PS3 sMAN (webMAN + sLaunch) combined into a single plugin by deank

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By STLcardsWS on Feb 13, 2017 at 8:55 PM
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    We have seen developer @deank cooking up some nice brew lately, the latest creation of sLaunch has now evolved into a new plugin called sMAN, bringing the original vision of the developer to this single plugin containing webMAN & sLaunch, rather then having two separate plugins loaded at boot time (like the preview releases) deank uses a single plugin slot while making sLaunch an even faster sprx loaded dynamically. For simplicity, he concatenated into just one file called sman.sprx the various sprx parts of the app (rawseciso/netiso/slaunch/sman) as well as the html parts of the XMB "Sman Games" feature. If you like to use this alternative UI for loading games, then you should use the sMAN plugin going forward, if you like the traditional way (w/ My Games) then you can use the XMB feature or simply switch to the webMAN plugin as both version will still available for users.


    • Now, let's move forward to the next step...

      Later today I'll release the "sMAN" - which is webMAN + sLaunch in one plugin. The reason - this is what webMAN was supposed to be - the way I wanted to be since day one:
      • Use only one plugin slot
      • Use about 128KB less vsh memory (about 384KB total vsh memory)
      • Support for /dev_usb000 to /dev_usb128
      • No need for boot delays for scanning usb drives
      • No need for XML generation, "refresh xml" or other complicated tasks
      • No need for the "My Games" entry in XMB (no need for custom category_game.xml)
      • Simplified setup page, eject/unmount/rescan/grouping options available within sMAN's front-end (sLaunch)
      • Support for over 1000 games
      • FTP/WEB/NTFS/NETISO support by the sMAN's back-end (webMAN)
      • Simple use in any cobra compatible CFW by adding sman.sprx to boot_plugins.txt without modifying other files
      • The front-end (menu) is not using resources when not active (opposed to slaunch.sprx)
      • Updated - it now supports switching groups/content-type (ALL/PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP/VIDEO) - press the [SQUARE] button.



      p.s. The features in bold will be gradually introduced for easier transition for the users who decide to switch to sMAN.

      Edit: eventually deank decided to add the XMB "Webman Games" feature to sMan as many end users were asking for it.
      It brings back the old XML creation problem he originally wanted to get rid of however it works quite well.
      The only real glitch in sMan 1.11n (& in the latest wMM actually) is found with a limited number of ntfs hdd where the partition cannot be read using the libntfs_ext library port. Hopefully this bug should get fixed after investigation...

      The XMB Game list remains optional however, to be toggled in the sMan settings page.

    • Random Comments about sMAN from deank
      • The good thing about sMAN is that it doesn't require large amounts of memory no matter how many games you have. It can handle 2000, 3000, 5000 games even.
      • sMAN is working a bit faster than sLaunch (at least it looks that way).
      • If you decide to use sman.sprx - remove webftp_server.sprx and slaunch.sprx from your boot_plugins.txt. It is not possible to use them at the same time.
      • Yes, fan-control is still there, because it is "webMAN" in the background. For languages - there is nothing different to webMAN - you'll have to compile it yourself with proper gui.h.

    • Video (POC Version)
      ScreenShot (from preview version)


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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 13, 2017.

    1. sandungas
      To be fair... is not a bug, but an incompatibility in between sman and irisman
      And is hard to know if the problem could be on sman or irisman, though i tend to think is in irisman just because sman is more simple (less room for mistakes)

      Maybe what im going to say is not related at all with the problem... but im thinking what could be happening is irisman does some kind of "remapping" of the usb device... so when you get back to sman it thinks is a different device (so its contents are added again to the game list xml)
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    2. bguerville
      I suspected something like that as well tbh... Although, Irisman should unmount the device before exiting to leave the file system in the same state as it found it, if it does not, it would be a bug in Irisman, not an incompatibility! [emoji6]
      Maybe a look into sman.xml will give us some more clues..
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    3. anditsung
      i found about this when i copy ps2 game to internal hdd

      other than duplicate games, sman working great
    4. kaser
      How to use it?
    5. bguerville
      Read the OP.
      You need Cobra enabled (or Mamba), you must remove webman if installed, copy sman.sprx to /dev_hdd0/plugins folder & add the path to sman.sprx in /dev_hdd0/boot_plugins.txt.
      Then reboot.
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    6. atanastoyanov
      Hey guys, just tried this awesome plugin and I have to say that it is really amazing. So far I have tried only PS3 games, but I also have some PS2 games that I like to back up. Before I do so, I'd like to ask if the plugin still requires the PS2-ISO files to be on the internal HDD or it is able to read them also from the external HDD. And if the latter is possible, what kind of a file system should the external HDD have. I have read the whole thread here but I didn't find an answer to these (maybe for the others very simple) questions, so I have decided to ask :unconscious:.

      Thanks in advance for your answers
    7. smf
      AFAIK the PS2 emulation can only cope with reading files from the internal hard drive and the only thing any manager can do is auto copy the external images to the internal drive.

      AFAIK this plugin doesn't do that though.
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    8. atanastoyanov
      Damn! I hoped that this plugin (which makes so many things good) could also solve this problem. But it seems, that emulating a PS2 ISO from an external HDD is still not possible (or maybe people don't put so much efford in it, since we have the PCSX2 emulator for the PC, which gets the job done and pretty good imho). Still, it would have been nice to have the opportunity. Anyway, thanks for the reply :)
    9. umart666
      thanks man,working on latest rebug rex without issue so far.

      couple of questions - is there a way to categorise content?by default it lists all by alphabetical would be really nice if could somehow we could be able to categorise content.

      also,is there a way to faster trigger game screen?it seems it needs a couple of seconds of pressing L2+R2 to trigger,at least for me.

      thanks again m8!
    10. joe7dust
      Have you tried hitting Square? You might have to have the app_home game selected for it to work.
    11. kyvaughn
      Please implement per-game external data option. And maybe a favorite or recently played option.
    12. joe7dust
      Oooooo, is this suggestion time? OK my turn then. Add more hotkeys! We need a restart into recovery mode hotkey or a quick way to rebuild database. I currently just load up rebug toolbox and turn on recovery next boot because its faster than holding down the power button for 20-30 seconds. I see there is a "custom" hotkey entry also with a big blank text box next to it. A tip or something telling what kind of language it is expecting there would be nice too. I did not even bother to try putting "reboot into recovery mode" there because the chances of it understanding would be very low.
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    13. bitsbubba
      webMAN MOD has shortcut/links to these on it's setup page, possibly hotkey don't know haven't looked
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    14. bguerville
      Whether or not this kind of features belong in a backup manager is a question of opinion I suppose.

      Nowadays I tend to think it does not & that the main reason for them to have been included in some backup managers in the past was the lack of alternatives at the time.
      However imo the custom xai_plugin release changed the situation much & such features can finally be externalised & called from XMB or even from brews...
      Last edited: Dec 19, 2017
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    15. joe7dust
      If you are referring to the web browser based setup I have seen all those hotkeys and there is only normal restart. It is also where the blank custom option I was referring to is located. It looks to be bound to r2+square or circle but it's next field is blank.
    16. bitsbubba
      webMAN MOD setup page under IDPS & MEM Setup you'll find them right next to the Delete: options
    17. bguerville
      The custom combo feature can actually remap any combo, the one option you refer to is the standard option but you can do much more. Look again at the wMM combo list for more info.

      To use such a combo, all you need to do is use the web command (see wMM Web Commands list) & add the http command GET before it.
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    18. XeCuTioNR
      Is it possible to add a PSX Emu Selector to choose between standard & netemu versions in sMan in the next update? Love the launcher so far! Thanks Dean!
    19. Spawn
      Where do I find the wMM web command list?

      When I ran the wMM setup for the first time, my custom command field was not empty. It still has the command filled out, something with "block_servers" (can't remember from the top of my head but will check and edit this post as soon as my daughter is asleep).
    20. STLcardsWS
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