PS4 {TuToRiaL} How to Read & Write to process memory using proc_rwmem

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    Scene Contributor zecoxao is a wealth of knowledge in the PlayStation Hacking Communities and this time around an improved process is shared in this new PS4 Tutorial that has been prepared, as @zecoxao shares "How to Read & Write to process memory using roc_rwmem" on a PlayStation 4 Console with v1.76 Firmware Installed . With credits to wskeu & wildcard for detailing of the original Read & Write method. This new peek & poke approach using proc_rwmem is now more efficient as a result.


    • Credits(these go first):
      Original authors: wskeu(for the reading part), wildcard (for the writing part)​


    • Steps:
      1. Compile the payload. Specifically to what you want to patch, the size, etc. So, this:
      and this:

      2. Load elf-loader. Let it stabilize on stage 5. (To increase success rate, clear cookies, cache and history)

      3. Load the payload. Specifically:

      4. This payload will take a while to listen to logs. Be patient. After a while it'll show log output with the memory before and memory after.

      Notes: this is process peek and poke (reading and writing to process memory) using proc_rwmem, which is more efficient than the old method.

    Source of Tutorial:
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 29, 2016.

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