PS VITA / PS TV [Unofficial] Portable Final Burn Alpha (PFBA) : rsn8887 offers new mods in this fork

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By STLcardsWS on Aug 6, 2017 at 12:53 PM
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    We seen the RetroArch (Vita) updated recently which also has its own FBA (Final Burn Alpha) Arcade emulator (core), but a new fork has emerged recently from rsn8887 who has added some addional changes to PFBA (Vita) Emulator a release originally by Cpasjuste, This fork has a variety of changes for enjoying those classic Arcade hits, all additions and difference in this version of Portable Final Burn Alpha (pFBA) are outlined in the release notes: ​


    • PFBA Vita_mod: Modded version of Portable Final Burn Alpha for the Vita
      Quick release with my additions/changes to Cpasjuste's awesome PFBA emulator for Vita.
      Big thanks to Cpasjuste for a great codebase. This release page might be ahead or behind Cpasjuste's repository depending when pull requests are merged etc.

      pfba2.jpg pfba3.jpg
      Changelog of this modded version
      • PFBA: fix analog stick angular zone sizes (22.5 degrees per half zone now, e.g. eight 45 degree zones)
      • PFBA: fix analog controls (broke in last release)
      • PFBA: fix joystick controls with radial deadzone & symmetric diagonals
      • PFBA: fix flickering borders if FIT is disabled
      • PFBA: UniBIOS disables asm core only for Neogeo games
      • PFBA: add option to change neo-geo bios (hyln9)
      Note: For Unibios support, the file uni-bios_3_2.rom must be present in


      • pulled in latest changes by Cpasjuste as follows:
        • PFBA: add option to configure menu(s) button(s)
        • PFBA: add analog support (after burner 2, outrun...)
        • PFBA: add NO_KEYBOARD flag to disable keyboard configuration
        • FBA: fix wrong colors on konami games
        • FBA: fix eeprom (nvram) loading/saving
        • ARM: fix nec cpu (irem, raiden...)
        • PFBA: fix suppression
        • FBA: update to
        • GUI: change menu code (use submenus, should improve smaller resolution systems)
        • COMMON: add skin font size configuration
      • added rotation options OFF+FLIP (flipped vertical for handheld portrait mode with pad at the bottom) and OFF+CAB.MODE (non-rotated controls for arcade cabs and vertical monitors)
      • fixed FIT 4:3 option so it works even with rotation, and removed the now-unneeded FIT 3:4 option
      • pulled in more changes by Cpasjuste, such as some speedup in SDL library and the re-instatement of smaller audio buffer to completely eliminate all audio lag.
      • pulled all audio changes by Cpasjuste, sound seems to be perfect now on PS Vita.
      • remove unneeded audio buffer hack
      • reduce audio delay thanks to Cpasjuste, and I made a small change to it to hopefully eliminate the distortion/stutter
      • support for multiplayer/multiple controllers on Vita TV. Controllers have to be paired before PFBA is started
      • added "FIT 4:3" and "FIT 3:4" options to force the typical Arcade TV aspect ratio. Many Capcom games have strange resolutions but were designed to fill a 4:3 TV aspect ratio image. Strider and Final Fight are two examples. Without forcing 4:3 aspect these games will look stretched with too much widescreen.

      Original Read-Me and additional details about PFBA can be found via this link

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Aug 6, 2017.

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