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    Since our last report on VPKviewer leecherman the creator and developer behind the tool has released two new updates recently, with the releases of v0.3b and v0.4b adding various Toolbar Improvements & various Improvements along the way spawing over these two updates, As you can see the new progress and changes in the screenshots provided shows the developer has been putting in some time on improving this utility. Additional details on this useful utility for editing & viewing your VPK files can be seen in the detials provided,.


    • VPKViewer

      VitaPackageViewer (aka VPK Viewer)
      is A tool that view PSVita VPK contents in details, with the ability to edit it's access permissions, Also it can check on-line for official game updates and more.

      • View VPK\Folder contents in details.​
      • View\Edit Safe\Unsafe permissions.​
      • Create Small VPK installer.​
      • Create Full VPK from folders.​
      • Extract VPK Contents from files.​
      • Check On-line for official game updates.​
      • Export Loader\Modules from dumped games.​
      • Import Loader\Modules from dumped games.​
      • Completely Scan files for any critical\suspicion codes.​
      • Completely Hash files using CRC32.​

      Latest Release - v0.4b:
      • Added new toolbar option to choose compression level when creating VPK files.​
      • Added new toolbar option to generate full VPK or just the installer from folder.​
      • Added new toolbar option to enable\disable auto save hashes to SFV file when hashing files.​
      • Added new toolbar button to extract VPK contents from VPK file in proper structure.​

    • Changelogs:
      • First public beta release.
      • Added new icons.
      • Added infos button in toolbar.
      • Reordered toolbar buttons.
      • Enhanced APP\GAME detection.
      • Support to View contents from folders.
      • Added new option to import loader\modules. this option is useful if you want to update or change the loader\modules of your game.
      • Added new option in 'check for game update message to copy download link to clipboard.
      • Added new option to complete scan files for any critical\suspicion codes.
      • Updated toolbar.
      • Updated dumpers versions.
      • Updated folders browse dialog.
      • Updated and added folders size view.
      • Updated critical\suspicion codes.
      • Updated output formats for scanned files.
      • Updated loading files type, now support also ZIP files.
      • Updated and improved loading VPK files when it's contents are inside subfolder: FILENAME.VPK -> SUBFOLDERNAME -> VPKCONTENTS
      • Improved error handling for in-completed vpk files.
      • Improved complete data scan operation, now uses threads.
      • Added new toolbar button to complete hash files using crc32.
      • Added new toolbar button to show\hide confirmation.
      • Added new toolbar button to show\hide standard buttons.
      • Added new standard buttons which behave as toolbar tools buttons.
      • Added new statusbar icon\button to show logs.
      • Added new configuration file VPKViewer.ini to save\load settings.
      • Added the ability to load custom font, just rename the font to
      • VPKViewer.fnt and place it in the same folder as the VPKViewer.exe
      • Also you can change the default font size\color in the VPKViewer.ini file. Or you can add the custom font file path in VPKViewer.ini file. If for some reason font doesn't work well, try another one or delete it.
      • Fixed some contents were not displayed in the right panel list for some games.

    • Requirement:
      • Microsoft DotNet v4.0.
      • If you find my works are useful and would like
      • to collaborate on the development of my projects,
      • consider donating the amount you find right.
      • visit my homepage, or contact me to donate.
      • This tool uses Ionic's Zip Library.\

    • vpkviewer_main (1).png vpkviewer_main_2.png vpkviewer_main.png

    Download & Source theleecherman/VPKViewer

    Thanks to for the News Alert!
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 25, 2016.

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