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PS3 Skyrim Elite Edition v3.0 (Game Mod) Released by Clayson

Discussion in 'Skyrim' started by clayson, May 13, 2018.

By clayson on May 13, 2018 at 2:05 PM
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    clayson Member

    Aug 16, 2017
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    Hello PS3 CFW Skyrim modders! Today I am releasing my continuation of the original Skyrim Elite Edition v2.1 with this new Skyrim Elite Edition v3.0 (with more updates so come hopefully)! Originally 2 years ago I downloaded Skyrim Elite Edition v2.1 and over the years I have been learning many things about PS3/PS4 game modding. This version of Skyrim Elite Edition will fix many bugs and has a new mod pack (with mods such as Falskaar and Sounds of Skyrim). I hope you all enjoy this project! It's still a work-in-progress so if you want to help me please PM me (on Discord) or if you need help join my Discord and I can help you! :)

    Skyrim: Elite Edition (v3.0)
    Created By: @clayson

    • WARNING!
      Please read my instructions before installing, not reading wastes my time and yours, and could result in you messing up your PS3. It is recommended that you create a BACKUP of your copy of Skyrim, and your game save BEFORE installing this mod pack. Files inside of your Skyrim game folder will be overwritten with modded files during installation, leaving you with only a modded version of Skyrim. If you wish to continue without making a backup then do so at your own risk! WARNING ABOUT MODS! Mods can potentially break your save data/game, if you find a mod breaks the game then you can remove it from the game data. Also keep in mind the mod pack from v2.1 does NOT work on v3.0. No mod pack will be created for v3.0.

      Please DO NOT re-upload my work to any other website/forum without permission! So if you would like to release this on another site please tell me first, thank you!​

      Skyrim Elite Edition v3.0 (Latest):

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    • How to install Elite Edition v3.0+:

      1. If you have Skyrim: Elite Edition v2.1 or below installed you must completely delete the game, it's game data, and it's dlc, then reinstall everything and for Skyrim Legendary Edition (BLUS31202) then do the steps below.
      2. Download Skyrim: Elite Edition v3.0 and any MOD pkgs you would like.
      3. Using FTP (or Multiman, in Multimans case you must copy files to USB) drag PS3_GAME, PS3_README, and PS3_DISC.SFB into your Skyrim Legendary Edition (BLUS31202) game backup.
      4. Either copy mods to packages folder on hdd (if you are using Rebug) OR copy the mods to USB and install through USB.

      When you boot Skyrim: Elite Edition for the first time you will be presented with a install screen before boot. This is needed for boot order, and contains some stuff thats needed for other features to work properly. Its safe and in no way effects your firmware or system files, it simply installs a PKG file before boot.
    • Requirements of Elite Edition v3.0+:

      • Playstation 3 with CFW (Elite Edition v3.0 was tested on Rebug 4.82.2 D-REX)
      • Skyrim: Legendary Edition (BLUS31202) <-MUST be this ID! (ALL 3 DLC's MUST be installed prior to booting! More versions will be supported soon!)
      • Skyrim: Elite Edition v3.0 Mod Pack (Optional)
      • A backup manager installed on your PS3 (ie Webman or Multiman)
    • Features of Elite Edition v3.0+:

      • Hidden controls enabled
      • Modding system allowing easy mod installation
      • Non-intrusive interface
      • FPS boosts
      • Removed unused items

    • [​IMG]



    • v3.0 (Latest as of 5/13/18)

    • Founders:
      @joshchawks (Original CORE v1.0-2.1 Founder)
      @Death_Dealer (Original CORE v1.0-2.1 Co-founder)
      @clayson (v3.0+ CORE Founder)

      Mod Porters:

      Mod Creators:
      rgabriel15 (Created Skyrim Project Optimization which is included in v3.0+ CORE)
      AKcelsior (Created Insignificant Object Remover which is included in v3.0+ CORE)
      JackHerer93 (Posted the .INI lightingshader tweak allowing a massive FPS boost which is included in v3.0+ CORE)

      Special Thanks To:

      WhiteLord (For his DLC PKG Method)
      nexus.com (For hosting a TON of awesome Skyrim mods!)
      psx-place.com (For giving me a nice place to release the mods and fully supporting them!)
      @donramon (For completely porting Falskaar)
      @No0bZiLLa (For helping me with Skyrim .edat files and helping me research Skyrim Elite Edition v2.0)

      If there is a problem with something here or with my project please PM me on Discord (not here), also please do not speak for others, if you are not the original mod creator and request something to be removed I will not do it, the original mod creator must contact me himself end of story and then I will remove it.

      And to everyone else who helped! If you find that you helped and your name isn't here PM me (clayson) and I can fix that!

    Join the PlayStation Game Modding Discord!

    If there is a problem with something here or with my project please PM me on Discord (not here), also please do not speak for others, if you are not the original mod creator and request something to be removed I will not do it, the original mod creator must contact me himself end of story and then I will remove it.
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Discussion in 'Skyrim' started by clayson, May 13, 2018.

    1. Spawn
      Gonna try it on Rebug 4.82.2 REX (CEX) when I have the time.

      Looks good. :)
      clayson likes this.
    2. ChuckyPlague
      Been waiting for this update! Thank you I'll try it out and report back on it
      clayson likes this.
    3. clayson
      Awesome thank you both! :D

      This was something I needed to release for a while but thank god it's finally available. If there are any suggestions feel free to tell me, thanks again! :)
      Last edited: May 16, 2018
    4. buj...
      i finish install (right now) the "core" and my save data still works... (for now...xD) tomorrow install mods... and i see whats happened... tnx men...!!
      PD:sorry for my bad english.
      clayson likes this.
    5. RnD_Customz
      Nice to see a release, I forgot about the project. Stocked to see interest in it
      clayson likes this.
    6. Bloodmoons366466
      Sorry for this noob post,but does this allow any external assets,or is this an enhancement of vanilla? Im just trying to see if this is worth doing.
    7. clayson
      This allows (most) mods from PC to work on PS3 for Skyrim. It also allows texture replacements, so yes it does allow external assets.

      However even if you didn't care about all of that the the Elite Edition v3.0 itself improves FPS so I would highly recommend it, and unlike Elite Edition v2.0 there is no pre-installed mods that completely change the game so when you install my v3.0 it's almost like nothing changes visually in your game (unless you decide to install the OPTIONAL mods from mod pack or import your own mods). :)

      In my opinion this is 100% worth doing, so far I have been getting positive results from testers so I decided to release it and I am still getting positive results. If you have any more questions let me know! :D
    8. xXTakarashiXx
      sadly, its not possible to install this mod on HAN, right?
    9. clayson
      Not this version no, but I mainly released this to see how it worked on CFW and so far it's been working well. I didn't want to make a HAN release at the same time because it would be harder to remove the modifications (if something was wrong with my mod, and so far there isn't anything wrong). Don't get me wrong though it can be removed (it's not extremely complicated).

      But I can assure you versions for HAN will be released :)
      Some game ids may have less features on HAN though unfortunately. Thanks to the help of @DeViL303 I may be able to make some XML addons for this kind of thing as well (will get more into that in the future).

      Edit: My HAN Game Modding thread does cover Skyrim modding on HAN (just not Skyrim Elite Edition v3.0). http://www.psx-place.com/threads/ps3xploit-han-game-modding-thread.16939
      Last edited: May 29, 2018
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    10. STRATOS198XAD
      • FPS boosts
      What did you modify to do this? I would like to do it with FNV.
      Did you manage to solve or decrease the usual problem that the Bethesda games have with the DLC and save files when they get bigger?
    11. buj...
      Skyrim_1.png Skyrim_2.png for my some times runs slow (but i tink is because install all mods...xD)
      clayson likes this.
    12. Bloodmoons366466
      Sounds like its worth trying then.This will make a great alternative to my pc running mods if i want to save hdd space on my pc,since i dont have a xbox one,and the ps4 version of skyrim is sadly locked into internal assets.
    13. clayson
      Well by no means is it a great alternative to PC modding in any way, shape, or form. This was built mainly for console-only users who don't own PCs to play the game with less lag and if they want to spice up their games with mods they certainly can. However it's not the worst experience on PS3 either I played up to level 50 and I liked it. :)

      Although it's quite interesting you mention PS4 Skyrim Modding, I have gotten external assets to run on PS4 Skyrim and Fallout 4 on 4.05/4.55. :-p

      • Fallout 4 PS4 4.05/4.55

      • Skyrim PS4 4.05/4.55

      There is more modding stuff on my channel.
      Although I haven't released a guide yet or anything (asking doesn't make it any quicker). Still awesome though. :D

      It relies on some .ini edits and patches, but Fallout New Vegas works really different so nothing that works in Skyrim will work in Fallout New Vegas. Me and @qwerty607 have been researching it and so far we found a way to load lot's of mods easily, but external assets have had a problem (and yes we know about archiveinvalidation). :)

      Although if you wait a bit Fallout New Vegas Elite Edition will roll around hopefully. :D
      Last edited: May 17, 2018
    14. SilenceMe
      Hey this is awesome. But still is there a way you could add the UESP Mod for Bles (and Blus).
      I have a Ps3 Super Slim exploited with psxploit. So its not jailbroken nor is a cfw installed.

      It's so annoying that there are so many bugs in this game and this mod fixes them.

      Any hint/help would be appreciated too
    15. clayson
      The version on Nexus does not work, but I haven't tried other alternatives. I have not tested them yet, but hopefully me or someone else will get to it first.
      SilenceMe likes this.
    16. tomchr
      I have tried to install the latest USLEEP patch 3.0.13a on BLUS31202. It seems to load ok, but the Dualshock controls are not working properly (i.e. cannot move the character at all, but can get into system menus).
    17. clayson
      Hmm that's an interesting problem, depending on what files USLEEP changes I think I might be able to fix this issue, but don't take my word for it. :)

      It always annoyed me that Xbox 360 could run this mod, but not PS3 (I could understand lag problems on PS3, but not these other problems.) Anyways I'm gonna try to look into it. :D
    18. dryferbones
      Anyway to install this using HAN? Also with original disc?
    19. clayson
      For anyone who reported the problem I had with mixing up some of the .pkg files in the mod list I have fixed that. So I have added Lockpick Pro and fixed Bigger Better Sun! :)

      As I have said above this is not for HAN, but only CFW at the moment. I can assure however that a HAN version is planned for release, HAN versions would technically work with the original disc.

      Skyrim Legendary Edition (BLUS31202) is the best version of Skyrim for PS3 right now which is why this mod is for that. Most of the HAN ports will be the same (in fact the HAN port for BLUS31202 might have less features which is pretty ironic). :)

      My HAN Game Modding thread does cover Skyrim modding though, just not Skyrim Elite Edition v3.0. http://www.psx-place.com/threads/ps3xploit-han-game-modding-thread.16939
      Last edited: May 29, 2018
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