PS VITA / PS TV Vita Pong v1.10 [by NamelessGhoul0] - Audio / Score / Controller Improvements with new update

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    The game that arguably started the gaming craze PONG has now an improved version for the Vita Platform, as developer NamelessGhoul0 unleashes Pong v1.10. We know this game is about as simple comes and we have seen so many ports but can't be denied the playability of this classic is still there. No doubt one the best competitive games of all time, simple but quite effective. This version includes new improvements and fixes to audio within the game, Analog Stick Support as well as Score improvements are some of the changes included in v1.10.


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      [v1.10] - 09/06/2017
      • Fixed audio support using the SoLoud library
      • Any button press in the credits menu will now exit back to the main menu
      • Now uses the correct pong sounds to match the original game
      • Score now goes to 11 before the game is over to match the original game
      • Score now resets itself after the game is over
      • Fixed bug where the ball gets stuck inside the paddle
      • Added analog stick support

    Download Latest Release @:
    Mirror via: vitadb



Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 10, 2017.

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