PS VITA / PS TV Vita2PC [Plugin] - Stream your Vita to the PC (by Rinnegatamante)

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    With the recent news of the upcoming release of PC Link, developer Rinnegatamante has a streaming solution for the other way, With Vita2PC, your vita (or pstv) screen will be streamed to your PC via your local network via a WiFi connection. Audio Streaming is also possible but he dev warns that feature is experiential currently and be aware issues could be present. However with this an initial release we can only hope to see things improve, but appears already to be another solid release from the developer, who has greeted us with so many solutions and entertainment for the Vita.


    • VITA2PC - Stream PSVITA to PC

      • VITA2PC is a plugin allowing you to stream your PSVITA to your PC. It supports any kind of game (cartridges, Vitamin dumps, maiDump dumps). NOTE: This plugin will automatically set max clocks and hook SetClock functions in order to not being able to lower them. If you use oclockvita or any other clock changer plugin, they will have no effects at all.
      • Via Github ReadMe: "VITA2PC is a tool allowing to stream PSVITA/PSTV to your PC via WiFi. It currently supports audio streaming too however the feature is highly experimental and may cause several issues such as game freezes, mute audio on vita side, corrupted or distorted audio on PC side. It will also cause stuttering or worse framerate on some games depending on how audio is handled by the game itself."

      Synchronous vs Asynchronous
      • VITA2PC allows to start video streaming in two different ways: asynchronous and synchronous.
        • Async stream will drop some frames but won't have any effect on Vita side.
        • Sync stream will send every frame but will cause stuttering on Vita side on several games.
        • NOTE: Frameskip feature works only with Sync stream.

      Compatibility List

      • frangarcj for helping me figure out how to properly hook power save mode enabling by games.

    • Audio Streaming
      • Audio streaming is still highly experimental and can cause several issues depending on how the game manages audio:
        • Noise loops
        • Game freezes
        • Mute audio on Vita side
        • Garbage audio or missing audio on PC side
      This will be ironed out in next releases.

    • How to use
      • Place VITA2PC.suprx in ux0:tai
      • Add ux0:tai/VITA2PC.suprx under the titleid of the game you want to stream (if you put it under *ALL, you'll have to start your Vita by holding L and then you have to reload config using molecularShell to prevent enso to freeze).
      • In game press L + SELECT to bring config menu.
      • Set your configuration and start the stream on Vita.
      • Open the PC client and insert the IP shown on your Vita.


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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 10, 2017.

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