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By STLcardsWS on Feb 12, 2017 at 10:36 AM
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    Win $50 for News Contributions for PSX-Place. I want to give a little excitement to the news and i think having a competition might be a bit of fun for our members and moderators. Everyone can participate, us admins will sit this one (contest not writing) out and be the ones who approve these articles for the mainpage, as they will have to be approved and up to the PSX-Place Standards . if something is rejected we will explain and offer advice for a possible re-submission.


    • The basic article requirements of this contest:
      • -Original Articles Only
      • -Source Content, Original locations is always the best (always good to give a VIA mention to a 3rd party source where you might of obtained details)
      • -Provide image(s)
      • -Idea types for articles: Release Coverage, Editorial about a scene/playstation subject, A new guide/tut (or simplified/improved tut for a popular task) are just few of many idea types. let your creativity come out :)
      • Provide a bit of information (What, Where, How When and some other things to try and cover all aspects.) While not always feasible on all news try an make it appeal to both a scene veteran and understable for a noob. Just because you might know what something means does not always mean a good portion reading does. Think of it being someone;s first look(s) into the scene
      • Anything i may of forgot as i quickly wrote this (will update via a reply as well if anything is added)

    I am putting up $50 for the person with the most approved articles, but in order for someone to claim a prize of $50 (psn,amazon, paypal ect..) in value ,they must have at least 3 approved contributions in the contest to qualify for the prizes . So you will have to work a small bit for the $50, if there is alot of interest we will throw some additional prize perhaps.

    Need help or advice just ask as we would love to help you along, if you would like to be a regular contributor for the news that would be great for the future, use this contest as an opportunity to get your feet wet (while trying to win). It can be alot of fun. We have a very experienced writing team, we will guide you through anything you may need help with. All the staff were user's just like yourselfs, with playstation homebrew evolving and spanning over multiple devices. We think its good if we have better coverage on these devices, but also this can be fun for someone who likes a little competition and is a causal writer or aspiring to be..

    In summary:
    • 3 news articles to qualify for the contest
    • Must follow the simple guidelines
    • Have fun, help PSX-Place and try and take down the prize
    • Contest ends on March 5th (12:01 am EST time)

    If you would like to give this contest a go then post your content over in the Member Submitted News

    seful link (for some formatting extra's if needed) :

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Discussion in 'Site Rules & Announcements' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 12, 2017.

    1. STLcardsWS
      User 4X
      User 5X
      User 6X
      User 7X
      User 8X
      User 9X

      ***Has completed qualifying articles (3)
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    2. atreyu187
      So this starts after its posted on front page correct or does it run February 5th through March 5th?
    3. STLcardsWS
      starts from time of post until the end date,
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    4. Tranced
      Should have requested that the articles reside in member news submission thread so we don't have to hunt them down. Or at least add mentions to admin.
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    5. STLcardsWS
      I guess you missed this at the bottom?

      "If you would like to give this contest a go then post your content over in the Member Submitted News"

      believe me if we miss something, we will be alerted.:)
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    6. STLcardsWS
      @SockNastez ,

      If your news submissions have been for this contest (i assume they are). I would say Original Articles, i may need to explain a bit better.

      Just a few things i can see:
      • You have followed a single source for you submissions. (they post, you post, so relying on someone else to feed you, for a contest is not ideal, looking at them for something if fine, but don't rely on a single source (look for news (sites miss alot of news) ), just don't shadow another site (that's not original) )
      • I can see you used another sites news as a template, which if your following a source that closely you should at very least source them (with a Source: link.com via link.net )

      I think the two combined is not very good, as its relying too heavily on someone else for a contest.
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    7. SockNastez
      I see, some of my news posts are from the official Sony website. That is as original as it get's for those posts. So which ones count?
    8. STLcardsWS
    9. SockNastez
      I originally saw it there, but I did my own research. I googled the beta and found the reddit post myself. I have also been following Senaxx for a while so I was notified of his post. Although I can see what you mean. I never really did a side-by-side comparison so I didn't really take any info from that post.
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    10. ed89
      Good idea i hope we will get some new newswriter.
      I would contribute too i just dont know what at the moment and if i would have the time to win the contest, but good luck to everyone else.
      Last edited: Feb 15, 2017
    11. STLcardsWS
      The more that participate the more likely i will be to throw out some side prizes.
      Best article, Random winner (of entrants) for a prize. Something to that affect. All depends how many enter.
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    12. STLcardsWS
      Leaderboard updated
    13. STLcardsWS
      Looks like a two man race at this point, but nothing that no one could not overtake, but time is running low.
    14. SockNastez
    15. SockNastez
      @STLcardsWS Thanks :)
      Something went wrong with the Disc Jam Section I tried to fix it, but it wouldn't work. You never would know why someone will need these posts. Considering this is a site for modders possibly they were banned from Sony's servers (IP Ban) and can't see the blogs. They will come here to see them. :)
      Or for other various reasons.
    16. STLcardsWS
      If these are for the contest, gonna have to ask for you to step it up a bit

      In General with PS Blog news, we never typically post that type of stuff. as we feel user's can just go to the blog for that info (or the many mainstream Playstation sites). That is not they why they come to psx-place (one of the leading homebrew news sites). Its good for the forum & hope to see it and more things like this, but not for the main page and a contest looking to reward writing, not so much playstation blog news. I gave you some leeway in the qualifying ones (as i will for everyone), but i do not see these current ones as viable news for the contest. Just not what i am looking for on the mainpage.

      - Look at how many articles i have written here at psx-place , I have not made anythin, we pay to host the site, have no ads and provide alot of great news, ohh and donate for contest such as this. . So if I can do it this much i know others can do it especially for a contest :) ..

      -Moved from other thread^^

      Hmm, if they are banned would they really care about a PlayStation Plus Discount or the PlayStation Plus Free Game lineup ? or most PS blog related items.. ?
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    17. STLcardsWS
      Congrats @SockNastez you have won , i'll send you a PM very soon.
    18. pinky
      congratulations, @SockNastez . now, u have some money to take me to a restuarant. and, don't leave me there like last time. we have witnesses here. ;)

      in all seriousness, u've done a great job on the site.
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    19. nCadeRegal
      Completely missed this. Congrats @SockNastez . I cut the tip of my thumb off at work this week, hard to type from mobile.
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