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By STLcardsWS on Mar 2, 2015 at 3:21 AM
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    PSX-Place's own moderator and scene developer bitsbubba straight out of "Camp Crystal Lake" has been busy freeing us of those damn USELESS PSN requirements on many 3rd-party applications on the PlayStation 3. These are Round 2 (if you have downloaded them from before via this link or just seen them on other sites recently, we suggest you delete and install these lighter compressed ones, also there has been some new ones added such as PopcornFlix . Click on the titles below for the downloads of these applications.

    Update: see updates below: Check back often

    UPDATE - AUGUST 13, 2017:
    New and Updated links can be seen

    No PSN.jpg

    • WWE Network Added (bitsbubba)
    UPDATE 2:
    • Took all files down and uploaded new (all tested on 4.46) (bitsbubba)
    • Added CrunchyRoll and FUNimation klicense (bitsbubba)
    UPDATE 3:

    • Italian Gaming review Website (from Metion)
    UPDATE 4:

    • Italian Gaming review Website (from francesco.lanzillotta)
    • NEW IGN link 4.46 support (bitsbubba)
    UPDATE 5:

    • MLBtv Added (from francesco.lanzillotta)

    Subscriptions / NotesS​
    11 MB
    Pay per Movie /Show or Prime Membership
    22.4 MB
    20.1 MB
    Requires Activation (.rap)

    29.8 MB
    Requires Subscription

    16.1 MB
    15.5 MB
    Requires Subscription

    15.5 MB
    Requires Subscription (Plex Pass)
    8.6 MB
    10.0 MB
    24.8 MB
    15 MB
    Requires Subscription
    14.2 MB
    MLB.TV no PSN updated to version 2.12
    14.3 MB
    NBA Game Times no PSN

    44 MB
    Italian users:
    Italian Gaming review Website (Fixed by Metion)
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 2, 2015.

    1. h0lmes90

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    2. bitsbubba
      Ok most these apps that were patched by me were hosted on my MEGA account which has been closed down (possibly because of these apps) if I have any time (which I haven't lately) I'll see what I still have and host them else place. If anybody else have any that they have patched themselves (or copies of mine) I would appreciate if you could upload them, thanks so much for your guys (and gals) support
    3. GNT
      reupload pls
    4. neruve
      I can take over the spoofing of Netflix and keep it uploaded for as long as the spoof method still works. (It probably won't be until this weekend that I can get it up though as the schedule for the holidays is pretty hectic)

      If other apps spoof the same way I'm sure I can handle that as well. I just don't use them so I don't know when they need updated, etc.
    5. killbill999
      Can anyone release 'Plex Media Server' as the app is now free no subscription required anymore, thanks in advance.
    6. Verzantgray
    7. killbill999
    8. complexusername
      can someone please re-upload hulu?
    9. bitsbubba
      as far as I can remember Hulu had change their Webkit to where the patches we were using did no longer work

      Edit: if you have Hulu installed on your system now maybe you can get me the title ID and can give it a go again, no promises
      Last edited: Jan 29, 2016
    10. Verzantgray
      Someone got lucky with Spotify and TuneIn Radio?
    11. bigjokker
    12. Verzantgray
      [MENTION=3840]bigjokker[/MENTION] "Error connecting to Playstation Network please try again later" :(
    13. crj1985
      is it possible to do this for UPLAY
    14. Derf321
      Old versions of the apps should work indefinitely, right? I'd also like to ask you the process behind making these (though I found an old tutorial for Netflix), or if they're different for each one. I'd like to add it to /r/ps3homebrew/wiki. Please let me know by contacting me on PS3hax (same username) or /u/Derf_Jagged, as I don't have messaging permissions on this new account. Thanks!
    15. ituligadj
      Spotify still asking for psn........ anyone???
    16. DeViL303
      I have added all the NO-PSN apps I could find to XMBPD 0.20.00 for easy downloading (if you are on Rebug 4.78-4.80) :)


      The Spotify and Singstar Apps I have included still require PSN..They are the official Sony apps, I have included them here in the downloader because once this is installed you will no longer get those (annoying?) download links on your main XMB.

      If anyone has any No-PSN packages that they don't see on the list let me know and ill add them.

      (Thanks to [MENTION=6]bitsbubba[/MENTION] for all the packages, I have credited him with patching them all, If anyone thinks I made a mistake let me know, Thanks to [MENTION=12243]Verzantgray[/MENTION] for reposting most of them here)
      Last edited: Jun 21, 2016
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    17. basiliks
    18. Nomeji
      Could you update netflix to make it compatible with 4.80.
      I don't know exactly why but it seems that the app is unable to connect to all Netflix servers.
      On the network screen it's showing that it's unable to connect to netflix server 2 and 3. Server 1 is correct but the app won't lunch.
      Any solution?
      A quick explanation of how you reverse engine the apps to remove PSN could be useful too.
    19. bitsbubba
      Still being worked on by 3 or 4 devs, right now it's hit or miss whether it works or not. Netflix has implemented different checks other then the ones that have been patch
    20. bguerville
      Each application requiring psn connection uses a different way to implement such a requirement. As a result one must use a different patch for each app. Some patches are easy to find & changes easy to apply, others are much more complicated to find.
      Currently there is a number of apps for which we still have no patch.

      Unfortunately Netflix which was easily patched before is now problematic.
      There was no such thing as real reverse engineering involved in patching Netflix though. A quick sprx decrypting & string search in the resulting prx was all that was needed. I already explained in the nopsn app thread how to do it.
      But that won't help you anymore... If you want more information about this problem I suggest you read the posts since June 2016 in the nopsn app thread.

      Recent changes made by Netflix to its servers have made the previous patch obsolete... Until someone finds a way to circumvent the server issue you are left with 2 choices:

      1. Use patched Netflix EU 1.04 pkg I released back in June. It's the only package I know of that still works but you will most likely experience frequent freezes.

      2. Use the official version & connect to PSN using PSNPatch or SEN Enabler. If your console is banned you need to acquire a new cid. Consider buying a 10 bucks dead unbanned console for parts & cid!

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