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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 2, 2015.

By STLcardsWS on Mar 2, 2015 at 3:21 AM
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    PSX-Place's own moderator and scene developer bitsbubba straight out of "Camp Crystal Lake" has been busy freeing us of those damn USELESS PSN requirements on many 3rd-party applications on the PlayStation 3. These are Round 2 (if you have downloaded them from before via this link or just seen them on other sites recently, we suggest you delete and install these lighter compressed ones, also there has been some new ones added such as PopcornFlix . Click on the titles below for the downloads of these applications.

    Update: see updates below: Check back often

    UPDATE - AUGUST 13, 2017:
    New and Updated links can be seen

    No PSN.jpg

    • WWE Network Added (bitsbubba)
    UPDATE 2:
    • Took all files down and uploaded new (all tested on 4.46) (bitsbubba)
    • Added CrunchyRoll and FUNimation klicense (bitsbubba)
    UPDATE 3:

    • Italian Gaming review Website (from Metion)
    UPDATE 4:

    • Italian Gaming review Website (from francesco.lanzillotta)
    • NEW IGN link 4.46 support (bitsbubba)
    UPDATE 5:

    • MLBtv Added (from francesco.lanzillotta)

    Subscriptions / NotesS​
    11 MB
    Pay per Movie /Show or Prime Membership
    22.4 MB
    20.1 MB
    Requires Activation (.rap)

    29.8 MB
    Requires Subscription

    16.1 MB
    15.5 MB
    Requires Subscription

    15.5 MB
    Requires Subscription (Plex Pass)
    8.6 MB
    10.0 MB
    24.8 MB
    15 MB
    Requires Subscription
    14.2 MB
    MLB.TV no PSN updated to version 2.12
    14.3 MB
    NBA Game Times no PSN

    44 MB
    Italian users:
    Italian Gaming review Website (Fixed by Metion)
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 2, 2015.

    1. Nomeji
      Thanks a lot for your help. I will actively follow the NoPSN Apps as I see your often posting update.
      I will help you as much as I can if you need to test things.

      I'm going to go for the first solution as a test.
      The second solution seems the more appropriate, I'm ban so using a new cid would be a much more long term solution. Unfortunately I didn't downgrade my PS3 myself so I don't have the tools needed to extract the CID from the dead console for now. Buying the dead PS3 and the tools would be a bit expensive I guess. I also saw cid selling on eBay but considering the risk of being banned again it looks a bit expensive too. I saw your advises on how not to be ban using psnpatch on the NoPSN thread and it looks cool so I will probably look forward to this solution in the future.

      Thanks again!
    2. bguerville

      No problem.
      The more users involved in the search for a valid Netflix patch the better...[emoji5]️

      Personally I am going to be very busy this month due to a more important ps3 brew project so I dunno if I will have any time to look into Netflix but others might...

      Btw if you don't have the hardware, you could ask a shop to extract the cid from a dead console for you, it would not be expensive...


      I checked your idea about patching the Netflix server 2/3 addresses but I didn't find any such reference to the Netflix servers in the 3 main sprx files.

      I checked those very quickly so I could have missed something but am not too hopeful.

      It's possible that the Netflix servers url/ip list could be made on first run & kept in the cache files we have been talking about recently...
      I have not looked into those cache files at all yet...

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    3. ERISAN2121
      I have not looked into those cache files at all yet...

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    4. bguerville
      I have not had time to look into it either...
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    5. MikeM
      Links on MEGA are not working. At least the Netflix and YouTube ones. Can you fix it please?

      Thank you
    6. bguerville
      Here is the only Netflix nopsn that still works. EU 1.04
      Members have reported that it is possible to install EU 1.04 above, login to Netflix first. Then update to EU 1.13 official with the pkg. & it should work fine.
      You can try.

      There's no patched US Netflix version working with nopsn anymore afaik.
    7. bitsbubba
      Yeah I would have tried this as mine finally stopped working but now I have no internet so now waiting on that
    8. Ninja
      Any update on a Netflix solution or workaround?

      Like many others i have same problem, it starte up and everything seems to work but hangs at 25%.
      Error/info aip-705, in network test it gives error on internet speed witch is 100/100mbit..

      Tried the different solutions with v1.04/1.13 and v2.19 with no luck

      Has anyone testet on older CFW like Rebug 4.78 or will that give same error/problem?

    9. Nomeji
      @Ninja I had that problem too. You can correct that by connect and disconnect your account evey time you restart the PS3
      But it's not needed anymore, there is a new method, see #147.
    10. bguerville
      Cfw is not the only issue lol.
      Netflix changed its server side implementation, little we can do about that... The old patching method doesn't help anymore. It might be a possible to RE the app & find a new patch but as I explained before, psn connection is only an issue if your cid is banned otherwise you can safely use psnpatch...

      Anyway try the workaround solution @Nomeji has mentioned. It should work. You must install EU 1.04 spoofed/patched, login to Netflix then install EU 1.13 official over it.
    11. roie
      The PLEX link on MEGA isn't available: "The file you are trying to download is no longer available."
      Can you fix it please?
      Thank you.
    12. kozarovv
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    13. roie
    14. kozarovv
      Is in "No PSN Bypass Needed" tab. Here, I copy/pasted it for you.

      Title ID: NPUP31350
      Version: 1.01
      Packages: Original / Debug Package
      Content ID:
      OPD: 0x000000
      TOC: 0x000000
      Export Table: 0x000000
      Import Table: 0x000000

      Target: [Not Required]

      Comments: No PSN Bypass Is Needed For This App!

      Title ID: NPEB02144
      Version: 1.01
      Packages: Original / Debug Package
      Content ID:
      OPD: 0x000000
      TOC: 0x000000
      Export Table: 0x000000
      Import Table: 0x000000

      Target: [Not Required]

      Comments: No PSN Bypass Is Needed For This App!
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    15. roie
      @kozarovv Thanks! I don't know how I've missed that.

      I will check this when I get home.
      Just to make sure, the error I am seeing is "you need a sony entertainment network account to use this application" this is the PSN right?
      I'm new at this and want to make sure I understood correctly.
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    16. esc0rtd3w
    17. bguerville
      After reading your posts again & as you mention being new to this, I was reminded of something else you might not be aware of yet. Then again, it is only an assumption on my part, all this might already be clear for you so if it is, just ignore my babbling. [emoji6]
      So FYI.

      Do not get confused between
      1. the need to be connected to PSN in order to be able to use certain apps like YouTube/Netflix etc...
      2. the one-time PSN connection required to create necessary local files for proper ps3 licensing mechanisms to function correctly.

      The former (1) can be defeated by using apps patched for no PSN, thanks to @esc0rtd3w for the extensive list of successful hacks. Note that Plex does not require such a patch because it already works natively without needing you to sign in. You should not get a pesky PSN login page after you launch Plex.

      The latter (case 2) however is a step that needs to be done on every ps3 at least once in order to create locally critical profile files such as the important act.dat (unless you restore a backup of the file or use the reactpsn workaround I mention later in this post). For the ps3 to be fully functional online (and activated in order to game online, retrieve PSN content or even play licensed content offline) there must be at least one profile on your ps3 linked to a PSN account. It is a step needed for many things & even if you never use PSN.
      If ever the console idps (console id) is banned, you need to spoof a spare valid idps from another console in order to perform this one-off PSN connection. When completely stuck (banned idps, no spare idps to spoof, no act.dat backup to restore), there is a workaround with the old reactpsn brew which can create a fake act.dat. The recommended way, if you have a valid idps of course, is to create an official act.dat though because fake ones made by reactpsn have some compatibility limitations.

      Like I said, you might already have your ps3 setup correctly but I hope this data helps you clarify the PSN apps situation a little bit... [emoji4]
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    18. STLcardsWS
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    19. roie
      Thanks @bguerville! Actually you are right, I was not aware of that.

      Last night after I've failed to connect again, I did some more research and read somewhere that you need to connect to psn at least once, but I wasn't sure I understand correctly and honestly quite afraid to try this after reading that login to psn could get you banned.

      But now you have clarified this for me. [emoji3]

      Is there a special way to do that? As I said I'm quite new at this and prefer to ask first.
      I've recently updated to REBUG 4.81.2 REX EDITION.

      Thanks in advance.
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    20. bguerville
      Yes there is way to do this properly.
      You must first install psnpatch (get it from
      Remember you should have Cobra enabled & use Rebug Mode. Both should be set correctly in the Selector column of the Rebug Toolbox.
      Once done, launch Psnpatch, press Select to open the Cobra Toolbox page & choose to install the psnpatch plugin, don't select anything else like webman, only psnpatch plugin. Press Start to apply the changes, the console will restart & you will see a pop up message from psnpatch letting you know it's loaded.
      From now on, you are protected against accidental psn connections. In order to connect to PSN, you must use the gamepad combo L3+R3+L2 to trigger the psnpatch process. After that you can connect to PSN safely as long as your idps is valid.
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