made with RetroXMB by [MENTION=89]aldostools[/MENTION]
    14. STLcardsWS
      Roms are not the concern. Retrieve the retroarch.cfg file from one of the created roms.

      Does it read: (example with NESTOPIA)
      libretro_path = "/dev_hdd0/game/SSNE10000/USRDIR/cores/RetroXMB/"

      or does it read:

      libretro_path = "/dev_hdd0/game/SSNE10000/USRDIR/cores/nestopia_libretro_ps3.SELF"

      If it reads blue then the cores in /dev_hdd0/game/SSNE10000/USRDIR/cores/RetroXMB/ just need to be updated.

      If it read like red /dev_hdd0/game/SSNE10000/USRDIR/cores/ then you just need to install the latest package over.
    15. atreyu187
      I'll check once I get home. I don't recall messing with any settings when making them if that helps.

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