PS VITA / PS TV Savedata Decrypter/ Redirecter [Plugin by Rinnegatamante]

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    Rinnegatamante is back with another solution and release for the PS Vita (& PSTV) community with the release of a new plugin called Savedata Decrypter / Redirecter. The idea behind the plugin is to allow user's the ability to re-direct your SaveData to a different storage location, ur0,ux0,uma0 are all now in play for re-directing your saves, but when redirecting the saves also are decrypted which opens the door for various cheats and modifications to be done to the save files. Usuage and additional information can be found in the included release notes of this new plugin for HENkaku (Enso).​


    • Savedata decrypter/redirecter
      SavedataPlus is a plugin that will redirect your savedata to your preferred partition (ur0, ux0, uma0). Redirected savedata files are also decrypted so can be directly modified to apply savedata hacks/cheats.​

      How to install
      • - Place your preferred .skprx in your tai folder.
      • - Create a data folder inside the partition you want to redirect the saves to.
      • - Add the relative string to your config.txt under *KERNEL.
      • - Saves will be found in PARTITON/data/savegames/TITLEID/SLOT0.

      How to keep using your old savedata
      • You'll have to decrypt your savedata in order to use it with SavedataPlus. You can use rinCheat or vita-savemgr to achieve this.

      Known issues
      • The plugin will work perfectly with Vitamin/maidumptool dumps. At the moment it can cause crashes with retail cartridges or NoNpDrm/.psv dumps. (A game that certainly will crash as retail cartridge/NoNpDrm dump is Rayman Origins).

    Download @:
    SourceCode @:
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 1, 2017.

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