PS3 [UPDATE] webMAN MOD 1.46.00 - Games mounted from XMB without webbrowser_plugin (using idle_plugin)

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 31, 2017.

By STLcardsWS on Jan 31, 2017 at 8:49 PM
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    Update (2/2/17/) -- v1.46.01
    Original Article (Jan 31, 2017)
    Plugin development continues on the PS3 for Custom firmware users, this week alone we have seen some new features added lin PSNpatch by KW (w./ Homebrew Blocker) and we have seen deank back with new updates to webMAN that added NTFS Support / a new XMB game loading that no longer uses the web browser trick (webbrowser_plugin), in other words the flash you see when mounting a game on the XMB In,webMAN MOD v1.46.00 the plugin incorporates that function but in a different way, this is due to the differences under the hood of the plugin. As webMAN MOD contain different support for various add-on/features that the original project by deank does not support/contain so the usage and handling of things has to be done differently to fit each project the best, for an explanation that is far better then i could offer i suggest checking out the differences between the implementation by deank and then by aldostools as its very well explained in our forums by
    @bguerville .


    • Update (2/2/17) webMAN MOD 1.46.01
      • FTP Server uses again the same algorithm on all editions.
        In 1.46.00, the FTP Server in full edition was based on the original webMAN due initial issues with NTFS library. The issue now has been fixed

    • webMAN MOD 1.46.00
      • Games now are mounted directly from XMB without the webbrowser_plugin
      Thanks to deank for the new XMB proxy included in webMAN 1.46
      • Re-structured the project : Moved all the sub-projects to _ Projects _ folder

      via Aldostols

      webMAN MOD 1.45.11
      • Added direct NTFS support to 'Full Edition'
      • Thanks to deank, freddy38510, bguerville, Zar, Joonie, Estwald.
        • Added support for auto-mount game when an USB drive is connected
          • 'Check for AUTOBOOT.ISO on startup' must be checked
          • The USB drives to be checked are the ones selected in /setup.ps3 (except /dev_ntfs)
          • The game must be named AUTOMOUNT.ISO or a JB game copied to the root of the drive
        • Added /minver.ps3

    Download: via Release Page
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 31, 2017.

    1. complexusername
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    2. oldps3fan
      awesome,works without issue :D
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    3. Fersed
      Loading games looks so clean now. Thanks.
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    4. Drag
      Earlier versions of webmaan, I enter the multiman to manage files and then exit at multiman and mount games for webmaan I was I mistake and wore prepNTFS and fixed the problem, now in this version if I forget to use the prepNTFS, xmb freezes
    5. aldostools
      You don't have to use prepNTFS every time. Only when you add/remove content to your NTFS device. Also, the full edition has integrated prepNTFS, so wMM can scan the content of NTFS devices without having to execute prepNTFS or multiMAN.

      Also try disabling the scanning for content when the system starts in /setup.ps3.
      It should improve the boot time and the content will be available when the system boots.

      Regarding the XMB freeze, wait until the XMB load all the icons before open webMAN Games.
      I only have experienced a freeze when I tried to use webMAN Games too fast after a restart.
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    6. Drag
      Just freezes the XMB if I enter the multiman and leave him and assemble games with webman mod
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    7. Drag
      I'm not used to record videos, I don't know if it's good, he's got a few cuts
    8. ashmodeo
      I've tried both versions of webman yours and official from deank's release thread and it seems that webman mod takes more time to mount a game lets say official webman takes less than a second and webman mod takes more than 2 secs to perform the task however i still prefer to use webman mod

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    9. bguerville
      Development is ongoing! Don't expect everything to be perfect straight away.
      Note that at the moment wMM 1.46.01 does not yet use the plugin proxy for everything, it still calls the web browser in most instances.
      I also noticed that new mounting took slightly longer with wMM than with webman but it's still better than it used to be & it will improve...
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    10. Zwei
      CFW Rebug 4.81.2 - webMAN 1.45.09

      Just freezes the XMB if I enter the multiman and leave him and assemble games with webman mod

      I changed the file /dev_blind /vsh /module - (1.45.09 webftp_server rebug) to the current one (1.46.01 webftp_server)
      And I have problem freezing when ejecting any game
      Last edited: Feb 1, 2017
    11. ashmodeo
      Yes i know i think webman mod is way off better than official and it has improved a lot in terms of performance with this new way of launching games i hope new updates keeps on rolling

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    12. bguerville
      And please don't hesitate to report any bug or behaviour issues with whatever webman version you are using.
      Devs rely on user reports to be able to identify problems & fix them. It benefits everyone.... [emoji6]
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    13. ashmodeo
      Try to completely uninstall previous versions calling web command:
      /delete.ps3?uninstall and then mannually removing old folders created by webman wmtmp and xmlhost etc.. i think deleting those two will be enough by last reboot your system and you are ok to go with a clean installation i think that will solve any freezing problems you might have

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    14. codone
      Is there a way to stop the message "Do you want to close the browser?" from coming up after you mount a game or DVD? I'm pretty sure on one PS3 I used awhile back, it didn't have this message. But most of my ps3's do have it. I think it would be slicker if it didn't have this warning. To be clear, I am still getting this message even on the new webman MOD 1.46.00
    15. bguerville
      This is a browser setting, nothing to do with webman.
      Just launch the browser, open the context menu by pressing the Triangle pad button then choose Tools->Confirm Browser Close->Off
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    16. DeViL303
      Yes there is a setting for confirming the browser close action, have a look in the broswer options.
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    17. ItsmeAJ
      my webman automatically start game after mounting it. I'm using previous webman mod 1.45.11

      how can I stop it ? previous versions did have this problem as recent versions. Some games get stuck in black screen after auto starting, I gotta use other game managers to avoid this.

      I seem not to find any option in webman setup for this.
    18. bguerville
      Go to the wMM setup page.
      Uncheck the Autoplay option.
      You can also try unchecking the Play Disc combo at the bottom of the setup page if you find that the combo messes with your habits.
      Save the settings & reboot.

      Also make sure that your folders or iso files names don't contain the string "[auto]" otherwise they will be launched automatically on mount.
      Last edited: Feb 1, 2017
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    19. aldostools
      There is an "Auto-Play" option in /setup.ps3 that you can disable.
      Also try updating to the latest build.

      If "Auto-Play" is enabled, you can make an exception holding L2 while the game is being mounted.
      If "Auto-Play" is disabled, you can auto-start a game holding L2 while it is being mounted.

      In other words, holding L2 while mounting a game does the oposite to what is selected in Auto-Play option.

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