PS3 [Update v1.05] sMAN vv1.02 : New "Setup" Option in side-menu of new UI by deank

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By STLcardsWS on Feb 19, 2017 at 11:22 AM
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    If you have not heard of sMAN already. its a new plugin from legendary developer deank. sMAN combines webMAN (vanilla) and recently developed sLaunch feature (that was a separate plugin complementing webMAN). So what is the difference between webMAN & sMAN, sMAN provides a UI experiance for changing games on the XMB, as seen in the ScreenShot provided directly from the XMB you will be greeted with this new way to mount a game. Prefer the original way? Then deank still has you covered with his original webMAN plugin as well. This update provides a new "Setup" option in the side menu and also completely does away with the "My Games" entry on the XMB and to launch the sMAN (slaunch feature) simple hold the START button on your dualshock controller to launch this new UI from the XMB. See full details in deank's release quote

    Update: Deank also released a quick update to version 1.02 offering a few improvements/fixes outlined. Update 2: deank is on fire releasing another update to sMAN with the release of v1.05, note this version changes the START button to L1/R1 to launch the sluanch feature on the XMB, see all changes in the changelogs provided.


    • sMAN (webMAN + sLaunch)

      sMAN 1.01 (2/192017)
      • Added "Setup" option in side-menu
      • Removed xml generation - no need for custom category_game.xml anymore
      • Removed xai_plugin/idle_plugin usage
      • Added x2 upscale for small images/covers (w/h < 336)
      • Added indication of current group mode (PS3 1 / xxx) under title name/path
      • Removed "My Games" entry from XMB - hold [START] to launch sMAN (Note: changed to R2/L2 in v1.05 see below)
      Update(1) - sMAN v1.02 (2/19/2017)
      • Changed netiso/rawseciso implementation (external) - use plugin slot #0
      • Fixed crash when trying to load another PS1 title after one is played
      Update(2) - sMAN v1.05 (2/19/2017)
      • Use [L2+R2] to start sMAN
      • The sprx is bigger (but actually uses less memory) because it contains some glued resources
      • It will use standard PS1/PS2/PSP/PS3/Blu-ray/DVD icons when there is no proper cover/image available
      • This version of the plugin must be named sman.sprx and loaded from (in this exact order):
        • /dev_hdd0/sman.sprx or
        • /dev_hdd0/plugins/sman.sprx or
        • /dev_flash/vsh/module/sman.sprx
        • otherwise it won't work. The first match of these three will be loaded.
      sMAN resource files are located in /dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp/res folder. There are six icons, background and ntfs/net external plugins. You can play with them until the next reboot when they will be restored to defaults.​

      NB: Renaming it to webftp_server.sprx and other stupid things are not supported. :)

      Thanks to @bguerville for his help about loading xmb plugins:



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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 19, 2017.

    1. deank
      There were some bugs about scanning PSXGAMES folder (and it wasn't supported on ntfs). Now PSXISO&PSXGAMES are properly scanned (ntfs/usb/internal). It won't scan subfolders. Also the popup message will show only "sMAN 1.06n" on startup.

      sman.sprx and .zip are updated. There are some other fixes and cosmetic changes.

      I prepared some changes about sman config file - it will no longer use webMAN's wmconfig.bin but will only use its own /dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp/sman.cnf. You will have to set your fan/netsrv options when you update to the next version later today.
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    2. tukixo
      Why so many people call PS1 - PSX ? On the first photo is PSX (PS2 based digital video recorder), on second photo PS1. So, the question is why you call PS1 - PSX and why folders is named PSXGAMES or PSXISO ? I think it's not right...
      psx01.jpg ps1.jpg
    3. killbill999
      @Dean , firstly I would like to say thankyou for your contribution to the ps3 scene yet again , totally excellent work as always , I just have 2 questions if possible anyone with the knowledge can answer ( does not have to be 'dean' directly )

      1. When I download sman.sprx I have to save target as and save as "sman.sprx" I believe I am doing this correctly otherwise 1.06n update surely would not show up! Please confirm if possible.

      2. Does 'sMAN' support loading of content via ps3_netserv? If so is there a particular release required? I was using WebMAN mod for quite some time but since swapping I have been unable to access ps3_netserv content, Is this plugin limited to int/ext hdd support only or is net/0 still usable?

      Reason like I stated before moving to this 'Absolutely Banging New PS3 App' I could access ps3_netserv but now sadly I cannot and have lost access to 150+ content as a result or perhaps newer pc net_serv software required

      Please answer accordingly no immediate rush as I have dealt with this for days already but do hope to correct this error in the near future.

      & thankyou in advance to anyone who can give me the details I require !!!!
    4. deank
      1) You download sman.sprx on your PC and then transfer it to your PS3 in the proper folder (usually just /dev_hdd0 if your boot_plugins.txt is pointing to /dev_hdd0/sman.sprx)

      2) sMAN supports ps3netsrv - you have to set your PC's IP/PORT in the setup page. In the build I'll release later it will support about up to 1000 PS1 titles (or 2000 PS3 titles). I'm using ps3netsrv from 2012-13 I think - the one I compiled for multiMAN years ago, but sMAN should work with the netsrv with aldo's additions.

      If you can't access your net-games - it must be the server settings. Also have in mind that sMAN doesn't support subfolders (i.e. all ISO games must be in the same folder). For PS1 games you can have games both in PSXISO and PSXGAMES, PS3 games in PS3ISO, PS2 games in PS2ISO.
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    5. oneohthree
      I haven't tried latest sMAN, but yesterday I noticed a tiny detail (sorry to report this, it's just a MINOR detail). At sMAN setup page is still an option with references to wM: 'Unload WM'.
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    6. Checcolino80
      sman has a bug moving to the right or to the left takes a freeze showing a red screen

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    7. zondieg
      Hi deank, I am on rebug 4.81.2 and I downloaded the latest sman sprx and renamed it sman.sprx and placed it in /hdd0_dev/plugins and my boot_plugin.txt is pointed at /dev_hdd0/plugins/sman.sprx and I put this boot_plugins on the root of dev_hdd0.
      Webman mod is deactivated on the rebug toolbox. When I connect my external 5TB ntfs hdd with 212 games ps3 iso games in the PS3ISO folder,sman scans the games ok and they show up on slaunch. But when I launch the game nothing is happening. What am I doing wrong?

      When I copy the same iso game on the ps3 internal hdd they launch correctly, and webman mod also launches the games correctly even fro external hdd.

      Thank you in advance for your assistance.
    8. deank
      @Checcolino80 Thank you for the report. It is fixed now.

      sman.sprx is updated:

      * After you update to this build you'll have to set your options again in the setup page (fan control and netserver's ip/port) - sman.cnf is used for sMAN's settings now
      * Fixed some issues (mostly typos).
      * Optimized some more code and reduced the compile warnings where possible

      @zondieg Can you elaborate what is exactly happening when you mount the game? Is the HDD flashing, is sMAN showing a popup with the game name? Did you wait for sMAN to fully complete its initial game scan (showing 213 games)? Can you access sMAN from a PC using a web browser? If you didn't rescan and if you used a different usb port the last time it won't work. Scanning 213 ISOs on ntfs may take couple of minutes and until scan is complete you can't mount a game.
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    9. zondieg
      @deank, when I mount the game, the hdd is not flashing, its showing a solid blue light. Yes sMan shows popup of the game name when I click on the game with x button. Yes All the 212 games are showing correctly with the covers.
      I can also access sMan on my PC using a web browser. See the attached screenshot.

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    10. deank
      Please redownload sman.sprx and try again. There was a minor issue, hopefully it is fixed. After you update the plugin use the side menu to "Refresh" the game list.
    11. zondieg
      @deank, thank you for your help but the issue is not fixed on my side. BTW I am using a powered 5TB seagate HDD and I also tried a WD 2TB hdd with no success.
    12. deank
      If it works with mM/wM it will work with sMAN.

      You can also check with your PC browser if your ntfs drive is detected. Go to sMAN's page and click on "Files".
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    13. littlebalup
      Hi @deank. Very nice job.
      Would it be possible to integrate the dynamic fan control improvements made by @aldostools on wMM? I find it mush more dynamic and smooth. For my machines at least.
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    14. Fonico87
      Sman still does not see the subfolders ps1.
      I have another problem, every time I turn on the console you load the game ulitmo started automatically. In sman options it is no more the voice for I have another problem, every time I turn on the console you load the game ulitmo started automatically. In sman options it is no more the voice for uncheck the "load last played game"the "load last played game"
    15. deank
      I checked wMM's source and it is the same algorithm that I wrote few years ago. There is only one change which makes it more aggressive in slowing down the fan when "cpu is cool", but it doesn't make it "smoother" - on the contrary it allows for more temperature fluctuations. I'm going to keep it as it is because it proved to me over the last 3-4 years that it keeps the PS3 as quiet as possible and always cool enough.
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    16. deank
      @Fonico87 I said that I will not add support for subfolders. If you don't want the last game to be loaded the next time just unmount it. It is the same as with an original PS3 game disc. If you don't eject it it will be there the next time you turn on the PS3. I'm not going to add any stupid options anymore.
    17. zondieg
      @deank, it is a odd problem. See the attached file. My ntfs drive is detected through the PC browser. I even formatted the ps3 internal hdd using my PC and put habib 4.81 but the problem is not resolved. Surprisingly on wM mod its working. Maybe I am just unlucky with sMan Lol. Anyway thanks for your time.

      Attached Files:

    18. Fonico87
      stupid is not an option, because I have all the games into sub-folders, and now I converirli all in iso or move all in PSXGAMES directory. And this is very confusing, because you also create flie .vm1 addition to the .bin and .cue.
    19. deank
      @Dino05 In the latest I updated sman_res.exe. It now supports a parameter for padding. You have to set both values (the parameter and SPRX_PAD in main.c) to the same value. I compile it with 160KB padding because I managed to make sman.sprx smaller.
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    20. ste2610
      Is there any reason why I shouldn't hide "/app_home/ps3_game/" and if it's okay do I just need to edit the category_game.xml?

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