PS3 [ UPDATE v 1.45.10 ] webMAN MOD 1.45.08 - New Update provided by Aldostools

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By STLcardsWS on Jan 7, 2017 at 2:36 AM
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    (UPDATE v1.45.10 -- Jan 13) Original Article (Jan 7) :
    Following the recent official update to webMAN from @deank, we see the popular fork (webMAN MOD) from @aldostools now receive an update, When we seen developer deank develop this plugin from the ground up with the core features. We thought the plugin could not get much better back then, then developer aldostools took over alot of the development with the fork of webMAN MOD and have thought many times how can this plugin improve, but it does as the scene improves this must have plugin keeps up with the times

    This update (v1..45.08) has numerous changes with improved CFW syscalls disabling, DeViL303's webMAN LaunchPad Add-on is now once again supported in the FULL version of the plugin, Some new VSH-Menu Backgrounds from Berion also his recent rebugfication theme come included as well. for those of you who like to stream your games from PC to PS3 note that ps3etsrv has also been updated (download below). The recent PKG handler, PkgLauncher & Mount Roms features are now found in all version types of webMAN MOD. View all the changes that developer Aldostools has applied to this update in the logs provided below

    Update v1.45.10 - This update provides some improvements to a few features inside on wMM, CFW syscall disabling has seen improvements and changes to note, Also, there was some improvements to handle the webMAN LaunchPAD better, see full changes outlined below.

    webMAN MOD Support / Info Thread can be viewed here.​

    • Update (1x) 1.45.10 Changelog (Jan 13, 2017)
      • Removed popup for BAD REQUEST / SERVER BUSY errors
      • Added option to fully disable CFW syscall 8 using R2+TRIANGLE
      • Syscalls show 'Partially disabled' if they were partially removed
      • Resized arrays for disable Syscalls (17 -> 16)
      • Reduced LaunchPad limit from 500 to 300 (This is to avoid system freeze due memory overload)
      • Adder more boundary checks generating XML of LaunchPad
      • LaunchPad XML is scanned only if wm_launchpad.xml exists
      • Moved position of 'Rename' in File Manager right-click menu

      1.45.08 Changelog (Jan 7, 2017)
      • PKG HANDLER, PKG LAUNCHER & MOUNT_ROMS now are standard features in all editions
      • Restored LaunchPad feature to FULL edition
      • Removed redirection of custom FW update returning to XMB (fixes the error 80028E01 accessing PSN; thanks to Joonie)
      • Added option to mount PS2ISO with ps2_netemu on B/C consoles using Cobra 7.5
        (use the tag [netemu] in the file name or add ?emu=ps2_netemu whem mounting a PS2ISO)
      • Added free space graphic for /dev_flash on File Manager
      • Mount /app_home or /dev_bdvd now perform unmount
      • Added disable CFW syscalls: 15, 202, 20
      • Fixed detection of firmware version for 4.81 DECR
      • Fixed exclusion of NTFS games with parenthesis ").ntfs["
      • Added PKG with rebugification theme by Berion
      • VSH Menu now installs 2 new background themes by Berion
      • Updated ps3netsrv build 20170106


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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 7, 2017.

    1. Berion
      Metalification ;p The same style as XMBPD.

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    2. Zoilus
      first of all MAN...joonie is a developer ....the one who makes case you didn't know, so show some **bleeping** respect! And yes that was an answer because your question was "how do on get to play online safely without being banned" .....and thats IMPOSSIBLE because on cfw there is ALWAYS a chance of you getting banned no matter what you do period!

      and everybody on the face of the earth for the last 8yrs or so knows that except I guess for super mega ultra noobs deluxe.

      so the ONLY way to play without getting banned as @Joonie mentioned is to use a disc using habib dual boot firmware.
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    3. Zoilus
      @Joonie you have so much patients and you're so calm how do you do it :confused3:
    4. Joonie
      I just finished my lunch so I'm not a crankypants at the moment lol
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    5. malek
      guys why all that temper i was just asking how to configure webman to play online + i know how to use psnpatch and i know exactly what i asked about !!
      i know how to use R2+triangle to disable the syscall and all of that ; just the right configuration and i will be glad
    6. Johnnie
    7. Joonie
      If you use psnPATCH, then it will disable everything you needed, so you don't need to change anything on webMAN since all the syscall options will be gone.

      if you don't use psnPATCH


      then set to fully disabled will be enough, however you can't use any CFW features after you do this.

      it's pretty logical to put it this way if you were a thief and want to sneak into SONY's network server,
      first thing you need to do is to unlock the door and when you steal whatever you needed you need to lock the door afterwards make sure there's no trail of anything.

      So with the same theory, you need to mount the game first with multiman or webMAN, then disable the syscall later before logging in to PSN
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    8. habib
      If you even use multiman->probably a ban to you some apps check for its title id.change idps on eid?ecdsa check in lv1ldr and i think its exported through vsh
      The only safe method is that you use original unbanned idps+db ofw+new hdd
      There is almost no chance of a ban that way
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    9. bguerville
      Leave those webMAN-MOD setting alone.
      Except dynamic fan control which needs tweaked according to your liking, every other setting in wMM can safely remain on default.
      There is no ideal configuration.

      If you want to protect yourself from a psn ban, use psnpatch 2017, not webMAN-MOD.
      It's very easy to use (app or plugin).
      You mount the game first then you trigger psnpatch which will disable syscalls, delete history & make your CFW look like ofw.
      Once done you can safely connect to PSN.
      When you want to change game or start a brew you must reboot first & do this all over again.

      However note that it is only "safe" with psn & playing most games (avoid the handful of riskier ones). But if you use game mods or cheat online then you will get banned sooner or later, no matter the protection you use.

      If you want to be sure your console won't get banned, get hold of a pair of idps/psid from a dead console & use psnpatch to spoof those. That way if you get banned, you will only be losing those spare ids.

      As to the tension you mentioned, it may be due to the fact that the information you seek is widely available on many threads of this forum, you did not read anything prior to asking your questions. Some of the people who took time to reply to you are among the most knowledgeable on the scene, you are lucky they even care enough to help you.
      You may not like their answers but in the end, they told you the truth, there is no way to be 100% safe from a ban.
      Habib told you the best way to protect yourself.
      Joonie told you to use psnpatch. You should probably have read the psnpatch main thread by now. If not, do so, most questions have already been answered there...
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    10. Coldlm
      Im enjoying the conversation so far, while thankfull for the new update:)
      @Joonie and @habib are right,. There is no 100% full proof method not to get banned!

      and to my experience i have no clue whats going on,. I played online for a whole year while using mM and other CFW stuff and still okay! but i know guys that used a homebrew once. While logged in and an ID ban! (maybe a region thing!)

      How ever you can try to be "safer"
      using Webman stright off aint enough!

      *mount your game (with mM or Webman or... etc)
      *disable syscalls then delete history (Sen,. Psnpatch, Webman. R2+Traingle ... )
      *optional ** put a legit history back with Filezella!
      *start the game,. go online,
      * use ControlConsole API to change your ID to 00000000000000000000000000000000
      *Charles is blocking sony links
      **and dont be a. clown online (starting things up,. cheating... etc)
      *and hope for the best
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    11. Coldlm
      Unless you call a 12-year-old an idiot ;)
      true story,. my friend called a kid an idiot on gta online,. and got banned for threatening him or what ever!
    12. Joonie
      for the all those history stuff, I simply use two separate profiles because history records are per profile and offline ones won't be sent upon PSN login.

      I used to research a lot of stuff related PSN but then I lost interests as soon as I started messing with firmware modding instead of game modding xD

      well all my ps3s are still not banned ever since May 2013
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    13. bguerville
      And CCAPI for id spoofing is overkill.
      No need to install Ccapi for that, psnpatch does a great job of it anyway.
      I never ever got banned & I signin everyday, for years.. No protection in DEX & psnpatch in CEX.
      As long as you don't mod or cheat, I really believe you won't get banned..
    14. Coldlm
      @Joonie I think sony should stop making ps3 people nervous and maybe concentrate on the new gen because its already being cracked:)

      @bguerville i dont think you can change your ID while playing using psnpatch,. Unless there is a plug in to do it on the go,. But i havnt been active. much so i could be wrong!
    15. Thatsingstarthingyguy
      I get question marks in the XMB title of the updater (the wordy one, that is scrolling from right to left) instead of the Cyrillic symbols. Something like "L1 - ???, R1 - ?????". System language is set to Russian, and I can only read the title if and when I switch to English. I'm on 4.81.1 REBUG REX. It's the first time I use webman mod updater and experience such a feature. Game titles at the same time are shown as expected with all the Cyrillic symbols visible. Is it something with encoding?
    16. bguerville
      Why would you you ever want to change your idps while playing? I cannot think of any good reason to do that...
    17. bguerville
      Yes I know about this issue. It was reported a week ago. @aldostools I did not want to bother you back then but there is an issue with the updater xmb title in Russian...
    18. Coldlm
      Furce of habit maybe! But changing your ID to 000... could make it harder for game servers to ban your console! Not sony servers though,. Just a wilde maybe!
    19. bguerville
      This is a myth imo.
      The game servers don't need to detect your cid while you are online, they already have the cid declared to PSN when signing in. Game servers get your profile info from PSN as soon as you connect.
      At best, it's useless to spoof during gameplay. And I will say it again, except for modding there is no advantage in using Ccapi.
      If you are modding or cheating online, you will get banned again anyway no matter what you do.
      Last edited: Jan 8, 2017
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    20. aldostools
      The ??? in the title for the Russian language was a placeholder. A few days ago I already changed that title back to the English description:
      webMAN Mod 1.45.08 [Hold down R1 for VSH Menu, L1 for Full Edition, X for Lite Edition]

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