PS3 [UPDATE] webMAN MOD 1.46.00 - Games mounted from XMB without webbrowser_plugin (using idle_plugin)

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 31, 2017.

By STLcardsWS on Jan 31, 2017 at 8:49 PM
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    Update (2/2/17/) -- v1.46.01
    Original Article (Jan 31, 2017)
    Plugin development continues on the PS3 for Custom firmware users, this week alone we have seen some new features added lin PSNpatch by KW (w./ Homebrew Blocker) and we have seen deank back with new updates to webMAN that added NTFS Support / a new XMB game loading that no longer uses the web browser trick (webbrowser_plugin), in other words the flash you see when mounting a game on the XMB In,webMAN MOD v1.46.00 the plugin incorporates that function but in a different way, this is due to the differences under the hood of the plugin. As webMAN MOD contain different support for various add-on/features that the original project by deank does not support/contain so the usage and handling of things has to be done differently to fit each project the best, for an explanation that is far better then i could offer i suggest checking out the differences between the implementation by deank and then by aldostools as its very well explained in our forums by
    @bguerville .


    • Update (2/2/17) webMAN MOD 1.46.01
      • FTP Server uses again the same algorithm on all editions.
        In 1.46.00, the FTP Server in full edition was based on the original webMAN due initial issues with NTFS library. The issue now has been fixed

    • webMAN MOD 1.46.00
      • Games now are mounted directly from XMB without the webbrowser_plugin
      Thanks to deank for the new XMB proxy included in webMAN 1.46
      • Re-structured the project : Moved all the sub-projects to _ Projects _ folder

      via Aldostols

      webMAN MOD 1.45.11
      • Added direct NTFS support to 'Full Edition'
      • Thanks to deank, freddy38510, bguerville, Zar, Joonie, Estwald.
        • Added support for auto-mount game when an USB drive is connected
          • 'Check for AUTOBOOT.ISO on startup' must be checked
          • The USB drives to be checked are the ones selected in /setup.ps3 (except /dev_ntfs)
          • The game must be named AUTOMOUNT.ISO or a JB game copied to the root of the drive
        • Added /minver.ps3

    Download: via Release Page
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 31, 2017.

    1. MoJagot
      I think this was the same problem Drag was facing and uploaded a video showing how it freezes. I'm also experiencing that on rebug 4.81.2 webMAN mod 1.46.02.
      It freezes if you try mounting a game thru wMM after exiting multiman
    2. bguerville
      That may be due to some conflict between the files generated by multiman (using prepntfs 1.0) & the files required by wMM.
      Do you still have the same issue if you refresh XML and possibly delete the wmtmp folder contents after using multiman?
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    3. MoJagot
      I will try that later today and let you know
    4. sigma
    5. Phil
      Also have the exact same bug as described above. When I go into mm(latest) then exit and try and mount a game via xmb it freezes. Running latest rebug cobra 7.51. Would you like any more information regarding the matter. Could post a video after work

      Also webman mod 1.46.02 is the version of webmanMOD
    6. bguerville
      @sigma @Phil
      Look at post #85
      Try to use webMAN-MOD Refresh XML after exiting multiman & before mounting a game with wMM. See if that helps.
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    7. Drag
      In previous versions of wmm, showed an error message.
      From the wmm 1.46.01 which began freezing the xmb.
      The solution I found is shown in the video.
      Wait @aldostools fix
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    8. Phil
      Will test this method after work. Thanks
    9. MoJagot
      Just tested, it works if you refresh XML
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    10. deank
      What difference could be in generating the .ntfs[*] files? They are just DEVID+SECCOUNT+SECTTIONS. There should be no difference there. I'm interested in what mM does to make wMM lock (if it is mM's fault at all).

      I specifically checked what is changed in wmtmp folder when mM/mmCM is loaded/closed with/without loading a title. The only thing that is recreated is the ntfs[*] files.
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    11. aldostools
    12. maniek6666
      Hi @aldostools tested WebMAN MOD1.47.00 pkg and I freeze xmb (tested on cfw spy 4.81)

      by the way thank you @Dean and @aldostools and other developers for supporting the scene and creating cool options
    13. Drag
      I tested wmm and when I update xml (SELECT + L3), the PS3 freezes using NTFS drive, prepNTFS to update list ok.
      Slaunch shows names of games one above the other, unreadable
    14. deank
      @aldostools: Overlapping of texts is because of this in main.c:

      memcpy((uint32_t *), (uint32_t *)(ctx.canvas)+900*CANVAS_W, CANVAS_W*96);

      it must be

      memcpy((uint8_t *), (uint8_t *)(ctx.canvas)+900*CANVAS_W*4, CANVAS_W*96*4);

      It seems you got a version while I was testing too fast to see all bugs. :)

      Also do all "send_wm_request"s after return_to_xmb(); and not before it - that way you'll free all allocated resources before webMAN does its job (you'll have to create a copy of slaunch[cur_game].path before return_to_xmb) - just check slaunch source.

      Working on a sLaunch MOD version before the actual sLaunch is stable enough is an effort I don't know if necessary.
      Last edited: Feb 9, 2017
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    15. aldostools
      Thank you for the suggestions. I have updated github with these changes.

      About your concern about the MOD of your GUI that is still in development; I'm aware that it will change frequently... I'm used to that and I enjoy to follow your progress :)
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    16. sigma
      I always have to use prepNTFS to refresh the xmb????, for To avoid xmb freeze
    17. bguerville
      The 1st 1.47.00 test build has a problem. The source code on github has already been updated since Aldo released the 1st test build. Be patient, a new updater pkg will be available soon if you cannot compile a new binary yourself from the updated source code on github.
      Last edited: Feb 10, 2017
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    18. aldostools
      The link of mediafire is updated with the latest changes on github.

      What do you mean with "1.47.00 test build has a problem"?
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    19. MHAF99
      can we get the latest (1.47.00) with rebug- metal themes if possible,
    20. bguerville
      It's a test build, NOT a release... You will get the theme version when it's released properly, a matter of hours or days, you know how Aldo works... Or build the pkg yourself from the repo if you are that desperate, there is a special batch file for that now!

      I believe there is something wrong with the very first 1.47.00 test pkg because when I install the full edition, the xmb freezes automatically when the games column loads, everything is down, both the http & ftp servers, I had no external hdd plugged in during these tests.
      Back to 1.46.02 & the games column loads fine again, no freezes & no server down.
      Last edited: Feb 10, 2017
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