PS VITA / PS TV VitaShellMod 1.75 - Unofficial Mod of VitaShell adds VitaForcast, VitaIdent & More.

Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by BenMitnicK, Oct 12, 2017.

By BenMitnicK on Oct 12, 2017 at 5:13 AM
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    Developer BenMitnicK has once again released another interesting MOD for VitaShell. This release will install over VitaShell (official) if you have it installed on your exploited PS Vita (PSTV), adding various new additions to VitaShell. In this release there is alot of additions and inclusion of other homebrew tools/apps that were standalone apps such as VitaForcast , Vitaident, NetProfileCheck are just a few new inclusions that have added those features directly into VitaShellMOD with this unofficial version of The original project orginally by developer TheFlow.. Also in this mod various Cosemtic changes were also made with this release.All details of v1.75 of VitaShellMOD can be seen in the release notes directly from the Dev.


    • VitaShellMOD v1.75
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      VitaShellMOD v1.75
      • Add the pic0 to the launch of the application
      • Add background image random "20 max"
      • Add language selection in options
      • Remove PluginsManager
      • Add DataBaseMenu (LTRIGGER+Right_Joystick_Left to activate the menu)
      • Add Vitaident (LTRIGGER+Right_Joystick_Right to activate the menu)
      • Add NetProfileCheck (LTRIGGER+Right_Joystick_UP to activate the menu)
      • Add ForeCast (RTRIGGER+Right_Joystick_Right to activate the menu)
      • Add the language of the different menu and options in the language file
      • Add color options for different menus
      • Add credit
      • Add Theme manager
      • Add somes options to color.txt
      • Add noPreview image and square+triangle button image to theme folder
      • Add param.ini for 100% Customizing Select Manager
      • Add Filter for your Wallpapers
      • Settings menu remapped to LTRIGGER+START
      • Add Battery Percent
      • Add Time Second
      • Add Save CID (In root of ux0)

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by BenMitnicK, Oct 12, 2017.

    1. Berion
      You should consider it to change ID. I cannot understand why You using the same with VitaShell, as this is fork. I know we talk about this earlier but please, look at this in different way: someone could want just test Your fork and keep his VitaShell or someone just want keep both of those apps for some reasons (i.e VitaShell cannot install VitaShell from VPK, so I using crippled MolecularShell for such task).
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    2. BenMitnicK
      I understand but it remains vitashell with addons so the same ID and to install VitaShell you must use MolecularShell so it is the same :) and you can always reinstall VitaShell with no problem
    3. Berion
      I cannot see this argument valid in any way. ;p Look at Waterfox. It is mod of Firefox but it doesn't installing itself under Firefox path. All known to me software have changing paths if they are forks/mod/whatever of original project. On Vita, the ID==Installed path.
    4. BenMitnicK
      sorry to disappoint you but it remains vitashell anyway
    5. Berion
      I'm feel disappointed but respect Your decision. ;)
    6. BenMitnicK
      we will make simple, I created vitatoolbox based on vitashell exactly the same that now and to do just what you want install both but I was accused of stolen VitaShell by changing the ID so I handed the ID of 'origin voila the story. now it's classified :)
    7. STLcardsWS
      Everyone will have an opinion so i would not worry about that to much. Won't please all.

      The rule of thumb IMO is if the mods change to many aspects of the homebrew a New Title ID is warranted, Features that may make the official features act differently. (That way any issues that the mod may or may not bring is not on TheFlow), but if its not a huge amount of changes to functionality and more cosmetic then i think same title ID is okay to use. (long as it displayed as a mod version/unofficlal). . This is just my opinion on this type of topic, but there is not really a 100% correct way, other then asking the dev himself which he would prefer. I know devs differ on opinion. I know PS3 for example IRIS MANAGER by Estwald he would request any new changes to be a new title and ID and even name change of the homebrew, but not everyone is like that. I know many that did do change did not feel right making a new name for a simple Firmware Update (for support).

      Bottom line i do not think there is a Right or Wrong way as long as one is respecting the original project. which i think you do with this mod of vitashell/
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    8. BenMitnicK
      I agree with you it is also one of the reasons for which I handed the original id because it is the same program with additional options that does not affect the functioning of the original :) the same that WebManMod on PS3

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