PS3 [UPDATE2] multiMAN v 04.81.00 / .01 /.02 ( BASE / UPDATE / STEALTH for CEX & DEX) Updates by deank

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By STLcardsWS on Dec 31, 2016 at 1:55 PM
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    (SEE UPDATE x2 v4.81.01 + 4.81.02 ) Original Article: 04.80.00: Developer @deank has brought his popular backup manager up to date with the release of multiMAN v04.81.00 . In this release the developer has added of course 4.81 CFW support for what appears only on CEX CFW at this time, but Stealth (aka StealthMAN) user will see an update supporting 4.81 CEX. This is a feature rich and popular backup manager that now has full 4.81 (CEX) Support . Additional releases for the PS3 firmware update of 4.81 can be seen here in our forums.

    (4.81.01): deank has released the latest version that gives full DEX support to the backup manager. Update 2 (4.81.02) developer @deank has released a new update providing a fix for a reported issue that addressed a problem with nethost/netiso feature on DEX Custom Firmwares


    • Update x2 multiMAN v04.81.02

      • Fixed nethost/netiso issues on DEX CFW

      UPDATE - multiMAN v04.81.01
      • Added support for CFW 4.81 (DEX)

      NEW - multiMAN v04.81.00
      • Added support for CFW 4.81 (CEX)
      • Added update for Stealth version

      multiMAN v04.80.00

      * Added support for CFW 4.80
      * Added update for Stealth version

      multiMAN v04.78.02/04.78.03
      * Fixed naming of FLASH/LV1/LV2 exports for CFW 4.66/4.76/4.78
      * Fixed EBOOT.BIN/SPRX patching for CFW 4.66/4.76/4.78
      * Updated Showtime/Movian to latest Bleeding Edge (04.99.812) -
      * Updated stealthMAN (multiMAN Stealth version) to 04.78.02

      multiMAN v04.78.01
      * Fixed crash when scanning for /net_host (ps3netsrv) games

      multiMAN v04.78.00
      * Added support for CFW 4.78
      * Updated Japanese translation by Kyan_dudl

      multiMAN v04.76.00
      * Added support for CFW 4.76
      * Fixed BD-Mirror for 4.75 DEX

    • Various ScreenShots of multiMAN and its different views and modes.

      MM3.jpg Screenshot_4.jpg PREVIEW.jpg multiman-backup-manager-2.jpg multiman-backup-manager-3.jpg multiman-backup-manager.jpg multiman-backup-manager-4.jpg multiman-backup-manager-5.jpg

    (New Version) Download:

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Dec 31, 2016.

    1. 44DANIEL
      Thanks, then I setup an external hdd with 2 partitions fat32 and ntfs but it is important the USB.cfg, yes or no
      I have an hdd Toshiba cantavio 750gb USB 3.0 external
    2. bguerville
      The USB.cfg is not necessarily needed & it is only used to mount ntfs partitions in read only mode with mmOS.
      Multiman does not need it to detect & mount the iso or JB games, only to browse the ntfs file system.

      But because multiman ntfs support in its file browser is readonly & because the PFS driver used by multiman for ntfs is glitchy, I recommend you use the latest Irisman file manager for ntfs file operations.
    3. 44DANIEL
      Then the multiman option (scan connected NTFS USB driver - look for ps1 / ps3 games and BD / DVD videos in ISO format) works without USB.CFG
    4. bguerville
      That's correct. There's no need for USB.cfg to list & mount your ntfs based games with multiman.
    5. 44DANIEL
      Thanks :) :)
    6. 44DANIEL
      I have a problem,
      I have my external hdd with 2 partitions (1ntfs and fat32),
      because when I choose the option (scan connected NTFS USB driver - look for ps1 / ps3 games and BD / DVD videos in ISO format) It only detects partition 1 ntfs (ISO games) but the other partition fat32 (jb games) not detect
    7. bguerville
      It's probably due to the way you partitioned your disk.
      Launch your partitioning tool, delete your partitions to start from scratch.
      Try creating 2 primary partitions in MBR mode, the first one in fat32 placed at the beginning of the disk & then the second one in ntfs taking the rest of the disk space until the end. The first partition to be accessed should be the fat32 partition.

      If your hdd is 750Gb I don't think you will need to tweak the partitions cluster size. With bigger sizes, you may need to..

      Don't try to use GPT mode, the ps3 won't recognise it. Use MBR partitioning only!

      Remember that JB folder is a legacy format which should be avoided unless you have no other choice (ie modded games).
      Last edited: Jun 23, 2017
    8. 44DANIEL
      Problem solved, thanks :) bguerville
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    9. Gtx
      Is 04.66.06 the latest DEX version? If yes, why it still did not updated?
    10. bguerville
      No. DEX is supported by recent releases, no need for separate builds, multiman 4.81.02 should support every fw version.
      Check fw version & mode support here
    11. sigma
      A question, I am a beginner, I have a hard disk ntfs (2Tb) with 2 partitions fat32 (many games in jb format) and (ntfs with many iso games), I want multiman to detect the games of the 2 partitions, which I can do ?
    12. bguerville
      Try what I said in post #228.
    13. 44DANIEL
      I have a problem with final fantasy x x-2 HD remaster, I give you an example.

      Just after Besaid after falling from the boat of Rikku, when tidus kicks the ball of Blit and in a scene cinematography tidus passes the ball rubbing the head to Wakka , Just before that scene there is no sound,

      I have the game in ISO with ird without errors, this game in internal and external results the same problem
    14. kozarovv
      This is probably related to your audio settings on PS3, not to multiman itself.
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    15. 44DANIEL
      Thanks, this game not support dts, only I disable the opción dobly digital 5.1 to sound setup.
      now the game works fine
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    16. 44DANIEL
      I have problems with gran turismo 6,please, I have the game in external hdd ntfs, but slow loading, what is the solution ??, because my internal hdd is full
    17. kozarovv
      For me GT6 worked fine ONLY from internal hdd. On external fat and ntfs loadings take few minutes.
    18. 44DANIEL
    19. 44DANIEL
      Ballonetta go back xmb in iso,please
      What solution is there for this game ??
    20. CaptainCPS-X
      Hi everyone :)

      Just passing by to report that latest multiMAN 4.81 when creating a ISO / CUE will name it with uppercase extension (Ex: /dev_hdd/PS3ISO/the_game.ISO), webMAN / sMAN just looks for lowercase extensions, so in order to see it listed, the created ISO has to be renamed manually.

      It could be addressed in multiMAN or webMAN / sMAN code, it's not really a big deal tho'.


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